Blocked Drains in Brisbane: Causes and Prevention

Blocked Drains in Brisbane: Causes and Prevention

Blocked drains can definitely be a huge cause for frustration. You want your plumbing systems to function perfectly, and yet you don’t know what it is that keeps blocking those drains, or what it is that you should do about it. Quite a conundrum, isn’t it?

Well, things really aren’t as mysterious as they may seem. Meaning, when you put some more effort into figuring out what’s causing these, you’ll also automatically know how to avoid and prevent the blockages. If you’re still in the dark, you’re bound to keep facing the same problem over and over again.

So, ready to step out of the dark? Ready to understand what it is that’s causing blocked drains in Brisbane and to learn how to avoid those? If yes, then reading on is the best thing you can do, because I’ll tell you more about the causes and thus unveil the mystery of these problems, as well as share some practical tips for preventing those blockages in your Brisbane home.

Unveiling Drain Blockages: Why They Happen and How to Avoid Them in Brisbane

Unveiling the mystery begins with what? With telling you more about why those actually happen. Once you have a better idea about why the blockages happen in the first place, you’ll immediately get a better idea about how to avoid them as well. And, if you stick to those tips that can help you avoid them, you’ll protect your plumbing systems and keep them functioning perfectly at all times, which is definitely a huge deal.

  • Oils and Fats

You’ve heard this many times before, you’re going to hear it again. Pouring cooking oils and fats through your sink is not the smartest idea. Yet, most people take this for granted and proceed to doing it over and over again, not being able to make the connection between this and blocked drains in their minds, given that the blockages aren’t immediate. Over time, oils and fats will get solidified, causing a blockage that will have to be physically removed by professionals.

  • Food Waste

Food waste is a bit of a more obvious reason, and it is, once again, connected to your kitchen sink. Scraping and rinsing your plates without using the sink filter is also going to cause a huge problem for your pipes. Not immediately, of course. But, as time passes, this will create a blockage that will need to be resolved by a professional plumber in Brisbane.

Here are some tips on how to care for the drains:

  • Hair

Let’s move away from the kitchen and enter the bathroom. Whether we’re talking of human hair or pet hair, the truth is that it will bind to oils and other items in your drain, thus causing a blockage overtime. Making sure that your hair doesn’t get into those drains in the first place is the best prevention method in this case.

Unveiling Drain Blockages: Why They Happen and How to Avoid Them in Brisbane

  • Sand

Living in Brisbane means you could be just a short distance away from the beach. As much as you love that fact, you can’t deny the problems this can cause to your drains. If you hop into the shower after a beach day and wash all the sand away that way, instead of with a hose in front of your home, and if you do that regularly, you’re bound to have blocked drains at some point.

  • Tree Roots

Believe it or not, tree roots are the most common causes of blocked drains. As trees are always looking for water, they will take advantage of any kind of a small crack in your tiles and thus send out their roots to get water from your pipes. Eventually, the roots will make their way into those pipes, and trap any items that are flushed down, thus causing a serious blockage.

All of these causes I’ve talked about are dangerous because they don’t happen overnight, so people underestimate the seriousness of, for example, pouring oils down the sink, or of not fixing those tile leaks and cracks. It is easy not to make the connection between the problems and the causes when the consequences of your actions aren’t immediate. Yet, understanding those causes I’ve mentioned and doing your best not to do the things that could cause blockages can really make a difference and keep your pipes in great shape. If you’re already facing one of these problems, you should learn more on how to clean the drains, as well as call a great plumber in Brisbane to fix the issues.

Keeping Drains Clear: Practical Tips for Preventing Blockages in Brisbane Homes

Are you looking for some more practical tips on how to prevent blockages in your Brisbane homes? You want to be sure you’re doing absolutely everything you can so as not to cause serious pipe issues in your home. So, what we are going to do right now is tell you a bit more about those practical solutions you should keep in mind when trying to do your best to prevent blocked drains and thus not have to deal with frequent repairs.

  • Make Those Small Habit Changes

A lot of it depends on your willingness to make those small changes in your habits. For instance, if you have the habit of pouring oil and grease down the sink, that’s something you should definitely change. And then, there’s also the fact that using a sink filter can be of great help in preventing the blockages. Moving on, you should do your best to prevent hair and sand from reaching the drains. Plus, create a habit of fixing any tile and leak issues as soon as they arise, instead of waiting until the problem gets worse.

  • Have Professionals Check the Pipes Regularly

The biggest habit change you should make is this. Don’t contact plumbers in Brisbane only when you have already caused a problem with those pipes. Instead, have them regularly check your plumbing systems, so as to ensure that they are well maintained, as well as to deal with any minor issues before they become much more serious. So, choose the perfect plumber and schedule these maintenance services regularly.

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