Self Storage: Is it Worth It?

Self Storage: Is it Worth It?

The Australian self-storage industry is evolving faster than ever before. Two standout factors contribute significantly to the industry’s fast-evolving state. The first is that the industry has witnessed massive patronage in recent years. There were difficulties during the pandemic but business is picking up at an unprecedented rate.

The second, although hugely influenced by the first, is that businesses in this industry are becoming increasingly innovative. You can check out this article for more information on this.

However, one question that seems to linger in the minds of prospective clients and concerned parties is how necessary self-storage services are. Well, the answer depends on a couple of things discussed here. So, keep reading to find out.

Is Self Storage Worth Paying For?

Is Self Storage Worth Paying For?

These services can be considered worth it under certain circumstances. In the same vein, it might not be considered a smart move under certain circumstances. Beginning with situations where these services prove valuable, let us answer the question of whether or not self-storage services are worth it:

Space Constraints

It might be a good idea to use self-storage services if you have more belongings than your space can handle. A lot of people have to live in a cluttered environment in such cases.

This is not ideal considering how a cluttered space can cause poor air quality, hampered movement, and other disadvantages.

Cost Comparison

Using the services of self-storage facilities is not usually the only option. For example, an alternative could be renting or buying a bigger space that can accommodate your belongings. However, it is important to compare your options. Self-storage units would be worth it if the cost of renting or buying a larger space outweighs using this service.

Seasonal Items

Some items are only useful during specific seasons. Despite having only seasonal value, they are too valuable to be disposed of during other seasons. Some seasonal items that may need storage in such facilities include:

  • Outdoor entertainment equipment – Such as projectors, large screens, and outdoor speakers. These cannot be left outdoors, especially during winter
  • Gardening supplies – Gardening activities usually come to a halt during winter. As a result, it might make sense to keep gardening supplies away during winter
  • Sports gears – Some sports are seasonal and the gears needed to partake in them can be stored during the off-season. Examples include snowboards, sleds, skis, kayaks, camping gear, and bicycles

For reasons such as the safe-keeping of the aforementioned items and more, the services of a self-storage facility may be worth it.

Temporary Situations

An important thing to consider is the length of time this service will be required. A typical company that owns and runs a self storage warehouse business charges clients based on several things. This implies that it costs more to store things long term than short term.

For this reason, it feels like temporary storage of items in these units is worth it when the need arises. This could be during relocation for instance.


Using the services of a good self-storage warehouse company is important when the need for these services arises. In light of this, certain things should be considered when choosing a company that offers this service.

One such is security. To this end, renting out a unit in a well-secure and monitored facility can be considered worth it when you need to store items for safekeeping.

These are just a few scenarios in which a self-storage unit may be considered worth it. here are situations where it may not be considered worth it:

Long-Term Storage

Remember the earlier established point of comparing costs and how storage time determines storage cost? Well, it is equally important here.

You see, storing items in these units for a long time may match or even outweigh the cost of renting a bigger space. So, it may not be ideal when you need to store things in the long term.


It may not be considered worth it if accessing the self-storage warehouse is difficult. This could be because the facility is in a very remote area. This is even more of a problem when you need to access the unit quite often.

Limited Value

The worth of this service is also dependent on what you want stored for you. If the items in question have very little or no sentimental or monetary value, then it may be a bad idea to have them stored in a self-storage unit. In such cases, it may be a better idea to donate, sell, or repurpose them for use in other ways.

Keeping Your Items Safe

Some clients have had setbacks storing their belongings in some of these facilities. However, this does not rule out the fact that they can be helpful. This is especially provided you adhere to tips for safe safekeeping of items in these facilities. In the spirit of doing this, here are some things to do:

Use a Secure Location

The self-storage warehouse used must be well secured. Ensure that there are sufficient security personnel and that the surrounding is well-equipped with access control systems and surveillance cameras. The quality of locks used is equally important.

Well Organized

The facility has to be operated in a structured manner to ensure safe keeping of items. For example, there should be an inventory list to take stock of items that are stored. There should also be rules on what can and cannot be stored.

You should also be organized just as the service provider is expected to be organized. To this end, you should properly arrange your stored items. Be particularly mindful of fragile belongings while doing this.

Climate Control

Choose a facility that is climate-controlled. This is particularly true if you are storing things that are very sensitive to certain climates. Furthermore, make good use of things like desiccant packs or even moisture absorbers for optimal climate control.


You do not want to have to trigger insurance coverage benefits. This is why emphasis has been laid on choosing the right option.

However, it is important that the right option also has ample insurance coverage. To find out more about what qualifies as ample insurance coverage for self-storage facilities and if you need one, you can visit:

Wrap Up

Self-storage units can be worth it for several reasons. Quite a number of these reasons have been discussed here. However, it is equally important to choose the right self-storage warehouse if/when you ever need their services.

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