8 Signs You Have Water Intrusion And Need To Have It Checked


The common signs of water intrusion include a wet smell, damp walls or floors, noise of water drips, and active water meters.

You might often find the floor is wet, or the wall is leaking water in your house. The prime reason is water intrusion. When the intrusion occurs, it damages the structure of the whole building. The wooden frames become water-saturated and the quality rapidly degrades.

Water intrusion can even create toxic molds that can endanger indoor air quality. That is why it is of utmost importance to read the signs of water intrusion and take the necessary steps.

But before that, we need to understand what water intrusion is and how it occurs.

What Is Water Intrusion?

Water intrusion is excess water accumulation in unwanted places of the house like the roof, the floor, or the walls. It accumulates and slowly damages the structure of the affected area.

This is due to water leaks through any plumbing lines and seeps into the concrete structure of the house.

You may not notice it if the accumulated water is very low. But as water leaks more and slowly accumulate, it starts to show various signs. When you find the problem, it is important to take immediate steps and prevent any further damage.

Different Signs Of Water Intrusion

Now, let us look at the signs of water intrusion

1. There Will Be A Wet Smell

What is a wet smell? The smell is similar to that you notice right before rainfall, or when walking through wet soil.

This is because the air becomes humid and water vapor starts to enter through your nose. This gives off a wet smell.

If you feel that the air has a wet smell even when there is no rain, then there might be a water intrusion in your house.

2. Damp Walls, Floors, And Roofs

When water intrusion occurs, it accumulates inside the concrete structure of the wall. When the accumulation becomes high, the concrete gets damp.

This causes the paint on the wall to peel off and shows the sign of water intrusion, this is the time to get help from the professionals for a thorough water intrusion investigation.

Flooding also causes water intrusion and the floor accumulates water. You will see that your floor is oozing water and the entire floor might become wet. If you have a wooden floor instead of concrete, then the wood will feel wet as you step on it.

Another sign of water intrusion is that the roof is getting wet. They will have a similar appearance to floors, but since they are vertical, they will drip water.

3. Noise Of Water Drips

Another way to check if you have water intrusion is by checking for water dripping sound. Close tightly all the water sources in your house so that they do not drip water.

If you still hear dripping noises, then there is some water line leakage that is causing water intrusion.

4. Active Water Meters

This method also works similarly to checking for water drip noises. After closing all the sinks and faucets in your house, the water meter in your house will not show any movement, But in case it does that means you have water intrusion.

Water intrusion occurs when water is leaking and if there is leaking water, then there is a small movement of water in the plumbing system. So if there is water intrusion, the dial

5. Bad Smell

As mentioned before, water intrusion can damage the quality of air. It also gives rise to toxic molds that can be harmful if inhaled. This toxic mold produces a bad smell, like something is rotting. You can rest assure there is a water intrusion in your house

If you can sense such a smell, then you can be assured that you have some sort of water intrusion in your home.

6. Your Windows Will Leak Water

When it is cold outside, it is normal for the windows in your house to accumulate some water. But when this happens even in hot weather regardless of day or night, then you can be sure that water is somehow leaking into your house and resulting in water intrusion.

The problems are more severe during heavy rainfall as you can find a large amount of water leaking through the window.

7. The Walls Will Change Color

Another prominent sign of water intrusion is the walls will become damp and the paint will start to peel off. But that is not the only sign, the paint may also start to change color.

The color of the wall will turn greenish-black. This is due to the presence of molds inside the concrete.

8. High Water Bills

A major sign of water intrusion is the very high water bills. Water bills are determined by water consumption per month. So if you are not using much water, but you have a high bill, it may be due to a water leak, as mentioned before, if you close all the water sources and find the meter still working it shows you have a water leak somewhere.

So, since a lot of water is being spent, you will be charged for it even if you were not using it. So if you have an alarmingly large bill, consider getting a plumber and get your water leaks fixed.

Final Thoughts

Water intrusion can cause a lot of damage. It can damage the structure of your house, put your health at risk, and even make you face high water bills. That is why you should never ignore the signs of water intrusion. If you see even a single sign and feel that you might have water intrusion, immediately get a plumber or a professional who can fix this issue.

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