5 Best Pogo Sticks (with Updated Reviews) 2021

5 Best Pogo Sticks (with Updated Reviews) 2020

We all missed that summer when we were young, wild, and free. Going around the park every evening and coming back home with muddy clothes. Swing sets, seesaws, slides, and skateboards did give us the best memories. These modes of entertainment are still very fresh.

Pogo sticks don’t fall behind. They are very popular among not just children but adults too. They were first invented in 1919 by a man named George Habsburg. Many stories are revolving around how he came up with this idea, but no one knows the truth. Mysterious and amusing, can pogo sticks be any more fun?

Apart from giving the playful vibes, pogo sticks are considered to be a great physical exercise. The abs yield the pressure that we put onto the stick to jump. It also makes our back muscles and bones more durable which is very hard to maintain as we grow older. The amount of calories that we lose with regular jumping on pogo sticks is as right as running and doing cardio exercises.

It is said that the more our body works on high jumps, the more intense it will be working out muscles of hands and legs. With all these things in our mind, let’s find the best pogo stick for you.

Best Pogo Sticks Reviewed

1. Flybar My First Foam Pogo Jumper

This Foam Pogo Jumper is priced at a very affordable rate. The thick layer of foam that it has is very durable and can be used indoors. Made for children three and up, this pogo stick is designed to grasp the kid’s attention as it makes a squeaky sound whenever your child jumps.

It comes in various color options. Apart from just coming in different colors, it also has variants such as a police car, frog, unicorn, and a fire truck. Since children of 3 can also use it, this pogo stick will help in understanding balance and hand-eye coordination from the start. With a catchy name and appearance, this pogo stick tops the list.

This pogo stick is the number one bestseller on the e-commerce website Amazon. There are over 7000 customer ratings. Happy moms bought this pogo stick for their young children and gushed on how this pogo stick has made them happy. This pogo stick is the easiest to balance. And not just the child, even his grandma couldn’t keep her hands off this pogo stick!

This physically appealing and enjoyable pogo stick will keep your children going and trying something new with a happy squeal. Since it can be played inside the house, you can keep an eye on your child too.

Flybar My First Foam Pogo Jumper for Kids Fun and Safe Pogo Stick, Durable Foam and Bungee Jumper...
  • Boing, boing, squeak. The My First Flybar foam pogo stick is hours of healthy, bouncy fun. Crafted...
  • Use anywhere: We’ve designed our kids jumper for indoor and outdoor use, and unlike inferior...
  • Train balance: Pogo sticks make great active toys for kids because they help train hand eye...
  • Healthy: Get your kid off the sofa with a jumping toy that encourages fitness; Our bungee jumper is...
  • Manufacturer promise: At Flybar, we pride ourselves on seamless customer service; If you don’t...

2. Vurtego 4 Pro

This pogo stick is so exceptional that it is used in competitions and championships. The mechanism of this pogo stick is the latest. It comes in three sizes, namely Small, Medium, and Large, where people can choose following their height.

They have replaced the traditional spring with an air springer. The advantage that it provides is that you can pump or take air corresponding to your preference. All parts except handlebars and grip tips come under a one-year warranty with excellent customer service. People age six and above and of any weight can take this pogo stick for a roll. This pogo stick is handmade and can handle different air pressure concerning your weight.

People have appreciated its mechanism and are thrilled with the performance this product has given them. When mastered the art of jumping, customers have experienced the smoothest jumps on this and recommend you to buy this one. The fact that this one pogo stick, in different sizes, can be used by the whole family has gained popularity among its customers.

This pogo stick can be a joyride around the neighborhood as well as have the ability to jump across a car! This dual blessed pogo stick should be on the top of your list.

New Bounce Pogo Stick for Kids - Pogo Sticks for Ages 9 and Up, 80 to 160 Lbs - Pro Sport Edition,...
  • Perfect for Big Kids - Designed for older kids (and adults), the Pogo Stick can withstand up to...
  • Top Quality - The Pogo Sticks are made of top quality materials to ensure the utmost durability. The...
  • Easy-Grip Foam Handles And Frame - Added for your comfort and safety, the foam coating provides a...
  • Quality - The pogo sticks are made of top quality material at every step of the manufacturing...
  • Wider Stance - The specially designed wide stance is more stable, and makes it easier to bounce...

3. Razor Gogo Pogo Stick

The company Razor has been in the market for twenty years and has upped its game with this pogo stick. This pogo stick lies in a very affordable range and is readily available on Amazon. The most exciting feature of this pogo stick is that it is portable. The stick can be folded so that you can carry it to places you please.

The footrests are made up of soft foam and have the grip not to let our feet slip. These footrests can also be folded inwards. The handle might seem stiff when you first buy it, but as you keep using the stick, it loosens up and gives you the best jumps.

