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5 Reasons to Ship Your Car for Your Long-distance Move


Shipping your car can feel like a difficult task because you don’t know if you should trust the carrier with your vehicle. If you’re sending a classic car or a high-end vehicle, you might be even more concerned. Rest assured, it’s going to be better for your nerves, your car, and your wallet if you find a trusted carrier to ship your car for your long-distance move.

Keep Mileage Down

The average mileage per year used to be about 10,000 miles, but in today’s driver-friendly world, you can expect to drive closer to 16,000 miles every year. That is a lot of mileage, and if you go across the country, you could easily add a couple thousand more miles on top of that.

Cars go through wear and tear naturally, but driving could increase the potential for damage. You would also decrease the value of your car by driving it that extra distance, so if you plan to trade it in at some point in the future, those extra thousands of miles could impact your car’s value.

If you’re considering driving a classic car or a luxury vehicle, it’s even more critical to keep mileage down. Classics are valued more when they have lower mileage, and when you talk about your car, it always feels good to talk about the low mileage. Luxury cars can also be severely affected by high mileage when it comes time to trade them in.

Save Precious Time

Driving across the country takes a minimum of four or five days, assuming you don’t make too many stops along the way. Yes, it’s only a few days, but all that time on the road will make you feel run down once you arrive. If you’ve ever done a long-distance drive, you know how exhausting that can be.

Families are also more challenging to move across the country. It’s not like a road trip with fun stuff along the way. The drive is all about getting there, and if you have kids, you’re going to make extra stops because they need to stop more often than adults. Five days can quickly become an entire week.

Minimizes Risk

Minimizing risk pertains to you, your car, and your family. Risks are involved every time you’re behind the wheel, but it increases the more you drive. You are also at risk of being road-hypnotized on a long-distance drive. It happens when you’re tired and your focus is not entirely on the drive. Your mind drifts, and the next thing you know, you’ve driven 20 miles and don’t remember any of it. This increases risk because your response time slows down when under highway hypnosis.

Shipping your car is also better for your health. You can suffer from back pain while driving long distances. Think about the position you’re going to be in for 10-12 hours every single day. You’ll be sitting for hours and hours over several days, and that can hurt. Sitting for so long without taking breaks can also result in deep vein thrombosis. If you develop a blood clot and it breaks free, you can end up with the clot lodged in your lungs or, worse, your brain.

Reliable Transport

If you go through a broker, you’re also going to have reliable transport for your car. Companies that work with FMCSA-certified carriers mean that they have to meet specific standards. When you call a company like Sherpa or Montway to act as an in-between, they have vetted the carriers in their network to make sure they only use the best of the best.

You can also do additional research on carriers if you’d rather work with one directly. It will require a little more legwork on your end, but you can be confident in making your choice if you ask for credentials and references.

Save Money

You might be surprised that shipping a car may be less expensive than driving it. Not only do you avoid the wear and tear along with unforeseen repairs, but you also won’t need to spend money on lodging or food along the way. Those costs add up quickly. It’s time to save and build that enclosed patio that you always wanted. Don’t forget that you also need to refuel every so often.

When you put it all together, it adds up, and a shipping company can help you cut costs to make it easier on your wallet and your sanity. The price could be worth it, so compare your expected expenses with the cost of shipping a car to make a decision.

The Bottom Line

Shipping a car will keep your mileage down and save you time on your long-distance move. You’ll also minimize the risk to what is precious to you. Finding reliable transport will give you confidence in selecting a carrier, and you’ll be happy to save money by choosing to ship a car over a long distance.

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