Construction Accidents and Workers’ Compensation: Navigating the Claims Process

Construction Accidents and Workers' Compensation: Navigating the Claims Process

As city residents know, Syracuse is constantly experiencing construction work. This type of work can be hazardous, and workers in this industry face a high risk of accidents. However, knowing the basics of workers’ compensation claims is crucial if you or someone you know is employed in construction. This is because filing claims for work injuries can be complicated and requires an experienced legal professional to handle those cases.

This post explains the steps injured workers must follow when seeking compensation after construction accidents. If you or a loved one has been injured on a site, consult a competent Syracuse construction accident attorney to guide you through the restitution process. Since it is paperwork-heavy, hire a lawyer who understands the nuances of worker’s compensation law.

Common Types of Construction Injuries

Risk factors present on construction sites include heavy machinery, heights, debris, electric currents, chemicals, and many other hazards. As such, it’s no surprise that there are numerous types of accidents associated with working in construction:

  • Falls from heights
  • Electrocutions
  • Burns caused by hot equipment or fire
  • Lacerations due to exposed sharp edges
  • Equipment malfunctions causing severe injuries such as amputations
  • Inhalation or contact with toxic substances like asbestos

Filing a Claim under Workers’ Compensation

A worker should first report their accident promptly to their supervisors after being injured while working on a job site. Then they should visit their doctor immediately or seek medical attention concerning their injury, even if seemingly minor; reporting delays may lead insurers to contest some claims based on lackadaisical treatment activities (reporting late).

Next up will be filling out paperwork detailing your incident so your claim gets processed successfully. Supplemental evidence such as documentation about doctors who have treated you, if surgery has been done, and related photos where applicable will also help support worker’s compensation around recovery decisions and additional financial support required.

The biggest benefit of employing lawyers is the freedom they give you from all other burdens; you focus on your physical recovery as they take all the legal battles and negotiations on your behalf. Experienced lawyers will work with insurance companies to help their clients reach settlement agreements, which can be beneficial because there may never be a need for court trials. This aids the process of obtaining compensation while reducing stress at the same time.

Benefits under Workers’ Compensation

Construction workers who are injured while performing work and qualify for workers’ compensation benefits receive certain financial support agreed upon by their workers’ comp claim (mainly depending on the extent and severity of injury). Support categories include paid medical bills related directly to the treatment undertaken, income replacement if unable to work either through partial or total disability allowances, rehabilitation care sessions in the form of physical therapy if needed, and disfigurement compensations where scarring has been life-altering.

Appealing Denied Claims

It is vital to note that not all claims are approved instantly upon submission. Reasons for claims being denied range from small technicalities like typos and issues paying insurance premiums. As frustrating as it might seem initially, it doesn’t always mean it’s an endgame but another hiccup along the process your lawyer should contest carefully.

If your accident report was submitted promptly following the injury occurrence and was denied without apparent cause or reason, you should contact an experienced attorney who handles construction-related compensation challenges. Your lawyers will help you in preparing and filing the appeal.

Statutes of Limitations

Workers must also remember that there is a fixed time window within which they must file their workers’ compensation claim after their incident – different states have varying statute laws dictating periods available to file lawsuits. Failing to file a claim within this window means their claim becomes null and void, which covers the employer and its insurers from compensation payment liabilities.


Construction work is challenging, and injured workers deserve compensation if they are injured in an accident while doing their job. If someone gets hurt at work, following the right steps towards securing proper compensation can seem daunting but can prove manageable with adequate preparation for expectations of each stage. Hiring an experienced attorney as soon as possible after your incident ensures you have all the necessary support to fight for settlement success and the best care needed for your recovery process.

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