How to Improve Your Handyman Business


Being a local handyman can lead to a fruitful business, as many people either don’t have the time or skills to do certain jobs around the house. Whether it’s a senior citizen who needs help doing more rigorous maintenance work on their property with heavy machines like best zero turn mower
or someone with a busy schedule whose home improvement jobs keep falling by the way-side, a lot of people will need your help. If you are a handyman but business hasn’t been going quite as well as you would have hoped this year, here are a few tips that could help you turn things around:

Look at Your Overheads

One of the first places to look when your business isn’t making as much profit as you’d like is your overhead expenses. Of course, there are certain things you won’t be able to get rid of, like your business insurance, for example. However, perhaps taking the time to search for an insurance provider that offers handyman liability insurance at a better rate than your current provider could be a good idea. Look at your business expenses and see where you can make cut-backs or find better deals for tools and materials. You should also consider whether the rates you’re charging are too low.

What’s Your Marketing Technique Like?

Every business needs to have great promotion if it is going to attract new customers, so perhaps this is another area that needs your attention? Make sure you have a professional website that lists your prices and services, along with the relevant contact information. Allowing your customers to book a time slot for their job on your website could also be beneficial. You may even want to look into eCommerce tools so that clients can make payments to you online. You should also look at social media as this can be a wonderful free tool for marketing purposes especially when it comes to DIYs because people are leaning towards it hence you should make some DIY projects like diy tower garden. Advertising your services in the local papers or newsletters is another way to gain more attention, or leaving your business cards/leaflets in people’s mailboxes.

Hire Help

Perhaps one of the reasons you’re struggling isn’t a lack of profit, but because you can’t keep up with demand? If you’re in the position to hire a part-time or full-time employee, consider this option. Doing so will allow your business to take on more jobs and cater to new clients, which will only increase your profits and allow your business to expand. Eventually, you may have an entire team of handymen working for you in your local area and beyond.

Ask for Feedback

Using both your website and social media encourages your customers to leave reviews about your work. This will give other potential customers more confidence in choosing you as their handyman, but it will also allow you the opportunity to learn from this feedback to improve your business operations.

Hone Your Skills

Finally, you might have a range of skills as a handyman, but consider where your weaknesses are and take the time to improve in these areas. The more proficient you are, the more services you can provide and the more impressed your clients will be when a job is completed to such high standards.

It’s not always easy being a self-employed handyman, but if you want to see your business improve, think about the points above and whether or not they are things you can work on.

William Eames
William Eames, with a background in industrial design brings over 18 years of experience in design and architecture. He joined our editorial team in 2019, offering insights into design trends and architectural innovations. Before this, William ran his design studio and lectured at various universities. His hobbies include photography and sustainable gardening, reflecting his commitment to aesthetics and the environment.

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