9 Tips for Cleaning Up After a Renovation


Now that your renovation project is finally complete, it’s for a cleanup. Post-renovation cleaning can be tiresome, but it’s necessary to ensure your space is at its best. After a renovation project, debris and dust hide in cracks and corners. If your renovation project involved sawing of tile, drywall, or wood or sanding, dust exposure from these tasks might severely impact your health, including allergic reactions and respiratory complications. It’s vital to clean your space to promote good health and ensure a better-looking home. This article outlines nine tips for cleaning up after a renovation.

Rent a dumpster

Post renovation comes with many waste materials and debris that require proper disposal. You may consider renting a dumpster for all your waste disposal needs. These dumpster rentals come in various sizes, allowing you to choose based on the trash amount you’re hauling away. With a dumpster size guide, you can quickly pick a dumpster suitable for your post-renovation cleanup.

Before disposing of trash, it’s crucial to speak to the dumpster rental company to determine if what you’re getting rid of is something they can accept. A dumpster rental ensures there’s little to no injury, trash bag piles, or lawsuit risks while easing your cleanup project.

Hire cleaning professionals

Post renovation cleanups require more effort and time than regular cleaning activities. It usually needs special equipment, techniques, and chemicals for a well-done job. If you aren’t experienced in post-renovation cleaning or don’t have the right equipment, opting for standard cleaning methods and detergents won’t do.

Consider hiring a professional cleaning company specializing in post-renovation deep cleaning because their employees are skilled, experienced, and appropriately equipped for the job. Before settling on a specific post-renovation cleaning service, find out the chemicals they utilize and if they have the right insurance coverage.

Get the correct PPE and cleanup tools

If you can afford to hire a professional cleaning service, you can do the cleanup yourself. However, you’ll need protective gear to protect your lungs and eyes from particle pollution. Wear protective goggles to cover your eyes, gloves to protect you when handling liquid chemicals, and a professionally graded mask.

Based on your renovation project’s size, you can rent cleaning essentials, including all-purpose cleaners, microfiber cloths, scrub pads and brushes, putty knives, extension ladders, cleaning chemicals, brooms, dust pans, hoses, and more to ease your post-renovation cleanup exercise.

Outline your cleaning tasks

Before beginning your post-renovation cleanup, consider mapping out your cleaning activities to ensure they don’t overlap and avoid cleaning the same area more than once. It also helps you save time because you know which task follows which. In addition, outlining your cleaning activities eases the delegation process, getting the work done quickly and effectively.

Get rid of clutter

Post renovation clutter leaves your space looking messy, unkempt, crunched, and unappealing. After the renovation contractors have left, consider removing all the clutter by disposing and donating what you can from old clothes to the old trampolines. Consider ditching large lighting fixtures and adopting smaller ones, removing duplicate items, and replacing outdated furniture with multipurpose ones. Keep seasonal things in the basement or storage cabinets. Post renovation decluttering makes it easier to handle the cleanup exercise while offering you more storage and organizing space.

Consider wiping down everything

Dust is one of the most significant post-renovation hazards. It settles on surfaces, hides in corners and cracks, and creates a harmful environment. Consider wiping down each surface in all the rooms in your space to eliminate all the dust. Wipe other areas where dust might hide, including lockers, drawers, corners, and closets.

Get the air vents or filters cleaned

During the renovation, dust travels to other parts of your space via the air vents, exposing them to dust and increasing the risk of spreading it all over your home or office. Your air filters usually sift the air coming into your space to ensure quality and good respiratory health.

For this reason, getting them cleaned post-renovation is essential to remove dust build-up. Since these air vents are a sensitive part of your heating and cooling system, get them cleaned by an HVAC professional to ensure they’re thoroughly cleaned while avoiding damage.

Vacuum your space

Post renovation dust builds up on furniture, curtains, and carpets, negatively affecting your health if ignored. Start by vacuuming everything carefully, specifically the corners and other areas which don’t get as much attention. Take your time and utilize the various vacuum nozzles and power settings depending on your cleaning needs. Vacuum every corner and surface in your space to eliminate all the debris.

Clean everything in your space

After every fundamental cleanup stage is done, devote your time to the minor cleaning tasks. Use a damp cloth to clean your windows, decorative items, and electronic appliances. Don’t forget the ceiling fans, bulbs, door handles and knobs, and other fixtures around your space.


Post-renovation cleanups require a lot of time, energy, and proper planning. Use these tips for cleaning up after a renovation.

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