Is Blink Doorbell Better than Ring

Is Blink Doorbell Better than Ring

Ring is the ultimate king of security cameras, but will Blink overpower it soon?

Are you willing to get your hands on video camera doorbells that are flooding the market?

Well, if you have these questions in mind, we are sure you stay updated on what is happening in the market.

The battle of the retailers is real: Ring Vs. Blink. Yes, they are the talk of the town, but surprisingly, both giants are owned by Amazon.

So, which one is better?

Read along with us as we demystify what has been buzzing around these days regarding Blink and Ring with an amazing comparative analysis.

A Quick Comparison

A Quick Comparison

Before we delve into depth and provide our verdict on which is best, let’s quickly compare both the brands and their products and see for ourselves which rules over the other.

  • Ring Doorbell Cameras are two-way; they provide both self and professional monitoring, while Blink only provides self-monitoring.
  • They both offer night infrared visions, and some of the Ring products offer them in colors, too.
  • Alexa and IFTTT power ring Doorbell Cameras, while Blink is not compatible with either.
  • Blink Doorbell Cameras are mostly wirelessly powered (with one model as an exception), while wires, batteries, solar panels, etc can charge Ring Doorbell Cameras.
  • They both provide equally good and user-friendly in-app monitoring.
  • Ring Camera Doorbells are AI-powered, while Blink still lags.

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Ring or Blink: A Comparative Analysis

If you want an automated household, getting a video camera doorbell may be your first step, but when you have two giants rolling together, the pick gets difficult.

Here, we are offering you a detailed comparative analysis of both so that you can make the right choice.

1. Looks Matter a Lot

Blink Video Doorbell review: A budget-friendly porch watcher | TechHive

If you are concerned about the overall look of your abode, this is the factor you must consider. Ring Doorbells (the 2nd Gen model, 3 and 4) are almost all twins. Silver and rectangular, with a blue LED light glowing in the center.

Faceplates are available for selected models in Venetian Bronze, Black, and Cream colors. Newer models are a bit slimmer with a smarter-looking appeal.

Blink Doorbells, however, are slimmer, sleeker, and less attention-grabbing, making an ultimate choice for those who want to divert attention. They are available in just Black and White colors.

Winner: Blink is the winner as it has a modernized and stylized look.

2. Affordability and Availability

Blink Video Doorbell review: Cheap and packed with features | Expert Reviews

Ring Video Camera Doorbells are available in six different models with price ranges from $65 to $260 with an app subscription of $40 per year.

Blink Video Camera Doorbell is available in just one model with a total cost of around $50 and an annual app subscription of $30 per year. They are mostly sold in the UK as of now; the US markets had them available for a while, but they aren’t now.

Winner: Blink is the absolute winner as the device pricing is low, and the subscription is affordable.

3. Face Off With The Features

Ring Video Doorbell Review: An All-Around Top Contender, 52% OFF

Ring doorbells are available with wireless and wired features. They support batteries and solar panel charging as well.

The video quality is excellent with 1080P resolution, infrared (some models have colored visions as well), night vision, Alexa support, two-way communication, smart controls, AI detection, and cloud storage with an annual subscription of around $40.

Blink Doorbells are also available in wired and wireless styles. Their batteries come as 1 x AA lithium batteries, unlike Ring, which has rechargeable packs. Batteries of Blink doorbells require periodic charging that costs a little.

They, too, have excellent video qualities with 1080P resolution and a two-way communication system with night vision included.

Wireless Blink Doorbells require a sync module that costs an extra bit for features like live view and two-way communication.

You can use this module using a USB drive to store the video footage locally.

Winner: Ring is the absolute winner here as it provides a lot more features than Blink.

Verdict: Who Wins After All?

Ring vs Blink: Which home security brand is best for your home? | Top Ten Reviews

It’s a tie, after all. Or, let’s say they both win in their respective categories. With Ring, you get all these power-packed features, smart intelligence incorporated, AI features, and much more.

They are the winners if pricing and outlook are not your concerns. Rather, features are all you are looking for.

The plus point about Ring Doorbells is that there are multiple charging options, from rechargeable batteries to charging by cards and solar panels; they are way too good if you want a device to last long.

Regarding Blink, you might want to consider them a winner if you are looking for affordability.

They are quite cheap, providing you with good video quality and interface, with basic features at minimal subscription amounts.

Their limitation lies in their maximal charging abilities, and they are available in just one model only.

Final Words

So, this was all about the buzz we have heard about Ring Vs. Blink comes to an end with detailed testing and reviews. We have shared our thoughts along with our verified reviewers’ verdict and, thus, aim to provide you with the best of information.

Both companies are equally good and are the brainchild of Amazon, so it is not a surprise if they develop more innovative technologies in the upcoming models.

Stay updated with the latest technologies and re-read our blog to make an appropriate decision!

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