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Best Plant Hangers for Your Room

Best Plant Hangers for Your Room

Home decoration is one of the most crucial factors in keeping your house beautiful. At the same time, there are a lot of essential factors that contribute to decorating your house.

One element used in decorating has always been popular and never gets out of style, hanging plants for which you need plant hangers.

These plants are designed for hanging freely along your wall or ceiling of your house.

When you plan to keep plants in your homes and hang them on your balcony or rooms and give your house a beautiful outlook, then plant hangers become very important to you.

You can hang your plants in your room or balcony wherever you want with the help of plant hangers.

If you are looking for the best plant hangers for your place, then you have come to the right place. We have thoroughly researched the plant hangers and sorted out the best items for you.

Here goes the list of all plant hangers we have included here:

  1. CB2 Macrame Plant Hanger
  2. Keter 221486 Hanging Planter
  3. Metal Hanging Planter Basket
  4. Mkono Modern Ceramic Hanging Planter

Best Plant Hangers for Your Room

1. CB2 Macrame Plant Hanger

CB2 Macrame plant hanger is a popular choice because it’s classic cotton material and a beautiful design. This hand-weaved plant hanger is made from a mixture of cotton and nylon rope that is weaved into four legs to support an open weave basket for holding your plants. It means around 58 inches long, which includes an 18-inch tassel that helps below the planter.

This planter is available in simple white and black; this macrame plant hanger is a modern upgrade to the classic 1970’s statement piece.

People still can’t stop praising its good quality and construction of these brilliantly designed plant hangers. It comes with the long side of a plant hanger. Firstly, measure the space you have. Taking all the factors in the count, it’s one of the best plant hangers with affordable prices and outstanding design that will make your space look great.

2. Keter 221486 Hanging Planters Set

Keter 221486 Hanging Planter Set, Espresso Brown
  • SET OF 2 attractive hanging spheres make a great addition to any part of your home - indoors or...
  • DIMENSIONS: Measures 13. 78" wide by 13. 78" deep by 8. 66" high
  • RESIN CONSTRUCTION: Durable polypropylene resin construction is easy to maintain and won't peel,...
  • RATTAN LOOK: Attractive woven look and texture that's remarkably similar to real rattan
  • DRAINAGE PLUG: Sealed inner bowl and drainage plug allow for indoor or outdoor use

Suppose you want to explore natural beauty by including more greenery in your house. What can be better than the Keter Hanging Planter set? You can choose it for its unique style and classic design, and you want it, you are surely going to love that.

This planter is described as one of the best hanging planters of the year. No matter indoors or outdoors Keter model is a set of spherical hanging planters, which are designed to cover every corner of your house.

The plant hanger comes with a woven texture, and several customers praise this feature.  This Keter plant hanger comes with a chain hanger and iron construction and a chain hook and is made as healthy as possible to tolerate all pressure from different weather issues.

The Keter 221486 plant hangers set comes with remarkable strength and springiness. This material is used for the purpose, so it doesn’t experience any rushing, fading, staining, or peeling, and thus, you can keep it in the bright sun at any time.

Key Features:

  1. It comes with two attractive hanging spheres.
  2. Measure 13.9 inches, deep by 15 inches high by 13.9 inches wide.
  3. As you all can see, this planter cokes with an aesthetic look.
  4. Inner bowl seal

3. Metal Hanging Planter Basket

AMAGABELI GARDEN & HOME 4 Pack Plant Hanging Baskets Metal 10 Inch Hanging Pots Outdoor with Coco...
  • QUANTITY & DIMENSION : 4 pack outdoor hanging plant basket for the price! 10" Diameter X 5.1" Depth...
  • MATERIAL : Strong Steel rod construction with Tough black Vinyl Coating for Rustproof.
  • ACCESSORIES : Pre-formed coco liner conveniently secured to hanging basket.
  • RUSTPROOF COAT : Poweder coated chains and hook attached to basket hanging plants, all powder...
  • MULTI USE : Coconut Liner Rope hanging planter basket hanging basket Hanging Decorative Flower Plant...

The metal hanging planter basket is one of the most brilliant plant hangers in the market. This plant hanger is made from sturdy and robust steel construction with a black vinyl coating that enhances its rust resistance.

