6 Essential Tools For Yard Work


Finding a hobby or activity you enjoy is a great way to destress and escape your busy lifestyle. Most people who have a huge backyard often use the space to work on projects or repairs. Building furniture or gardening are some of the most common hobbies that many people get involved in, especially when they have a lot of free time.

If you’re a homeowner, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your yard is well-maintained. However, you can’t work if you’re empty-handed. Here are some essential work tools you need to have if you spend a lot of time in your yard that you might get on online  garden stores too

1. Woodman’s Pal

One item you should own is a Woodman’s Pal. It’s an irregularly-shaped blade that’s around 17 inches long and can be used for many purposes. You can use it to saw wood, cut materials, or trim unwanted plants or weeds within your property. Those who do a lot of camping and outdoor activities can also maximize the use of this tool. You can use it to chop tree branches or chop meat into smaller pieces before cooking.

The irregular blade allows it to be used for cutting different materials. It’s also not too heavy or too big, so it’s easy to hold and is perfect for those who aren’t too confident with their cutting skills.

2. Machete

Sharp machete in a wooden stump background.

If you’re planning on growing a garden or building a greenhouse in your backyard, you shouldn’t forget to get a good quality machete. It can be too difficult to cut large branches with a regular knife, and you’d want to be precise when tending your plants since one wrong stroke can ruin your garden.

You can also remove unwanted vegetation with a machete or use it to dig the soil to make room for seedlings. It’s a multi-purpose yard tool that can be used for gardening and other outdoor works that require cutting down wood.

3. Gloves

Most people who do yard work often use their bare hands to handle tools and other materials. However, this practice can get dangerous, especially when working with sharp or rough items that can cause cuts to the skin. For example, unpolished wood or logs have small fragments that can pierce the skin, which can cause bleeding or even infection.

You don’t want this to happen whenever you’re working at home to do repairs or projects. One way to lessen your risk of getting hurt is by getting a set of work gloves. It’s usually made with durable materials that protect your skin without hindering your movement.

4. Leaf Rake

If you’re living somewhere surrounded by trees, you should get a leaf rake. Cleaning up fallen leaves can be too much work if you do it without using any tools. You also can’t leave it alone since it’ll eventually pile up and ruin your garden and your entire property.

A leaf rake is a long tool with small hooks on one end and is used for gathering leaves without ruining your lawn. You can also use this tool to clean your roof and gutter that’s filled with leaves safely.

5. Wheelbarrow

You may be against the idea of having a wheelbarrow at home since it’s a huge tool that takes up a lot of storage space. However, you may need this, especially if you have a spacious backyard and do a lot of work with heavy materials.

A wheelbarrow can make your life easier, especially when you always carry items in and out of your property. It’s also a helpful tool for households that need to make preparations for winter. Preparing enough wood for your fireplace can be a dreadful task when you need to transfer logs from one place to another. You need to cut them into smaller blocks, then store them in an area that’s easily accessible. Although using a wheelbarrow won’t make the load any lighter, it can help you finish the task faster since you can carry multiple blocks of wood on one trip.

6. Ladder

Working on your roof, cleaning your gutters, or repairing hard-to-reach places can be challenging without the right tool. Having a ladder at home is a must since you never know when you’d encounter damages or repairs in your property that are beyond your reach.

Cutting down branches of trees that are starting to scratch your house or going up the roof to cover holes or clean-up is much easier with the use of the ladder. It’s an essential tool you should have stored in your garage or shed.

Final Thoughts

Doing a lot of yard work such as repairs on your furniture or DIY projects isn’t possible if you don’t have the right tools. Investing in good quality items such as a woodman’s pal or ladder can make your time working in your backyard easier. It’ll also allow you to finish your tasks faster and create better results with whatever you’re working on.

Emily Davis
Emily Davis, who holds a degree in Ornithology from Cornell University, has shared her expertise with our readers. With over 11 years of field research on bird behavior and habitat conservation, Emily brings a deep understanding of avian ecology to her writing. She has consulted for various national parks, aiding in protecting avian species. She previously worked with international wildlife organizations, focusing on bird migration patterns. Emily is also a skilled wildlife photographer, capturing the beauty of birds in their natural habitats.

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