Classy Rustic Furniture: Ideas and Top Tips

Classy Rustic Furniture: Ideas and Top Tips

Rustic interior design is a very popular aesthetic at the moment, built on chunky shapes, rough wood, and textured surfaces. But what about combining that with a classy modern design, like glass tabletops and smooth planes?

In this blog post, we are going to take a look at some ideas for how you can combine rustic aesthetics with classy, modern design elements, bringing a sense of refinement to your chunky farmhouse vibes. If you have questions about rustic furniture with modern touches, read below for the answers!

What Is Rustic Furniture?

Rustic interior design is defined by designs that emphasize the natural. Instead of the clean lines and polished materials of contemporary and glam aesthetics, rustic emphasizes natural materials such as wood, stone, and crockery made of clay, replete with natural lines and patterns.

The house’s original characteristics, such as wooden beams and brick fireplaces, are kept and presented as part of the décor, lending the area a feeling of history and character.

Essentially, the rustic style is grounded and earthy, employing old materials and rejecting the current style’s clean sophistication. The nice part is that you do not have to live in an old farmhouse or country cottage to have this appearance in your home. You can put rustic furniture in a more modern home to combine those aesthetics in a single space.

Rustic Living Room Ideas

Begin with a rustic color scheme that emphasizes warm, neutral colors. Beige, terracotta, and grey will provide warmth to the area while not overpowering the natural tone. Keep any exposed stone walls, and if you have a fireplace, make it the focal point by placing your furniture around it or facing it.

Use rustic living room furniture, preferably constructed of natural materials. Consider rustic oak furniture, such as side tables and sideboards, for wooden items.

Natural leathers and some textiles can also be used for couches and chairs, but avoid using synthetic or glossy materials. Linen is a wonderful fabric for upholstery, and do not be afraid to experiment with patterns like plaid to add a little rustic flair.

If you want to modernize that, try adding glass tabletops to rustic wooden legs. Designer driftwood tables are a great option for combining classy shapes and angles with rustic, natural materials!

Rustic Bedroom Ideas

A rustic oak bed is ideal for a rustic bedroom. Remember to keep your rustic bedroom furniture chunky and artisanal. Large wooden elements, such as a chest of drawers, will help to bring everything together.

Layer textures throughout the space by using tactile throws such as sheepskin rugs and chunky woven blankets. Scatter cushions on the bed may be incorporated to add color while also relaxing the room and increasing coziness.

Because hard flooring and bare walls may make a room feel chilly, it’s crucial to warm it up with the correct lighting. Adding table lights will enhance the space, but pick lamps made of natural materials such as wood and earthenware.

A fully modern lamp will look out of place in this sort of room. Because a bedroom wants to be warm and cozy, you should lean more on the rustic end of things in your bedroom than you do in other rooms of your house.

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