15 Outside of the Box Backyard Playsets

15 Outside of the Box Backyard Playsets

Amidst this pandemic covid-19, it is hard to go out and have fun. Whether it be going to the cinema, having dinner in a restaurant, doing a tour, or even playing outside.

Nothing of these could be safe. The situation gets worse when children are enclosed within four walls, and you cannot do anything for them. Children are prohibited from going to school, having fun with their friends, and playing games with their friends.

But that is not right. Something must be done to vanish away their boredom and prevent them from becoming lazy. They cannot go outside to play games and have fun, but games could come inside and give them fun.

Sounds interesting. Right?

If you have a free backyard and it is not being utilized, then this is for you. Install some playsets in the backyard, and you are done. Your children could engage in various exciting activities without being prone to the virus because your backyard plays!

Scroll down and find some exciting playsets that you can install in your backyard with just a little cost.

Best Backyard Playset Ideas

1. Swing, Swing! 

Swing, Swing!

A quick and fun way to keep your children entertained is to put on a swing. You may install a T–shaped swing because that just gives 2 swings with just a little effort. It just requires wood shaped into T and footed with cement. Attach swings, and yay! You are done.

But make sure that swings are fixed well to the plank and plank is fixed well with the ground.

2. Climbing Tower

Climbing Tower

This perfect and exciting activity- to climb the tire tower. I am sure this activity would feel like an adventurous act and would love this.

It would help if you had a few tires and wooden sticks in between, of which you can fix those tires. It requires just a little space in your backyard and is one of the most liked playsets.

3. Climbing Wall

Climbing Wall

Tires again! With this, realize the fact that tires make many engaging, fun activities.

Here it would help if you had many tires and cement. Stick some beam of tires to the ground, fix remaining tires on top of each other, and you are done.

4. Tyre Dome

Tyre Dome

If you have already tried for no.2 and no.3, that is already enough tire playsets. But just if you want to have more tires in your backyard, then try this one! Tire dome!

You need, of course, tires and arrange them in a dome as shown. Color them in different shades, and you have a fun pack for kids right in your backyard.

5. Tree House

Tree House

That is the playset that every kid would love. But yes! It is not easy to plan and arrange.

But looks impressive and unique. If you have a trying house in your backyard, your child will brag this among their friends, and all surely be everyone’s favorite.

So, try out and decorate it with kids’ articles, or that could be a personal space for your kids where they could study.

If you somewhere do not find it possible but loved the idea, no. 6 might be your thing.

6. Sophisticated House

Sophisticated House

That is somewhat like the treehouse, but just a house on the land. Here, you could get one advantage over the treehouse, i.e., more space and more space to hold more articles. Add swings and slides to the house to make it multi usable and your kids’ favorite playset. That could be a personal house of your kids where they play, have fun, relax, study, and do whatever they desire.

7. Tyre Tunnel

Tyre Tunnel

Do you have many waste tires that are only going to be disposed of?

Then do not just throw them away. With a pinch of creativity, these could be used as another playset for your kids.

Collect some tires and fix them with cement in the ground. Give them different colors, and you are done. Easy right?

You may even stack them together or just with space between them, as shown in the picture.

8. Mini Splash

Mini Splash

Going to a waterpark and running after your kids suck. So why not get your mini splash playset and get rid of this burden.

Get a small little splash installed in your backyard with rings and other toys. Enjoy every weekend with your kids there without going out of your home.

That is good. Don’t you think so?

9. Hills Right There

Hills Right There

You are lucky if you have hilly areas in your backyard. Did you ever realize that it could be a playset for kids, that too the most interesting one?

So, use these hills and make climbing hills there. Attach ropes and add stones to the paths to give an adventurous experience.

So that means no need to for hiking? Children could do it in the home itself.

10. Slide Down

Slide Down

Hills in your backyard could be used in other ways as well. There is no kid till now who does not love sliders. With slides right in their home, kids would have a blast for hours. Parents could accompany them in their free time.

This looks simply amazing, and even your relative’s kids would also love this.

11. SandBox


Playing in sand is the favorite hobby of every single child. I am sure that every parent now had played in sands during their childhood.

So, let us allow our children too for this because we know this is complete fun.

Add a small or large sandbox in your backyard with a shed on top to keep the sand cool and not letting the children come in direct contact with sun rays. Because we know sun rays are harmful. So, take every precaution you can!

12. See-saw


That is the play set from years ago. But kids still love this. Build a seesaw for your backyard and let your children have fun.

Click on the link above if you want to build a seesaw on your own. Else purchasing a seesaw would also work great here.

13. Bowling


Could bowling be done at home? Heck yes! Constructing this might not be easy, but yes, you can. Having this play set in your backyard looks extraordinarily unique and classy.

You may check on this if you want to construct Bonerama at home.

14. Obstacle Course

Obstacle Course

That is a very genius idea. With your creativity, you can add as many obstacles as you want. This is fun and improves the concentration power of kids.

You must try this once!

15. Tires Again

Tires Again

Okay, so the last playset with tires!

If you are planning to install slides in your backyard, give it a little twist. Make ladders out of tires. That would be more unique and interesting.

So now that is enough of tire playsets, ya!

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