16 Awesome Water Games for Friends and Families 

16 Awesome Water Games for Families 

If it is hot weather, then everyone, particularly the kids, must desire to go out. But what has an entire family to do? It is some simple, well it is time to have fun by playing water games. 

This article will provide you a list of 16 awesome water game ideas that will encourage you to collect all the necessary materials, implement some basic skills, and create fun for the entire family.

Well, it is outstanding in the event you are not handy. Most of the below-mentioned water games can be played by anyone and are very easy.

You will not get disappointed by the list. You will get some excellent water game ideas to keep your loved ones cool and happy in the summer at the end.

Water Games for Friends and Families

1. DIY Person Wash

DIY Person Wash

It is fascinating that you can play water games with some pool noodles and inexpensive PVC piping that you can buy from a hardware store in the event you do not have.

This set up of family car wash is a fantastic water game idea to keep your entire family cool during the summer. The weeks left are just related to squeezing quality time and soaking up the remaining of the sun. It is a very refreshing manner to perform this.

2. Water Balloon Baseball

Water Balloon Baseball

Playing water balloon baseball is a complete entertainment for the entire family as it sounds to be more fun. Well, don’t you think it is a fantastic way to say bye-bye to the summers and think of a great group event?

Store up the water balloons’ bills and arrange a good game of baseball. You can also create a separation in the middle of Slip-n-Slide so that you can have the possibility for base diving.

3. Sponge Run

Sponge Run

You require large sponges and two plastic buckets to play this one of the excellent water games. You need to place an empty bucket on one side of the yard and a water-filled bucket on the other. Provide a person with a sponge and let them stand near the water-filled bucket.

Players must dunk the entire sponge into the water to soak as much water as possible. After this, players must place the sponge on the head and place it there until they reach the empty bucket by running and holding as much water in the sponge.

Squeeze out the water from the sponge into the empty bucket and then run again to the water-filled bucket. Continue this until and unless the other player reaches the point of an empty bucket. That person will win the game who will fill the bucket first to the marked line.

4. Water Bottle Toss

Water Bottle Toss

You will need an empty plastic bucket and a kiddie pool or hose to play this game. You need to put an empty bottle of water into a plastic kiddie pool after filling it. Also, it would help if you placed an empty bucket on the other yard’s side.

This game is like a sponge toss; however, you must make use of open water bottles. The player must get the bottle filled with water from a hose or Keddie pool. To fill an empty bucket, he/she must toss through the team members’ line.

You must ensure that your team members are standing at some separation that they will probably need to throw the bottle somewhat forcefully as it will rotate and make them wet. The team that will first fill the bucket wins the game.

5. Kiddie Pool Toe Diving

Kiddie Pool Toe Diving

You will require diving rings and a kiddie pool to play this game. Arrange an entire kiddie will all kinds of rings, little toys, and many more things. Players must take out as many things as possible from the kiddie pool with the help of their toes only after you say go.

The player who has a more significant number of things will win this game.

6. Big, Bad, Pad

Big, Bad, Pad

It would help if you tried this massive water slide if you have some large space, or you have the privilege to rent out a public region like a park. If you plan this one of the amazing water games, you can consider buying a substantial plastic roll online or from a nearby hardware store. You must organize it close to a water source or make use of sprinklers, and you are ready to go for a fantastic experience.

7. Water Balloon Toss

Water Balloon Toss

Water balloons are needed to play this game. Allow someone to count till 3, and on three, every player must toss the water balloon to the partner. One person in the team will have to take a step back if he/she catches the balloon or drops it; however, it does not break. That team will be out of the game if the balloon gets popped while catching or after dropping.

Until and unless there is just one team left, carry on playing this tossing of the water games and continue to take the step backs at the same time. That team will win who will drop the water balloon at last.

8. Water Balloon Volleyball

Water Balloon Volleyball

You will need beach towels, water balloons, and an outdoor volleyball net to play this game. You must divide the entire group into two teams by having each member on one side of the volleyball net.

Both teams need to have an even number of members. Provide a beach towel to each pair of the player. Allow one player to hold one end of the towel and the other player the other end. To begin this game, you must provide a team with a water balloon.

The team must place the balloon in the towel and then throw it over the volleyball net by only using the towel. The team on the opposite side must attempt to catch the balloon in their towel.

Until a team drops the balloon, keep on volleying it back and forth over the volleyball net. The team will get two scores if the opposite team breaks or drops the balloon on the serve. That team will win who will earn 10 points first.

9. Water Balloon Hot Potato

Water Balloon Hot Potato

You will need a way for music playing and water balloons. It would help if you allowed everyone to sit in a circle after filling water balloons. Provide an individual with a balloon. As the music plays, players must pass the balloon.

It would help if you stopped the music without glancing at anyone at the circle, and the person having the balloon must pop it above their head when the music stops. That person will have to say bye to the game.

In the event it is not clear when the music stops that who has the balloon, then you can go for playing stone paper scissors to conclude. Until one person is left, play this game continuously. That person will win the game, which will be left in the last.

10. The Glow Pool

The Glow Pool

It is a fantastic water game for families who have older kids who can stay up late. You must wait till the summer sunsets and go to fill the pool with the glow lights. Jump in and enjoy the distinctive and cool glowing party.

11. Water Balloon Catch

Water Balloon Catch

Get some inexpensive helmets and pasta strainers after paying a visit to the Dollar Store. Stick the strainer with the glue on the top of the helmet and strap them. Put some water balloons into that strainer, and then you are playing a fantastic game of toss and catch.

12. Water Wars

Water Wars

You will need water balloons, buckets, water guns, hoses, cups, and any other thing that you can make use of to hold the water. Divide the group members into two teams and try to soak every member. No one will lose or win in this game; every member will get wet.

13. Target Practice 

Target Practice

Make a hole in the pop bottles and then strap them to the heads. Split the team into two groups and go for a round of target practicing with water guns’ assistance. This is one of the fantastic games providing a lot of fun and a great way to get wet.

14. Cup of Chance 

Cup of chance

You will need a table and Dixie cups to play this game. Arrange a cupping line on the table. You need to keep half of the number of cups empty and fill the remaining half with water. The player must select a cup with a blindfold on or by covering the eyes.

He/she must dump the cup on the head after selecting a cup. In the event the person will get wet, that one will be out of the game. And the person will shift to the next round if the cup did not have water. That person will win the game, which will be standing dried.

15. Water Balloon Sling Shot

Water Balloon Sling Shot

You cannot say bye-bye to this summer without playing this game with the help of slingshots. This is a beautiful way to spend time with families and kids. You can also invite your neighbors to play this one of the beautiful water games.

16. Pool Noodle sprinkler

Pool noodle sprinkler

You can go for this DIY pool noodle sprinkler if you want extra water sprinkling and range. You can hang it with a tree or place it on the floor. Well, you will be having fun in any way.

Final Words 

Hopefully, these 16 awesome water games will help you and your family stay entertained and refresh in this hot weather. Most of these water mentioned above games are DIY projects and are very crafty and innovative.

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