20 Best Online Gardening Stores You Should Check Out

20 Best Online Gardening Stores

In this current climate, turning to an online gardening store is an incredibly good idea. Whether you are looking for live plants, seeds, gardening equipment, or looking for gifts for your fellow gardeners, everything is available from the comfort of your own home.

Suppose you are shopping for a particular product or want the best price. It may be beneficial to browse through gardening websites. There are, however, such many online gardening shops in operation today that finding those are legitimate and worth your time searching though can be tricky.

Here is a compilation of a few popular digital garden stores that will save you time. 

Best Online Gardening Stores

Gardener’s Supply

While this is an online gardening shop, Burlington, VT, also has a three-acre show garden. Gardener’s Supply also sells creative tools to address all the gardening issues and running the mill garden supplies. It has planters for self-watering, seed supports, and even lights for growing.

Gardener’s Supply is not just a retail store, however. Gardener’s Supply also offers advice from a network of gardeners and assistance. They also run a blog that has fantastic ideas that in your garden can inspire you. For a prompt response to your dilemmas, a group of specialists is also on hand via email.

Plow and Hearth

The products are categorized into “collections” so that gardeners can buy a selection of goods matching the products while having a look at the top-rated or best-selling collections. This garden store focuses more on decor and accessories for your backyard instead of flowers, plants, herbs, and fruits.

There are also various products from birdseed to different wildlife housing to bring wildlife into your garden. Also, a range of garden wear to ensure the protection of you and your garments are in the garden are available. Plow and Hearth also have problem solvers that deliver practical solutions for daily life and home and garden décor.


The Deal of the Day is among the first things you can note when you visit The platform is eye-catching, and it embraces you in stuff that you may not have yet considered. You will find seed kits and grow lights instead of selling only necessary gardening materials.

Items that make your job as a grower simpler, mainly if it is an indoor garden. Their comprehensive site resources, like manuals, seed kit and device growing tips, maintenance plans, indoor gardening specialty details, FAQ categories, and more, are very beneficial. You can join the Grow Club and get insider details and some products based on your membership.


Overstock typically has something for the garden for each activity, and that suits any budget. From an entire elevated flowerbed to a stool with pockets to fit your tools, it has everything. 

Along with star-ratings and user feedback, each product has a comprehensive overview. It also has suggestions for gardens that will benefit you if you have an issue and offer inspiration for any improvements in your backyard. 


It is an online garden store that offers plants and accessories for seeds. Flowers, fruits, spices, etc. group their products, making it easier to find anything you want. There is even a unique function that shows you the most popular products in a specific category.

It shows what other gardeners are buying and what one can expect to be in season or ready to grow at times of the year. It has everything from recipes to explaining the basics of excellent gardening soil. 

Plant Express is a leading distributor of trees and plants. With hundreds of quality plants and trees in each box, you can request five different package themes. Each kit is shipped to your home for free, making this the place for a basic starter solution.

There are updates to the line of plants and flowers, separately classified so that if you are a regular visitor to the platform, you can still quickly find the latest. If you do not find what you are searching for, they also have contact numbers.

Park Seed

The website has a beneficial listing scheme that carefully separates the plants and seeds for sale. The top navigation bar lists categories and then offers a list of what is on offer by name on clicking on each line.

It is beneficial because it helps you browse. It also makes it fast and convenient to find a particular plant. They also offer biodegradable pots to make planting your seeds easier, propagating systems, and planters.

Monster Gardens

The online store specializes in supplies for hydroponics. The website has everything you need to create a growing framework. You can order supplies individually in your setup and set them up; however you want them. Monster Gardens also offers kits that group together anything you need to build those structures.

There is also a YouTube channel where the staff has produced videos on everything from the basics of setting up hydroponics to nutrient mixing.

Gurney’s Seed and Nursery co.

This website gives a wide variety of plants and seeds for gardeners to pick from and gardening products. When you search for a wide variety of plants and trees, this is undoubtedly the place to buy.

As all products are carefully packaged and shipped to arrive at the correct planting time for your country’s area, this website is excellent for seasonal produce and plants. There is also a section showing new products and “web exclusives,” which are only online accessible Gurneys products. Segregation into sections is there to conveniently shop for fruits, trees, or other categories of plants.

