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True Temper 36-inch Scratch-Free Snow Brush Review

True Temper 36-inch Scratch-Free Snow Brush Review

Leaving the Car outside in the winters is a hassle. It would help if you cleaned it regularly. The True temper snow brush comes to rescue all the hassles of cleaning your Car in this weather. A cheap or straightforward hand tool can cost you a lot.

Most of the time, with these simple and inexpensive hand tools, you end up giving scratches to your beloved cars, which honestly is not something that anyone of us likes. This is easy to prevent when it comes to the finest quality of true temper snow brushes.

Snow brushes are generally used by people living in areas where winter takes an extreme form. Leaving the Car out in open parking can cause an accumulation of thick sheets of snow over the windshield, and the whole body of the vehicle compulsory to be removed.

In this article, I have for you an in-depth review about this product and not only the review, but a detailed discussion about the features, pricing review and nicely explained pros and cons of the product so that you need not read any other review for the product, this is not just a typical review, but an expert’s view on the product, so be assured and make sure you read this article till the very end for a better understanding about the quality and features of this product.

True Temper ABTT3612 Scratch-Free Snow Brush, 36-Inch
  • 36-inch brush
  • Innovative EVA foam brush won't scratch your car
  • Removes snow in small areas
  • Ergonomic aluminum handle
  • Ice scraper on opposing end of brush

This True temper snow brush is one of the best snow brush for the price; I’ll say since this one makes sure that you do not lose some of your precious money fixing the scratches on your Car.

The True brand temper has a history of over 200 years in this work field and manufacturing. They have been making tools for centuries. They are one of the most prominent market players in this segment, so if you are the one who loves getting products from trusted and top brands, then this one is a perfect deal for you.

True Temper Snow Brush Pros and Cons

True Temper 36-inch Scratch-Free Snow Brush

True Temper ABTT3612 Scratch-Free Snow Brush, 36-Inch is a trendy snow brush and gets an overall user rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 on amazon, with 441 users reviewed it as of now.

The top review for this one states that it works flawlessly and does not scratch the Car at all; ironically, top reviews state that this product does scratch the Car a bit and is labor-intensive and also define it not as good as advertised.

Here is my list of pros and cons for this True temper snow brush:


Useful length: The long length of this snow brush makes it a lot easier for you to cover every part of your windshield and the body of the Car for effective snow removal.

Comfortable to hold and rust-free handle: This one offers a good grip, so when you stress the tool a bit harder to remove the thick sheet of snow, it does not just slip off from your hands. Also, the handle is made of aluminum alloy, which makes it completely rust-free.

Durable and dual-purpose Scraper: The scraper on this one is remarkably very durable and long-lasting. Not only that, this one has dual purpose scraper technology, which enables one side of the scraper to chop the ice and the other side to scrape that ice off.

Works on rainfalls: This one has a soft and smooth tip, which allows it to work well even in rainfalls, so it serves a long time purpose and can be used year long, this also saves some money for you.


Heavy and Labor intensive: Even after the long length is an advantage, it can also prove to be a con, since the long length increases the weight of the product, which sometimes makes it too heavy for some people, so you will have to look if it is right for you to buy this or not.

Non-extendable and slightly rough scraper: This one has a non-extendable scraper. However, the Q and A’s on amazon state that this one has an extendable brush, but it doesn’t. Also, the scraper’s edges are not so smooth, so you’ll have to use it a bit cautiously.

What Makes True Temper Snow Brush, Scratch-Free?

True Temper Snow Brush

The correct temper snow brush does not use regular brush material at the end of the product. It uses the unique EVA foam material, which makes it completely scratch-free.

The EVA foam material is so delicate and soft that it almost feels like a feather to the Car. There are a few drawbacks of this relating to the material’s durability, but this is all fine when it comes to it being scratch-proof and right for the Car.

The EVA foam material is the same material that is used in professional car washes.

True Temper ABTT3612 Scratch-Free Snow Brush, 36-Inch Features

This dedicated temper snow brush is not just a brush but has been appropriately thought and researched before being made. It is engineered not to need any other tool to wipe that stubborn snow sheet off from your Car.

There are many states of the art features in this one; each one of them is explained in detail here:

Dual-Purpose Scraper

This is one unique feature that cuts the cost of an ice chopper for the windshield, there in two parts in the scraper, one is the part that chops the ice, and the second is the part that scrapes the ice off. It becomes a lot easier to scrape the ice with this feature in this product, but it adds to the weight of this product.

Freeze Resistant Eva Foam Technology

This is the technology which is used in the rollers of a professional car wash; this is a very soft and smooth material, which does not harm or scratch the car surface; true temper snow brush uses this technology instead of the regular brush one to give a smooth and scratch-free experience.

Rust-Free Aluminum Handle with Comfortable and Ergonomic Grip

The handle of this True temper snow brush is made of very sturdy and tactile aluminum alloy that remains rust-free due to its metallic properties; this one comes with a rubberized and cushioned grip, which not only offers a better grip but also is very comfortable for hands and won’t trouble your hands for long hours of stiff cleaning.

True Temper Snow Brush Customer Reviews

Most of the customer review for this true temper snow brush is positive. Most of the customers seem to be satisfied with the quality and overall feel. There are a few complaints regarding the weight of this product; this is all because of the extra features, this product is also called labor-intensive by some of the customers since you need to handle that weight, which can cause strain after long hours, there are 441 ratings for the product, where 71 percent of the customers have rated it 5 out of 5 stars, 15 percent have rated it as four stars and a total of 14 percent of customers for 3, 2, and 1 star(s). Overall, this product has a great response from the customers.

Final Verdict

This overall is a great and innovative product, which is engineered and tailored especially for your car, there are issues with the overall weight of the product, and you cannot expect a snow brush to be completely scratch-free; being very honest, I’ll say that this does the job better, but not that perfect, the company has got a right name in the market.

True temper is a maker of tools from an era, and this is the right quality product.

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