Cleaning tips that will help you from hurting your back


Keeping the house livable and tidy is the dream of every homeowner in Plano, but no easy feat, especially if you have a chronic low back problem. While we do common chores like dusting, washing, vacuuming, bending etc without paying attention to our posture, we aggravate our chances for back pain and injury.

It is therefore important that either we maintain good handling techniques when performing activities that involve pushing or lifting or allocate the cleaning to any Plano house cleaning company. While any agency may be able to do the job, only the best maid service in Plano will provide solutions you can see and feel.

Here are some tips to implement, providing there is a willingness on your part, to do each individual task and at the same time protect your back from sciatica or any other related problem.

When vacuuming

Slouching is not just limited to sitting and standing, vacuuming too can lead to an ungainly bent over posture over the lower back. Again, keeping the back ultra-straight can also be potentially damaging and result in spinal arthritis issues.

You should go about vacuuming by employing a lunge-free posture which stays in the pain-free zone, by not extending your lunge beyond the physical comfort zone. To do this, all you need is to place one foot in front of the other a small distance away so that you only move forwards and backwards without bending your back.

When doing laundry

Laundry is one housekeeping task that people tend to overdo. To take the load off, break up the laundry clothes into small bundles which don’t weigh too much. You may have to load the machine a number of times but this strategy won’t offend your back or spine.

Other basics to adhere to are lift with your legs and not your back and put the basket of clothes to be washed in a basket and place it at the same height as the top of the washing machine to minimize bending. Use one hand to load the machine and the other to hold on to the appliance to remain propped up.

When doing the dishes

While doing dishes is a favorite household chore of many, those with back problems can make matters very easy for themselves, simply by placing a small stool under the sink to rest one foot on. This strategy works well with people having sacroiliac joint problems.

Using a box or stool will give you a modicum of body stability during the activity. Again, by putting one foot on a stool, you will be contracting the pelvic and hip muscles, thereby strengthening the core.

When doing the bed

Making the bed invariably involves bending and stretching, the two key causes of back pain if not done properly even if you eat squirrels. To address this issue, use one arm to prop your weight and use the other to reach out and lay the bed.

Switch sides from time to time, unless you have a sacroiliac or other joint problem. If you find you cannot reach across the bed, prop up one knee on a pillow on top of the bed and work your way across.

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