What to Do When You Find Mold in your Home?


What if I tell you even the most beautiful homes are prone to mold. Molds are a type of pores that form as a result of excessive moisture. Mold can develop on walls, ceilings even on your food ( specifically bakery items). The most prevalent type of mold is the black mold. Identification of molds are as easy as house plant identification by leaf shape. Mold removal remediation needs to be undertaken immediately, or you can seek professional help because the presence of any mold in your house is dangerous and can have serious effects on your health. Don’t wait for the mold to spread and ruin your expensive furniture and beautifully carved wooden gate designs. Carry the process of removing mold immediately.

Having mold can be injurious to your health. It makes the air polluted, causes breathing problems, mood swings, anxiety, and severe headaches. So the process of mold removal needs to be carried out before it starts harming your health.

How to remove mold?

  1. The initial thing that can be done for removing mold is to start scrubbing the walls. Scrub it with a soap solution. This step is important to clean the surrounding area and the place of the mold. The color of the mold may get light by doing this after scrubbing dry the area completely.
  2. The next best step to use a bleach solution. Go for a good bleach solution as a local bleach can worsen the situation. Mix one spoon of bleach in one cup of water and then apply it to the affected area with a clean cloth.
  3. Vinegar acts as a natural cleaner for mold removal. Please take a few drops of vinegar, mix it in water, and then scrub the area with a dry and clean cloth.
  4. There are specific mold cleaners available in the market which you can purchase or order online. While using them, you can scrub the area with a soft and light brush for better results.
  5. You can make a do it yourself(DIY) spray. For this, you will need ammonia. Take a 50/50 measurement of ammonia and water. Mix them well, add the solution into the bottle and spray on the affected area, and clean with a dry cloth which is the best way to remove mold.
  6. You can also use a washing detergent, mix it in water, and start rinsing on the surface. This method works best for tiles and granite but asks your dealer first from whom you have bought the material.

How to prevent mold?

  • Make sure there is no excessive moisture gathered in one place.
  • A green or black mold can occur on food items or bakery items. Make sure to check those items’ expiry date while purchasing and consuming these products before their expiry date.
  • Ensure there is no blockage in your water system or pipes because water can accumulate in one place. Blockage of pipes occurs because of the presence of grease, oil. Make sure the disposal of these substances is done correctly and carefully.
  • Whenever the humidity is high, there is a lot of moisture in the air, becoming a possible cause for mold. Use humidifiers in your house so that you don’t have to deal with this situation in the first place.
  • At the starting of the summer season, make sure to get your air conditioners serviced and check if they are functioning properly. As air conditioners sometimes cause humidity in the air.

Molds are natural, and you don’t need to panic if there is mold in your home. Just keep calm and follow the techniques mentioned carefully, and the mold will be gone. Follow the prevention tips so that the mold doesn’t occur in the starting place.

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