9 Best Types Of Foliage Plants For Your Home Garden


There are many different types of foliage plants that you can add to your home garden, but which ones should you choose? Some people like the look of grasses and prefer to have a lawn. However, there is nothing wrong with adding some colour to your yard! This blog post will explore the best types of foliage plants for your home garden so that you can impress all of your guests. While you go through this article, you can get your favourite plants online from


Caladiums are a great option for those that want something different in their garden or house. They come in many colors and can be used as either an outdoor plant, like the Angel Wings Caladium, which has large arrowhead-shaped leaves of green, red, pink white; to decorate your outdoor space they’re easy to grow indoors too!

Canna (Canna indica)

No matter where you live, there’s no missing the tropical flair of canna plants. They have substantial banana-like leaves that can be green, red, striped, or something in between and flowers in glowing shades of bright orange to deep purple. However, even without their showy blooms, these plants would stand out. Some gardeners even choose to remove the flower stalks, so the plant focuses on growing vibrant leaves instead! If keeping them watered seems like a chore, consider planting them within containers inside your very own water feature-created at home; a version of paradise never felt more possible with just this one simple trick.

Artemisia (Artemisia vulgaris)

The leaves of artemisia plants are airy and charming. Some popular garden artemisias include mugwort, southernwood, sweet Annie, tarragon, and wormwood. These plants have deep mauve flowers that contrast nicely with the silvery-gray foliage around them because they pick up reflections from nearby colours such as light purple or blue when partially shaded by trees in summertime. If you cut off the old dried leaves during the summertime, fresh foliage will come back every year to keep these beautiful plantings looking their best!

Coleus (Plectranthus scutellarioides)

Coleus plants are so much more than just pretty flowers in your garden. You may have grown up enjoying the shade-growing coleus plant, but it wasn’t until a sun-loving variety was developed that this humble flower truly captured people’s attention and hearts. Now you seldom see a garden without at least one coleus! They’re popular not only in gardens but even indoors as houseplants too. Sun worshipping varieties come with all sorts of colours on them – sometimes they’ll be like an entire rainbow or sometimes all colours in one! The names hint at what type of colourful experience you can expect: names like: ‘Big Enchilada,’ ‘Brilliancy,’ and ‘Copper Sun.’

Coral Bells (Heuchera)

As the song goes, you can’t help but smile when they’re near. Coral bells (Heuchera) are a popular plant because of their gentle disposition. The original coral bells were charming plants with ruffled green leaves and delicate pink bell-shaped flowers that made them famous among hummingbirds. However, much like in other fields, breeders have gone wild developing new varieties of hostas. For example, Heucheras is not an exception to this rule!

These “bells” come in purple or bronze shades and patterned textures, making these plants perfect for edging borders under taller trees or containers on patios where space might be limited if one wants something compact yet sturdy enough to withstand wind.


Hostas come in different colours, like green and blue. They prefer partial shade but can do well with the full sun too. Most of the time their flowers are cut off before they bloom so that it has more energy to grow its leaves which are delightful looking plants!

Hostas have various shades from gold to light-coloured blues and many variegated leaf varieties–most commonly hosta plantaginea (known for being one of few species bearing attractive flower stalks).

Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental grasses can be a great addition to your garden, especially if you need extra texture and movement. Some common choices are blood grass, porcupine grass, or zebra grasses. You’ll want to consider height when choosing the right one for you; most ornamental grasses can grow upto 15 feet -tall. Growth habits are also crucial as this decides how often a plant needs watering compared to other plants, such as flowers that require more water than these do.

Rex Begonia (Begonia rex-cultorum)

It is easy to see why Begonia rex has become one of the most popular begonias for home gardeners. The painted-leaf begonias produce large leaves that come in various colours, including green, red and purple. These plants are grown primarily for their foliage—their blooms typically disappoint in comparison, so many growers choose to pinch off flowers as they appear until only the showy leaves remain!

Among all varieties, there’s one plant that stands out from them all; Begonia rex can be found just about anywhere you go looking for this kind of thing (lucky us!). But keep your eyes peeled because these beautiful plants thrive best with only partial sunlight. In addition, some types of begonias go into dormancy during the winter.

New Zealand Flax (Phormium)

The tall, majestic appearance of New Zealand Flax makes it an excellent option for dramatic accents in the garden. You can choose from varieties that grow up to 7 feet or are small enough to fit into containers. There is also an extensive selection of colours – green, yellow, white, and more! In warmer climates, Phormiums are evergreen perennials with blade-shaped leaves and flowering stalks which produce attractive blooms in red or yellow hues. However, the hybrid versions of the plant do well in colder climates as well.


With the proper care, these plants can thrive year-round in Canada. Some of them are perennials and some annuals, but they will be a great addition to your garden! If you’re looking for more information on when it’s best to plant different types of foliage plants, check out this article here. We hope we’ve helped you find the perfect greenery for your space!

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