Wayside Gardens

This website has tonnes of categories. If you know what you are looking for and get inspiration for your garden based on different types, you can easily find plants. If you live in a hot climate, you can shop for heat-tolerant plants or choose a plant by soil type if you know that the soil in your backyard is hard to plant in.

While the business sells accessories, this company specializes in flora and fauna itself. They also have a full catalog of containers and bare-root plants.

The platform has data related to gardening and other topics of outdoor living. has created a space that suits everyone with the cautious mix provided on the web between choice and discounts. You would find at a major box store with a smaller, independent nursery’s focus and environment.

You can take the time to review the articles and advice given on a variety of topics and buy and browse uninterrupted here. You will get even more exclusive discounts by entering the email list. They notify you in advance of new goods, special events, and promotions.

Forest Farm

The wide selection of fruits, herbs, flowers, and trees offered by the platform is an opportunity. You can use the plant finder option to decide what you can order based on your preference and environmental criteria to suit your specific needs.

From time to time, you will find specials. It would help if you kept up with the website blog, providing everything from reflection on achievements in growing those things to tips for your garden to information on different plant species.

Garden Crossings 

When you shop, the site prevents any misunderstanding. It has ready-made categories for your tastes, including annuals, perennials, shrubs, edibles, and the tool for making containers, as well as a dedicated space for gardening equipment and products. There is a whole learning center to look for, and you can even discover local shop knowledge in Zeeland, Michigan.

High Country Gardens

The website is a fantastic way to learn to flourish with less water and have a lush garden and yard. You’ll find gardening information and products, including perennials, bulbs, and wildflower seeds. An area devoted to lawn maintenance and lawn goods is also open. 

Gardening resources have their perusal websites. You can also order a pre-planned garden, especially if you are new to growing. They hold tournaments with exceptional offers, gift cards that make excellent presents, and sales with significant savings.

Song Sparrow

Apart from general gardening knowledge and mail order choices for garden items, you can also expect excellent tips from the site and general conversations on gardening.

Buy a gift card for a friend who enjoys and thrives on gardening, and get exclusive information, including details of upcoming sales and activities, in the email newsletter. Best of all, browse the gardening books available in the shop and order some of the industry’s best gardening equipment.

Brent and Becky’s Bulbs

Bulb gardens are the specialty of, but they are great for helping the bulb garden purchase complementary seeds and perennials. To help you pick the correct seeds and supplies for the right time of year, they have divided their website into spring planting and fall planting.

You can find discounts available on such items at different times of the year. The website is updated daily, and buying is easy, making the website user-friendly and fun and informative.

Cult Hydro

Branded items, including nutrients and growing media, are sold by this store. You can also purchase supplies such as a fan and the food and nutrients required for plants and build your system. This website contains everything you need for a hydroponics beginner.

It has useful tips on each device, describing what it does and how it can work into your system. There is also the option to buy by price. You can shop on the budget end of the spectrum for some essential supplies if you start and want to try hydroponics without wasting a lot of money.

Fisher Blacksmithing

The online shop includes durable and practical gardening equipment. It specializes in producing tools of high quality, hand-forged. The choice of buying over the phone is also open, not only online.

These instruments’ cost is higher than mass-produced goods. Still, craftsmanship ensures that they can remain working and look fantastic for the next many years. The website even connects to this awesome video from YouTube, where you can watch the entire operation.

Master Gardening

They have been a significant supplier to online customers across the continent with organic gardening products. They also sell a range of gardening equipment, planters, pots, compost, garden furniture, decorations, and planting kits for starter use, apart from their vast assortment of plants and seed varieties.

The platform is structured explicitly from the home page onwards, with ‘for the home’ products such as rising indoor needs also offered in the main menu. They also have solutions for pest control, which are garden-friendly.

Raised Beds

They sell indoor and outdoor planters, as well as elevated garden bed corners of varying heights so that you can have the garden at your level. Different materials are available for your beds and liners and stains that you can place on raised wooden beds for a complete solution.

Bread and butter products sold here are also soil and fertilizer. You can make this an easy stop for creating a brand new outside gardening space that uses the landscape to your best benefit. With data and suggestions to spark innovative designs, the site has a range of ‘staff picks.’

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