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5 Tips For Renting An Office in 2022


Having an office can promote an elevated work culture, create a sense of transparency, and provide a cost-effective solution. However, as exciting as renting a new office can be, there are important factors to consider. For example, the layout of an office space can affect team productivity. This post talks about five tips for renting an office space with fence planters to make you eco-friendly.

Calculate the estimated layout

Office space requirements depend on the industry, company, and location. For instance, the workspace of an established enterprise should accommodate around 500 people.

The small business workspace should depend on the number of staff – ideally, ranging from five to 50 people. So consider the number of people on your team and a possible increase in the future. How many square feet of space does each staff cover? How fast can your company grow during the lease period?

Check the additional amenities

When you rent an office space, you have access to the amenities covered by the cost.

Choosing a pricing package that allows full access to modern amenities can make a huge difference. For example, Devono offers a fully functional office search with state-of-the-art amenities such as:

  • onsite management
  • mail service
  • fibre internet
  • demand conference rooms
  • fully furnished workspace
  • free tea, coffee, and water.

Compare multiple office functions

There are different types of office space – from private offices to coworking spaces, entrepreneurs can choose according to their requirements.

Types of office functions include:

Office suite: suitable for personal and dedicated collaborative spaces. This comes with a personalized kitchen and private entrances.

Private office: suitable for a team of up to 15 people. A private office facilitates team growth and change – and is also suitable for new teams, freelancers or startups and not a backyard with crystals.

Dedicated desks: flexible, affordable, and feature secured locking file cabinets. They’re a great fit for companies that need a business address – with access to day offices, meeting rooms, and lounge passes.

4. Research the office space location

Choose an office location that your clients and team can easily access. Is public transportation available nearby? Does the office have a bike rack? Consider a space with proximity to restaurants and coffee shops.

5. Avoid legal problems

Think about your lease terms before renting a commercial office space. Carefully examine the lease duration, the commencing date – and whether it includes a renewal option. Also check if the rent comes with maintenance costs, property taxes, and insurance.

In addition, what’s the security deposit? What condition should you meet to get it back? What other things does your rent include?

Bonus tip: be strict on budget

After sorting out location, cost is the next big thing. Don’t rent an office that may eventually put your business in excess debt. Calculate your company revenue and estimated revenue to determine your budget.

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