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3 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Organic Bedding


Most people don’t think much about the material in their sheets. But that material is essential, both in terms of your comfort and your overall health. Here are three reasons you should switch to organic bedding right away.

1. Fewer Harmful Risks

It seems like there’s nothing better than a fresh set of crisp sheets. However, those sheets might be contributing to chronic health issues.

Few people realize that non-organic sheets are saturated with various chemicals. Those chemicals then continually off-gas into your home’s air. These chemicals include various VOCs like formaldehyde, dyes, and pesticides.

These chemicals may cause skin, eye, and respiratory irritation, not to mention allergic reactions. When you lay down on your sheets, they warm up and excite these chemical molecules. This extra excitement, or movement, causes the off-gassing to increase while you’re in bed.

Infants and children are especially susceptible to these chemicals. Don’t risk your kid’s health, but switch to organic bedding for kids.

2. A Better Night’s Sleep

So many people focus on their mattress, topper, and pillow when it comes to their sleep quality. However, sheets are also a large factor you should consider, with organic sheets leading in comfort and sleep quality.

Non-organic bedding tends to restrict air movement as you sleep. While this may seem good if you’re in a cold climate, it actually makes sleep uncomfortable regardless of the season. Both bodily heat and moisture get trapped without proper air movement, often leading to sweaty nights.

Many synthetic materials rely on chemicals to give the bedding its softness. Unfortunately, this washes off over time, leaving the bedding stiffer and more scratchy than when it was new.

Organic bedding relies on the weave of the material to give the desired texture. Because of this, the bedding maintains that comfort more consistently and for longer than the non-organic alternatives.

3. Ecologically Conscious

Anyone who’s concerned about their health should also be concerned about the health of the world around them. This means choosing products that are produced in a sustainable way that is healthy for the environment.

Organic bedding starts with organic cotton material, which means the cultivation happened without the use of pesticides and other chemical products. This leaves the environment healthier to continue producing more crops in the future.

Farmers also handpick organic cotton, so they don’t have to use a chemical stripper to remove seeds and other contaminants. This not only keeps these chemicals out of your home but also out of the ground around the farm producing the cotton.

Synthetic materials are commonly derived from petroleum-based polymers. We all know how devastating petroleum extraction and processing is for the environment.

Organic bedding gives everyone in your home a better night’s sleep and supports a healthier body. Take care of your home and the environment by making the switch to organic bedding. A company with certifications, like those held by Naturepedic, demonstrates your bedding is organic from cultivation to the final product in your hands.

Lauren Miller
Lauren Miller, who holds a degree in Consumer Sciences from Colorado State University, has been an authoritative voice in product analysis and consumer advice for over 15 years. Joining our team in 2020, Lauren elevated our buying guides with meticulous research and practical insights. She specializes in crafting detailed buying guides and reviews. Previously, she worked in product development and consumer advocacy. Lauren is a gourmet cook and a passionate advocate for sustainable living.

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