5 Ways To Display Indoor Herb Gardens Creatively

5 Ways To Display Indoor Herb Gardens Creatively

If you have a small living space like a tiny house or an apartment in a building but you love some nice chlorophyll, you might be asking yourself – how can I do it? The answer is – indoor herb gardens.

This genius idea is a popular way to add greenery and fresh flavor to your home. Indoor herb gardens have multiple benefits as well. Not only are they beautiful and fragrant, but they also provide a fresh supply of herbs for cooking and garnishing. Imagine: just cut some fresh cilantro from your wall and you’re good to go!

If you’re reading this, it means you’re already looking for inspiration for your next planting project. This is why in this article; you’ll learn five new ways to display indoor herb gardens creatively to make both you and your Insta grid happy.

Reach for the stars

This is just a dramatic way of saying – have a vertical herb garden. This is a unique, foolproof, and creative way to display your herbs. The best thing about it? You can get as creative as you want.

Make it from a variety of materials like pallets, wooden planks, or metal frames to grow herbs like thyme, rosemary, basil, and mint. Imagine the scents! A vertical herb garden not only saves space but also adds an extra layer of beauty to your home.

To do this, start by choosing a material that suits your taste and the style of your home. Once you have chosen your material, you can attach it to the wall using screws or hooks. Then, you can start planting your herbs in the pockets or containers, just make sure to choose herbs that have similar water and light requirements to ensure they thrive in the same environment.

Wallpaper? I don’t know that.

Did you know that you can make an entire wall a herb garden? This is one of the most unique displays of plants, and it’s also very accessible during cooking. You can also have a wall of plants anywhere in your home, and more and more people are choosing their home office or the space where they work for it.

Since the pandemic, hybrid and remote work has become common and people have been adjusting their home space to fit their work needs. One of the needs is oxygen and something to rest your eyes upon. The option that has both are plants and installing a plant wall is an idea that is both creative and helpful!

To make a walled garden for your office, first research the best plants to have next to your monitor or laptop screen. Then include imagination. This type of display is beneficial because the long hours we spend in front of the screen working or playing online casino games can take a toll on our eyes and cause headaches. On average, gamers spend more than 80 minutes in front of the screen playing or gambling. You should be able to relax your eyes while you work and enjoy your leisure time on your computer without pain and bad radiation which is why having a wall herb garden is a great option for those who are looking at screens a lot.

Hang in there

A hanging herb garden is another creative way to display plants. You can also use a variety of materials like macrame, wire baskets, or wooden crates. For the type of herbs, go for those that don’t require a lot of soil and don’t mind hanging, like chives, cilantro, and parsley.

How to do it? Choose a material that suits your taste and the style of your home. Again, macrame, wire baskets, or wooden crates are all great options, but it’s your home and your garden, so you do you. can Hang it from the ceiling using hooks or chains.

Tired? No, tiered!

Puns and plants, what more can you ask for?

Another way to creatively display an indoor herb garden is a tiered planter. This might also be among the simplest to make, as you can literally use anything you want and just stack it. Wooden or metal baskets, various containers (hello, eco-consciousness), and even regular shelves will work perfectly.

As you have seen before, anything vertical saves space, and a tiered planter is no excuse for this rule.

To stack the planters, you can put them on top of each other, secure them with hooks or screws, or even hang them in a stacked formation. The only thing left is to choose the plants and their properties you want to explore while designing your indoor garden!

Tea time!

This might just be the cutest idea you’ve ever heard of.

Check this out: teacups herb garden. It’s practically screaming cottage-core, Alice in Wonderland, or just eclectic and reusable style. If you have old teacups lying around that you don’t use, you can turn them into a charming indoor herb garden and give them a new life. Bonus points if they’re all different sizes, colors, and styles. You can fill each teacup with soil and plant herbs like parsley, basil, and thyme.

How to display your teacup garden? However, you want! Shelves and stacking them is a good idea, but what if you made a tea party set up and planted different herbs and plants in the teacups and saucers? You can go a step further and grow tea in the teacups! That’s gonna be a hit with friends, family, and the virtual world.

Be honest: you feel inspired. So what are you waiting for? Grab your gloves, some soil, and seeds, and make your home a garden where you can bloom together with your plants!

Martha Stewart
With a profound passion for the outdoors, Martha Stewart has worked in the for the perfect gardening for over two decades. After graduating with a degree in European History and Architectural History, her journey began with a keen interest in the practicalities and aesthetics of gardening. She worked in landscape architecture and garden design, amassing a rich practical experience. Her previous experience includes a tenure at a renowned landscape design firm. She enjoys pottery and exploring botanical gardens in her free time.

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