7 Signs You Need To Replace Your Roof


Are you afraid that your roof might be damaged? Your roof is one of the most critical and expensive parts of your home. It protects you from the elements and keeps you safe while inside. While it’s an integral part of the home, it is bound to wear out at some point. As such, you need to know the signs that indicate it requires urgent replacement. Here are seven signs you need to replace your roof.

1. The Roof Appears Damaged

While your roof may be able to last a while longer, if you see any cracks or holes in it, then the moment has come for you to replace it. Such cracks and holes show that water has been seeping through the roofing material and rusting beams from within. If this is the case, your only way to truly solve the problem is by cutting your losses and replacing the roof.

2. Leaks Persist

Another sign that you need to replace the roof is if leaks persist through multiple repairs. If water keeps getting into your home after several attempts at fixing it, then it’s time you consider replacing it, or else you will end up ruining your frisbees and also the fence planters. If the roof keeps leaking, it means that your home’s frame has been compromised, and the only fix is roof replacement.

3. Your Roof Is Over 20 Years Old

If you have a home that’s more than 20 years old, then it’s time for you to think about replacing the roof. Roofing materials that are past their due date cannot prevent leaks and can even be dangerous. It would be best for you to avoid any further damage by having them replaced straight away by a professional remodeling contractor in san jose. The same goes if your shingles or tiles are cracked, moldy or warped.

4. Your Roof Is Under a Lot of Stress

Have you noticed an unusually high pitch with your roof? Well, this could cause problems with snow loading, and you need to have it replaced soon. While shingles can be replaced, if you have gone through several repairs within your roof’s lifetime, then it may be too much of a risk to take. You can, however, try replacing it with metal roofing as it is extremely durable and long-lasting.

5. Your Roof Is Cracking

Another sign that you need to replace the roof is if your shingles or tiles are cracking. Cracks in your home’s tiles can pose a danger to your home as they could fracture and break off. Cracks in your shingles are often an indication that water has seeped into them, resulting in corrosion of the metal or wood. While you might mitigate the damage by applying caulking or sealant, it would be much better for you to replace the roof.

6. The Finish on Your Roof Is Wearing Off

If you see that your shingles or tiles are wearing off, then it’s time for you to plan for a replacement. While strong winds and hail often accelerate such wear and tear, there comes the point where it will be too expensive to repair. If the weather has taken its toll on your roof, you should get rid of the remains and work towards replacing them.

7. The Roofing Material Not Durable

If the materials that make up your roof are old or worn out, then it’s time you plan for a replacement. You need to check the age of your roofing material as they are only supposed to last around 30 years. But how do you tell that your roof is old and worn out? It mainly shows deteriorated sheathing, warping, as well as cracking.


If you have a home with a roof over 20 years old, is under a lot of stress, cracking, has worn off finish, or poor quality materials, then it’s time for you to think about replacing the roof. You can talk to a professional contractor if you want an estimate on the cost of your project. Make sure you get a written estimate, a list of references, and license numbers. Before you hire anyone, ensure they are licensed and insured. This is very important because if something goes wrong, then you will end up paying the consequences.

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