4 Ways to Manage Iron in Your Well Water


Is your water supply coming from a well? In most cases, well water contains high concentrations of iron. You might not think much about the presence of iron in your well water because it does not cause harm to your body. But, unfortunately, your plumbing system and fixtures cannot withstand the presence of iron for a long time. Soon they will start rusting and wearing out.

You will have to replace the damaged healthy pipes and appliances when this happens. So, it is best to consider managing the amount of iron that gets into your home. Let us look at the most effective methods you can use to get rid of iron in your water.

Use A Filter to Eliminate Visible Iron

Having iron in your water does not necessarily imply that the water will be discolored. Ferrous, a type of iron found in well, is soluble in water. Thus, it is challenging to distinguish water rich in ferrous iron from pure water. You will have to drink the water or test it to determine if it has iron. On the other hand, ferric iron does not dissolve in water, making it easy for you to notice the presence of iron in your water.

You can filter the visible iron out using fine filters that take the solid, especially when water is orangish. Since there are many filters available in the market, you need to understand the specific condition of your home so that you can get the right filter. Choosing the wrong filter might not serve the iron in your well water, and you will still have to deal with the effect of having iron present in the water – See this guide on removing Iron.

Use Water Softeners to Get Rid Of Dissolved Iron

If the water in your home is transparent, but you end up getting iron stains on your appliances and fixtures, then it means that your water is rich in ferrous iron and is only good for your fence plants. Since this iron had dissolved in water, using filters to get rid of the iron is not practical. Instead, the most common and effective method to use is water softeners. The softener works by getting rid of hard minerals in the water. The iron will plug in the softener, and you must remove the resin by backwashing the device.

However, it is essential to buy the best water softener that you should use for your home. The best one depends on the iron level in the water and the much you want to eliminate. The average water filter can get rid of 2-5 mg/L, while some can remove up to 10 mg/L.

The suitable way to determine the right water filter is by discussing it with experts. If you select the right filter, it will instantly start working. That will help ensure that your plumbing and appliances are protected from the damage that minerals in your water supply can cause.

Get Tailored System for Your Home

You might have both ferrous and ferric iron present in the water. In such cases, you will need to use both the filter and the water softeners to help get rid of the iron. But, it is essential to know the best way to set up the iron elimination system to get the best results.

The first stage is the filtration phase, where you send the water through the filters to eliminate the visible iron. The second phase is the water softener phase, where the filters water will pass through. But note that the setup and devices you use will rely on your water type.

Work With the Right Experts

Drinking water should be clean and refreshing, but if it has a high concentration of minerals, it could leave an aftertaste. Fortunately, no matter how much iron has impacted the taste of your water, you can improve it by using high-quality filters and water softeners. However, getting the right system for your home can be overwhelming.

That is why you need to hire water experts to help you with this issue. The professionals will test your water and guide you on the tool you should get for the project. They will also know the best way of installing the system to offer you excellent results. Get a qualified professional to assist you.

Enjoy Clean and Crisp Water Today

Are you tired of dealing with iron in your well water and all the issues it causes on your equipment and fixtures? If so, it is time to get control of the situation by investing in the right tools that will help you get rid of the iron problem you are experiencing just like you ordered the best garden supplies for your garden. You do not have to compromise your comfort and the life of your appliances anymore. Find a proficient company that has the experience and contract them. The right company is the one that will know the best way to fix the iron-rich water issues you have in your home.

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