Best Practices for Using Office Door Signs: Enhancing Communication and Wayfinding in the Workplace

Best Practices for Using Office Door Signs: Enhancing Communication and Wayfinding in the Workplace

Every detail in one’s office should be totally committed to the customer’s contentment. Door plates are no exceptions, although many office managers might underestimate their importance for the brand identity and for basic functional purposes. 

It’s time to uncover why practices of using office door signs are so important for businesses and reveal why the Bsign online store is the best supplier of such products. Let’s get down to business.

Importance of Clear and Consistent Office Door Signage

There are two major purposes for the use of customized door signage in offices:

  • Design purposes;

  • Navigation purposes.

Design purposes refer to the consistency of the general interior design. Office signs seem to be small elements. Indeed, they are but without them, the interior design of the office premises cannot be considered complete and consistent because signage of the proper style can enhance the business atmosphere in the office perfectly well.

Office signage should also be considered as a solution that adds value to the navigation network across the premises. With them, visitors will never get confused to find the specialist they need.

Placement and Visibility of Office Door Signs

To meet functionality purposes, office door signs have to meet the key requirement — they must be visible to everyone entering the premises. For that reason, office door signs are usually manufactured to meet standard sizes — from around 120×120 mm to around 200×200 mm. Although these sizes ensure the visibility of the plaques, it’s also necessary to consider their placement to make them visible. The most efficient solution is to attach a plate at eye-level height and ensure that the colors of the writing and the surface are contrasting.

Standardized Office Door Signage for Easy Navigation

The settings in offices are usually quite normal. Thus, door signage should stand out from these settings and enhance something that is out of order in the office. If your office has quite a formal interior design, Bsign offers some standard styles of door signage to perfectly enhance this peculiarity:

  • Wave;

  • Modern;

  • Venture;

  • Single;

  • Simple;

  • Buro.

Except for standardized styles of office door signs — Bsign also manufactures plates with standard icons that make sure navigation around premises will cause no confusion to different visitors.

ADA Compliance for Inclusive Communication

Last but not least, we consider it’s a great tendency that businesses to become more inclusive to different groups of customers. Governments also play a great role in this and the Americans with Disabilities Act is perfect proof of that. This act imposes requirements for door signage making it available to perceive for clients who suffer from different disabilities. Bsign specialists craft signs in accordance with these requirements and this includes the possibility to add Braille font to ensure that even visitors with sight disabilities will face no major difficulties.

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