How to keep natural facial tone: 7 ideas


Our body and skin are losing their shape over the years and there is no need to be upset or worried about it because it is a natural process that we cannot escape. While we are young we do not notice changes, but with the arrival of age — we begin to notice that the skin loses its tone and firmness and there are various wrinkles or pigmentation. Let’s look at what needs to be done to keep your skin young as long as possible:

  1. Sport always keeps our body in tone, which in turn is related to our inner health. Thanks to sport, we have excellent functioning of all organs and muscles, which allows the blood and various components of our body to move around the body and perfectly perform all processes. Thanks to sport, our skin will be lifted and there will be no extra weight, which can immediately affect your second chin.
  2. Water balance is one of the most important factors that support the tone of our face and makes the skin moistened and «alive». An adult must drink at least 1.5 liters of pure water per day. So do not neglect this point and watch the level of water in your body. Water also promotes weight loss and removes toxins from your body.
  3. The right care cosmetics. If you are a young girl, forget about the means of cosmetics that are written 50+. Not just so the manufacturer writes age, because these tools can very badly affect young soft skin. If at a young age you will use age-appropriate cosmetics, then your skin will age very quickly. If it turns out that in the photo your skin does not look the best because of the wrong lighting, then you can just use the Retouchme app for slimming face and editing the face so that you like it.
  4. Do not get carried away with different injections. Imagine that your skin is a trampoline and every time it is pierced it loses its elasticity, also with your skin. Just do not forget that the injection contains a different type of substance, which also affects your cells and kills their natural ability to resume.
  5. Your best friend for sunny weather — SPF cream, which is needed by everyone. The sun in excessive doses does not act well on the skin and you may develop spots and pigmentation. The sun also contributes to the early appearance of wrinkles and various skin diseases. So be very careful and attentive in the summer season and at the sea. Take your skin!
  6. Sometimes you need to pamper your skin and make various masks that will help maintain skin tone as well as moisturize it. The best home ingredients for masks are zucchini, honey, lemon, and aloe. Who would have thought that zucchini could be useful in cosmetology? but it has a great effect on tightening and firmness of the skin, while not harming our face. Honey has the ability to pull the slag out of our skin, which is also an excellent remedy for skin recovery. Lemon has the ability to lighten the skin, and aloe — moisturizes and soothes.
  7. Facial gymnastics has appeared only recently but has already gained popularity. If you devote 10–15 minutes daily to this process, after a month you will see the first results and you will no longer want to contact a plastic surgeon.

Girls always want to look irresistible, so every day apply makeup, including toner. We cannot say that makeup directly destroys the skin, but it still affects the speed of aging, because to wash off the makeup we use various means of micellar water, tonic, hydrophilic oil, scrub, foam, or gel for washing. All these manipulations in one way or another destroy the useful substances that our body produces. If you look at people who don’t really use cosmetics, we can see that they look a lot younger, and that’s a fact. Also, the speed of skin aging affects your skin type: oily, dry, or combined. Dry skin ages the fastest because it is very easily injured and heals longer. Oily skin has a faster regeneration due to which it does not age so quickly. That is why it is important to choose the right cosmetics to prevent various processes.

Also, do not forget about external factors that directly affect the condition of our skin. The first thing to think about is nutrition, which is the basis of our health. If you do not eat vegetables and fruits, but at the same time eat chocolate and chips, your skin will become flabby very early, because it will not get the necessary vitamins and minerals that are contained in meat, vegetables, fish, and porridge. If we talk about alcohol and smoking, they leave a huge imprint on our health and skin. We think you’ve noticed that if you drink something, you might have a rash almost the next day. So be careful with the use of these products if you want to preserve the beauty of your face.

An excellent solution for maintaining facial skin tone is the use of various natural oils that do not contain any chemicals and dyes and can bring you extremely beneficial properties after all enclosed patios are not only to party. Moreover, natural oils have a pleasant smell that will be a perfect bonus. Also, take care of your face from the sun — it is better to wear an extra hat than suffer from pigmentation, especially if you have light and thin skin that can easily get a sunburn. Also, when caring for the skin, try to use disposable towels or napkins, also buy only proven cosmetics that do not contain dangerous substances and cannot harm your skin. If you decide to inject, then check the master to whom you go, and also ask what materials he uses to avoid the terrible consequences. Best of all, if the master will has certificates that will confirm his professionalism and inspire confidence, it is still better not to resort to such procedures at an early age.

Deepak Chopra
Dr. Deepak Chopra is a well-known figure in integrative medicine and holds an MD. His previous roles include professorships at medical schools and leadership in holistic health organizations. He is a prolific author, with works focusing on the intersection of science, spirituality, and health. He is a keynote speaker at various global health conferences and has authored numerous articles and books on health optimization. He is deeply involved in philanthropy, focusing on global health initiatives. His hobbies include astronomy and exploring ancient healing traditions.

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