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4 Smart Ways To Organize Grocery Shopping Bags


Most people are moving away from plastic bags and opting for reusable alternatives that happen to be ecofriendly. And with the move comes the kitchen, pantries, car boots, and every other space filled with excess bags that can be an eyesore.

Suppose you have so many grocery bags from, and you need to have a system of organization in place to make it easily accessible. If you aren’t great with organization, you’ll need to learn new ways to go about your shopping bags. So, if you need help organizing grocery shopping bags, this article discusses all the smart ways.

1. Roll Your Bags And Store It In A Jar

Rolling your bags is the easiest and the most innovative way of staying organized and keeping them away from creating a mess. All you need to do is fold your grocery bag and overlap them into a large roll. Once they are in a large roll, find an empty jar around the house for storage.

For aesthetic purposes, opt for jars of the same design for consistency. And if you love being extra, you can go one step forward and paint your jar with a color that fits seamlessly with your theme, add labels, then organize them systematically.

2. Fold, Roll, And Store Your Bags In A Sleeve Bag

Another great way to organize your shopping bag is folding and rolling them before placing them away. First, lay the bags flat and fold them into the half with handles aligned together. Next, fold the handles and start rolling half of the fold.

Afterward, prepare another bag the same way and place it on the first bag making sure that the handles overlap at the bottom. You can continue rolling other bags and merging them in the same way, repeating it until all your bags are well rolled around each other.

Once you are done, merge the shopping bags with a rubber band, ensuring that the handles of the first bag are sticking out, allowing you to pull one. These rolls will stay compact, especially when placed in a sleeve pouch.

Sleeve pouches are readily available, but if not, you can easily make one at home. All you need is a thick fabric, fold it in half, and glue the sides leaving out the top side. Next, close the bottom in an X shape and add a ribbon so you can hang it on a hook.

3. Flatten And Stack Your Grocery Bags

Amongst the easiest ways of organizing shopping bags is by flattening and stacking them depending on the type of grocery bag. For bags with flat surfaces, start by crumpling the sides of the bag and ensuring that it’s flat.

Next, fold the bag’s bottom towards your bag’s opening and the top towards the bottom to create a flap. Next, find a container and store your grocery bags organized on a shelf. However, if your grocery bags don’t have a flat bottom, start by ensuring that the sides are pleated inside.

With handles aligned parallel to each other, fold your bag into half to create a long triangle. Afterward, flatten the bag from the bottom of the rectangle and fold one corner to create a triangle fold; repeat this until you reach the handles.

With tiny triangle-shaped bags, utilize your wipe containers as storage containers. Organize your shopping bags in the wipe containers, then pull out the handles whenever you want a shopping bag.

4. Get A Storage Bag Organizer

There are several storage accessories in the market to help you stay organized if you have numerous shopping bags. The options in the market vary, and you can settle on a choice that suits you well and the functionality it offers.

For instance, you can settle for a storage bag organizer that can be mounted on the wall that’s most accessible to it. Alternatively, you can opt for grocery shopping bag holders that can hang inside your cabinet drawer for overflowing bags.

Bottom Line

With the green movement kicking into high gear, people are starting to choose reusable grocery bags. But just like any grocery bags, they tend to pile up over time if not organized well. So, when looking for different ways to organize grocery bags, settle for one that’s most accessible.

Additionally, when finding ways of organizing shopping bags, ensure that you scatter them by placing them in different places. You won’t have to buy new ones by placing them in different places.

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