With over 600 customer reviews, this pogo stick has surely grabbed people’s attention. It has all the newest technology a pogo stick needs, but it is still your classic fellow. Despite people saying that the spring was stiff at first, but as their child or they continued to use the pogo stick, it got better and became their favorite thing to do.

Customers were amazed by its quality. Children loved this present as their birthday gifts!This pogo stick ensures that you get a very stabilized and even balance on the jumps. A very classic pogo stick, don’t lose the chance on this one!

Razor Gogo Pogo Stick - Black
  • A new twist on an old classic
  • Features a fully enclosed spring system with low-friction bushings
  • Foldable and more portable then ever before
  • Lightweight aluminum frame construction with folding footrests
  • Also features folding handlebars and foam grips for comfort

4. Flybar Foam Maverick Pogo Stick

The company Flybar is not new to this business and has been producing pogo sticks since its early years. Although this pogo stick is recommended for kids aged 5 to 9, the features that it attains are one of the best. This pogo stick is perfect for children who are starting their journey to get on the road of big leaps.

Flybar has a full bounce tip which enables your child to find their balance with stability. To provide more comfort and support, the Flybar Maverick is fully covered in foam, which makes the handle even more comfortable to hold on to. The footpads come in the textured patterns rather than being plain. This feature stresses on the safeguard of your children.

Four hundred fifty people love this pogo stick, and their expectations are all satisfied. People have upgraded their ratings because it served them so well. Satisfied customers also said that with a bit of practice and attention, this pogo stick has gone out of its way to entertain their kids. It doesn’t make any sound and has been as sturdy as it was on day one.

According to customers, this pogo stick has easily exceeded their expectations and became the favorite of many children. Without seeming too intense, this pogo stick gets your children out and about. It engages them in a delightful task and helps them get their muscles strong and be as healthy as a horse.

Flybar Foam Maverick Pogo Stick for Kids Ages 5+, Weights 40 to 80 Pounds by The Original Pogo Stick...
  • Junior pogo stick designed for young beginners
  • Rugged metal frame covered with safe foam
  • Extra-wide and deep footpads for stability
  • Rubber tip helps the rider stay in control
  • For kids between 5 and 9 years; fully assembled

5. Flybar Super Pogo

Even though this pogo stick is made for kids aged 14 and up, if you are a beginner, this pogo stick is the one for you. Generally, this pogo stick is preferred by jumpers who perform stunts and are more on the dangerous side.

This technical pogo stick has a durable steel frame and is used in many pogo stick stunt competitions. Moreover, it also has a stiff piston built to make it sure that you get the highest jumps. The steel frame is then covered with a layer of foam. This pogo stick has a weight range of 120-200 pounds. The tip of Super Pogo is Nitrile rubber, which is known to be resistant to breakage. This ensures that your pogo sticks live a long life.

This sturdy but lightweight pogo stick is very famous, especially among adults. Not just young but a 59-year-old customer who had a pogo stick when he was as pleased with his new Super Pogo. The quality of Super Pogo Stick that attracts pogo enthusiasts is its wide footpad and the Nitrile rubber tip.

Customers also were pleased that they learned many new tricks with this technical pogo stick. Many of the customers were adults and were ecstatic to relive their childhood on this pogo stick.If you are looking to compete in pogo sticks jumping contests and want to feel the thrill with goosebumps all over your arms, this is the pogo stick you are looking for.

Flybar Super Pogo 2 - Pogo Stick For Kids and Adults 14 & Up Heavy Duty For Weights 90-200 Lbs
  • EXTREME POGO STICK: Combines the best features of our Super Pogo and Flybar 800, meant for extreme...
  • HEAVY DUTY ALUMINUM CONSTRUCTION: The Super Pogo 2 by Flybar is constructed with high strength...
  • ADJUSTABLE HANDLEBARS WITH RUBBER HAND GRIPS: The Super Pogo 2 features adjustable handlebars that...
  • SPRING POWERED POGO: Strong heavy duty spring powered pogo to accommodate extreme jumping or just...
  • Made for kids and adults ages 14 & Up, weighing 90 to 200 pounds.


The idea and look of a pogo stick might seem intimidating at first. But if you have ever ridden a skateboard or done kitesurfing, pogo sticks will be easy to understand then eventually master.

They might not give the same adrenaline rush as bungee jumping, but they are cheaper and a great exercise for your body.

It is always recommended that you are in a safe place while pogoing. It is advised that surfaces that are plain and are not slippery would be preferred. Other surfaces like grass when it is wet or textured floor may pose in favor of accidents.

Protective gears like helmets, knee caps, elbow pads are encouraged for young children to wear when they are on a pogo stick.

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