When Was Disc Golf Invented

When Was Disc Golf Invented

The world of sports and recreational activities is so vast that it is beyond our imaginations. There are so many games that are already making pioneers in the world. One such is disc golf. It has left the world amazed, and people enjoy playing the game.

You cannot only play it physically; a disc golf video game is also available, which provides equal entertainment and recreation. If you are not well acquainted with this game, do not worry.

In this article, you will get brief information about the fantastic game of disc golf and its history.

What is a Disc Golf?

What is a Disc Golf?

Disc golf is similar to basic golf but with a twist that makes it more exciting and entertaining. In this game, flying discs are used, which is why the game is also called frisbee. It is a recreational activity loved by people of all ages. To play this game, a person has to hit the target using discs. A person who hits the target with the fewest discs wins the game.

Disc golf is a popular sport as no complex rules or regulations are required to play this game, and even people with disabilities can also play the game. Moreover, anyone who plays the game loves to play it again.

When was Disc Golf Invented?

When was Disc Golf Invented?

Disc golf has seen a lot of changes since it was discovered. The disc golf game was invented in 1960, and later on, new editions were made to make the game more exciting. Ed Headrick, who we know as the father of golf games, established the Disc Golf Association in 1976, making history. This helps to expand the scope of disc golf worldwide and introduce it as an international sport. He has made remarkable efforts to promote disc golf, and as a result, we have more than 200 golf courses today on which disc golf is played.

Before that, disc golf was played as a side game with no proper rules and regulations. There is no precise information about who invented the game or who played it for the first time. The original credit for promoting disc golf is given to Donnelly, who played street frisbee golf and decided to promote the game in California. Later on, he and one of his fellow mates allied with Ed Headrick to spread the game. This is how it became popular among all the people.

Advantages of Playing Disc Golf

Advantages of Playing Disc Golf

The reason behind disc golf’s popularity is its advantages. Today, more than 2 million people play disc golf regularly. It not only helps with physical growth but also promotes mental growth. A few benefits of disc golf are given below.

  • Increases concentration: Many people found that playing disc golf continuously for some time helped them to focus well, and their concentration levels increased. This helped them to focus on their work and other activities as well.
  • Good physical exercise: For people who do not like to engage in games that involve longer duration or are not in the habit of playing complex games, disc golf is a good option as it is simple to play. It is a good workout activity and exercises both the lower and upper parts of the body.
  • Reduces stress and anxiety: Disc golf helps to reduce your stress and anxiety levels, as when you come close to nature, you feel distressed, and this helps elevate your mood.
  • Anyone can play: The game is so easy that even children can play it. Also, you do not need to make any extra preparations in advance to play, which makes it a popular game.

Interesting Facts About Disc Golf

  • Invented by school children: Though Ed Headrick is known as the father of disc golf, school children used to play this sport in 1926.
  • Highly popular in the USA: Approximately 75% of golf players worldwide belong to the US. This shows how popular it is in the US. It has become the 4th fastest-growing spot in the US.
  • Disc Golf Day: You would be surprised to know that to increase its popularity every year, August 1 is celebrated as Disc Golf Day.

Various Types of Discs in Disc Golf

Various Types of Discs in Disc Golf

There are four types of discs used to play disc golf. A brief description of each of them is mentioned below.

  • Distance drivers: As the name suggests, these discs provide maximum distance to the players. They can provide both a straight and a left or right line of flights to the players.
  • Hybrid drivers: These discs provide a balance between speed and distance. Hybrid drivers are highly versatile discs used to perform various throws in the game of disc golf.
  • Fairway drivers: Fairway drivers are small in size as compared to distance drivers. They have rounded edges, which makes their mechanism better than the distance drivers.
  • Midrange discs: If you are looking for a disc that offers better accuracy, then midrange is the best option. They are mainly designed for intermediate distances and are also highly versatile.


Disc golf is a popular game in the world of sports. Though it is quite popular nowadays, it has a long history. This game has many advantages, which have significantly contributed to its popularity.

The game can be played both locally and internationally, and people of all age groups enjoy playing it. If you want to try something new this time, try disc golf. You can play this super easy game with your family and friends to spend quality time. You will love the game and surely get addicted to it.

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