5 Mistakes to Avoid When Replacing Your Roof


Planning a roof replacement for your residential home or real estate can be a complex project and a considerable investment that you only want to do once. However, you are bound to make errors without proper planning and strategy, especially when you embark on a DIY replacement project. Here are a few common mistakes that are likely to occur when replacing your roof and how you can avoid them.

Improper use of roofing nails

An incorrect number of nails per shingle, use of too short nails, and nails driven above the self-sealing strip are some nail-related mistakes that might cause future roof failure. It’s vital to ensure that all the materials used for the roof replacement project, including nails, are in good shape and properly applied.

Improper roofing nail usage is a common mistake that occurs when homeowners choose to perform DIY roof repair or replacement. Call professional roof contractors Indiana for your roof replacement needs to ensure quality work.

Choosing the wrong roofing materials

It’s essential to make an intelligent decision when choosing materials for your new roof. Don’t choose what appears the most attractive but what suits your home’s construction. Even if you are considering doing a DIY installation project, it’s still important to consult a professional roofer to find the type of roofing material appropriate for your home. Once you have determined the roof type, look for the right product. Different roof tiles and roofing sheets may vary significantly in price and quality

Installing mismatched roofing shingles

Another common mistake is installing mismatched asphalt shingles that make your roof appear incongruent and uneven. This mistake usually occurs when a roofing contractor gets their shingles from different suppliers and fails to pay attention to the ones they are installing. Ensure your roofer utilizes shingles manufactured by the same supplier for your project.

Installing a new roof over the old one

Overlaying an existing roofing unit is a common roof replacement mistake and can put you at risk. The law in some regions considers overlaying illegal if done more than once. However, it’s wise to avoid this practice even if it’s not prohibited in your location.

Your roof deck might contain weaknesses, gaps, leaks, and other roofing issues that can only be discovered by removing the existing roof and checking what is underneath. In addition, installing new shingles over the old ones might cause further damage to your roof structure and walls.

Failing to get a permit

While home renovation laws differ from state to state, homeowners in some areas may need approval from their local government when replacing a roof. Before you begin your roof replacement project, ensure you check the relevant building codes and get a permit if necessary. Failing to do so may put you at risk, including hefty fines, insurance coverage refusal, or even forced removal of your new roof.


A roof replacement is a significant investment for your home or business you want to live with for a long time. Before you start your roof replacement project, it’s best to understand what might go wrong to help you avoid these unpleasant and costly mistakes. Nevertheless, to avoid these prevalent roofing mistakes and ensure you get the best roofing, consider hiring experienced and well-trained roofing contractors.

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