The Metal Hanging Planter is the best product you will ever get, as it offers four baskets at such a reasonable price, which allows you to place anywhere in your house. Every hanging piece comes with a hook and powder, and powder coated chains attach to allow their owners to hang their lever elements in their wall or from their ceilings.

These areas rust proof as possible why it has become one of the favorite models of hanging planters worldwide.

This Plant Hanger is very versatile, and this is the feature we love most about it. You can use this plant hanger as a flowerpot holder, plant stand, and many others.

All these uses are made possible because of its large loading capacity. This plant hanger has made Home decor simple by using the metal hanging Plant.

 Key Features:

  1. Here coco coir liner is used in its material
  2. It comes with 10 inches round wire
  3. It is one of the versatile hangers
  4. You’ll get four baskets with these plant hangers

4. Mkono Modern Ceramic Hanging Planter

Mkono Hanging Wall Planter for Indoor Flower Plants, Ceramic Pots for Succulent Herb Air Faux Plant...
  • The 3-tier hanging planter is a functional and chic planter. It's a good way to let your creativity...
  • The ceramic wall hanging planter combine modern design and farmhouse statement that breathe life...
  • The rectangle succulent pots are made of good quality white ceramic and adjustable cotton rope. Each...
  • Lightweight but Durable. The simple ceramic flower pots with meticulously handcrafted rope is easily...
  • Size: Approximate Dimensions 28 1/2" Height X 6 1/4" Length X 3 1/4" Width, each of the pot size:...

Hanging planters are a huge trend nowadays. If you wish to buy one, I suggest it be from a trustable brand like Mkono for durability and modern designs and impeccable customer service.

The modern ceramic hanging planters are the best choice to display your favorite herbs, ferns, and spider plants beautifully without creating a mess in your house.

The durable, lightweight material makes these flower pots ideal for showcasing your favorite indoor and outdoor hanging plants.

Made from pure white ceramic with a jute rope enables users to hang it from their ceiling or wall. Hanging is made possible in two ways, to enable users to save space whenever it is necessary. Its rustic yet modern design would be a perfect art piece to add creativity to your usual decor. So put on your gardening gloves and enjoy.

Key Features:

  • Porcelain container
  • 8-inch geometric design
  • White color
  • Great gift idea for family

Buyers Guide for Plant Hangers

How we chose our selection of the best hanging planters?

You all know how everyone wants their home to look best, with unique designs and furniture representing our personalities in several ways. Many people keep the greenery to offer a more organic feel and improve the indoor air quality.

When you’re putting plants in your house, you need a special place for them to exist and also keeping them somewhere gives your home a new outlook pleasing for eyes, for doing so the Plant Hanger are the best.

What is more difficult is selecting these planters which are best suited for your place, and you can choose the best with a wide variety available. Here we have included the essential points to look for in your products, and we did it with a lot of in-depth research.

We have given essential features which will affect yourself decision of buying a Plant Hanger:


The most crucial factor which should be taken into count is the price. With the research we have done, we have come across the fact that a lot of people have different budgets, so we shouldn’t provide them the product of the same price range so we have found for you all the products that feature a wide range of prices, which will offer many options to anyone with a low budget or middle budget.

Features to Look for in Hanging Planters

If you are searching for the best planter for your home, some points will affect your choice, and make sure you choose the ideal plant hangers for your indoors and make an intelligent investment.


While going for a planters hunt, the plant hangers’ size will play a crucial role before choosing a planter and where do you want to keep it. So look for the space you have at your place and how you want to hang it before going to buy it.


While choosing the plant hangers, one more thing is essential: its material because the material used in making the planter will tell about the durability and functionality of your planter.

Generally, plant hangers are made from macrame, plastic, resin, and many other materials. The type of material will decide where you can hang your plants, so make sure you choose the ideal option and suitable product for your place.


Do you know why you are using plant hangers for? For enhancing the beauty of your house right and for introducing greenery to your house.

So, design becomes a crucial factor while choosing a plant hanger, and make sure you look for different colors and textures and match them with what is already existing in your place.

The design you choose can be classic, modern, or standard, and this will transform your space into a very delightful place.

So we have given enough factors for you to choose the ideal plant hangers for making your house greener and beautiful.


So it was the post about Best Plant Hangers. We have included some of the best Plant Hangers around the globe.

However, there are many more left to mention. Let us know in the comment section which one you like the most and why.

Also, if you found this article helpful, then kindly comment on your opinion below.

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