Every Office Needs Wood Furniture

Every Office Needs Wood Furniture

People across sectors are still returning to the office after becoming accustomed to working remotely over the past few years. Some industries are coming back slower than others, trying to figure out ways to entice workers back and make the workspace more pleasant.

We spend hours at work, multiple days a week. Anything that makes work more pleasant is worth investing in, and one thing everybody loves is wood furniture. Let’s check out a few ways wood furniture can spruce up your office décor.

Wooden Desks in Many, Many Styles

What image comes to your mind when you think about wood desks? Some think of big, sprawling executive desks or desks lawyers have. Others think of more traditional desks.

Wooden Desks in Many, Many StylesActually, today’s wooden desks come in more styles than you may realize exist.

There are stylish, funky wood desks with glass tops and shelves that look like they’re floating. Other wood desks have one powder-coated metal siding and another made of wood, combining industrial and artistic Canadiana.

Executive desks come in different styles, with bevelled trim and turned feet. Wood desks come in many other different styles, from x-base frames to traditional legs and more.

When you buy them from leading artisans, you can select the size, wood type, and finish yourself. There are more options than you probably imagine, so check out what’s out there before making your final decision.


BookcasesBookcases are some of the most classic wooden office furniture you can possibly get. They make excellent accents and they’re a fantastic way to store essentials or display cherished possessions.

For an exciting, playful look, choose a framework bookcase with irregular shelves that almost look like jigsaw puzzle pieces built by a true artisan like Woodcraft. An arched, two-tone bookcase with glass panels is another way to make a statement while storing and showcasing your important belongings.

The classic Downtown style is timeless and always makes an impression. The important thing is to match your furniture to the style and feel of your workplace. Whatever vibe you’re going for, there’s a wooden bookcase and shelving to match.

File Cabinets

Filing cabinetFinally, filing cabinets don’t need to be those dull metal ones you find everywhere. Buying custom file cabinets made of wood is a beautiful way to store important documents.

You can get a traditional look with clean, metal hardware or something a little more contemporary, with solid wooden drawers you can pull out by grabbing from underneath. There are also country-style filing cabinets with ornate rustic charm.

Choose the size yourself and pick whether the files are for legal- or letter-sized documents. There’s lots of room to select which wood, finish, colour, and size you need.

Wood is a warm, comforting, beautiful, and practical material. In a world of fast-furniture designed to look great in an ad but then wear down quickly, it’s better to invest in quality material that lasts for years and provides pleasure throughout. Be mindful to pick matching furniture or pieces that complement each other, but select whatever style you like most.

William Eames
William Eames, with a background in industrial design brings over 18 years of experience in design and architecture. He joined our editorial team in 2019, offering insights into design trends and architectural innovations. Before this, William ran his design studio and lectured at various universities. His hobbies include photography and sustainable gardening, reflecting his commitment to aesthetics and the environment.

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