Does Unused Grass Seeds Go Bad?

types of grass seed
types of grass seed

As a gardening enthusiast, I can say that grass seeds are a game-changer to cover patches on the garden with the lush green fresh grass. It is cost-efficient and requires comparatively fewer efforts than the other plants.

On average, the grass seeds can last from two to ten years, depending on the manufacturing process. However, the germination rate decreases by 10% every year. What also plays a huge impact on the grass seed’s long-lasting germination capabilities is the method of storage.

It is crucial to store the grass seeds in a dark, cold, and humid-free space and away from direct sunlight. Excess humidity increases the chances of fungi and results in rotten seeds. Ensure you do not freeze the seeds that will take away their ability to germinate as the essence of the seed is lost.

The germination rate of the grass seeds depends on the harvest conditions if they were optimal or sub-optimal. Even with the best storage process, sometimes the seeds cannot germinate due to their harvest condition being sub-optimal.

Placing the seeds in a proper strategic plan would give the most optimal and effective results. Make sure you used the seeds within 2 years of the purchase/manufacture, else the seed might lose its ability to germinate.

The product quality (grass seed) plays a significant role in determining its life and germination probability. What is also important is the need to be careful with the choice of your seeds.

Most of the time, the manufacturing and expiry date are clearly mentioned on the package. The seeds must be less than a year ago packed for the better results of germination.

Another important factor to be considered is the visual and smell test. When there has been a packet of grass seeds in a tin for a year, and you finally wish to use it, make sure you test it well before giving in your efforts and nourishments. What you must do is – 

  • Look thoroughly if there are stains of white-colored fungi on the seeds. If found so, they will not germinate.
  • Smell for the raw fresh fragrance of grass from the seeds; if it smells sour, it means that the seeds have gone pale and will not be able to germinate grass.
  • Ensure you keep the insects and pests away from the seeds just like you do for the plants.

To prevent such circumstances, make sure you store it in a mesh with air holes that will allow airflow while preventing the seeds from contacting pests and insects.

Store it at a temperature below 60 degrees Fahrenheit or less but make sure not to let the seeds freeze.

However, because of germination percentage decrease, you will have to use more seeds than necessary to get effective results.


In conclusion, we have discussed all the cases of does grass seed go bad when unused. I hope this article helped you learn gardening better. Keep up with the subtle great work of planting. Happy gardening!

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Does Grass Seed Go Bad When Frozen?

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