Easy Guide to Grow Cilantro from Cuttings

How to Grow Cilantro from Cuttings (Full Guide)

Cilantro is a species derived from the Coriandrum sativum plant and is like Coriander. In many countries, the leaves and stems of Coriandrum are known as cilantro, and their dried seeds are known as coriander. But, in some countries, both dried seeds and leaves are known as coriander. Cilantro is a species that includes few minerals and more vitamins.

There is nothing better than fresh herbs to make your recipes taste good, and even if you do not use this herb in cooking, they add a fragrance to your garden. Cilantro is an herb that is easy to grow, hardy, promotes healthy skin, and lowers inflammation when consumed. It can be grown both from cuttings and seeds and thrive well outdoors and in indoor areas.

People love cilantro for its amazing and fresh flavor. However, it imparts many health benefits and contains calcium, manganese, vitamin C, and magnesium in good quantities. Promotes various health benefits like antifungal, anticancer, and gives relief in inflammation.

Do you have any health issues? Want to get rid of them? Then growing cilantro and consuming it is the best option, as it will help improve your health. But you might be asking this question to yourself – how to grow cilantro from cuttings Right? So, scroll through this article and get to know all about this.

Grab the Cuttings.

It is easy to grow cilantro without seeds. Just collect 15 to 20 cuttings for a regular-sized pot. Many cuttings die due to bolting or due to some other reasons. So, to avoid this, it is recommended to collect and grow many seedlings together. Never grow a single seed in a pot as it would not grow. If seeds are grown in groups, that would be a better option as they create a suitable environment, they help each other in growing as they provide humidity and shade to one another.

1. Root Cutting

If you want to grow cilantro from root cuttings, then it is straightforward and fast from stem cutting. Never store them after cutting. If you grow them fresh after cutting, it will improve the germination rate.

2. Stem Cutting

This health freaking herb can also be grown by stem cutting. If you are purchasing fresh cilantro from the market, cut the leaves of the herb for your use and separate the stems to grow the cilantro plant. Just cut the stems of cilantro around 3 to 4 inches and put it as it is. Place the root side down and shoot side upward carefully.

Growing of Cilantro Cuttings

Cilantro is a type of herb that can both be grown in water and soil. But if you are not comfortable with soil, then you can grow it in water. Do you want to know how to grow cilantro from cuttings? For that, you need to read the article.

1. Plant the Seeds

Firstly, you need to plant your seeds or rooted stems if you want to grow from cuttings. Put the soil in every pot, and plant two seeds in every pot and make sure to cover seeds with a thin layer of soil. But no need to cover seeds with plenty of soil as they would not get enough light for germination. Then put the pots in a sunny location.

2. Feed Them with Water

The time that cilantro seeds take is ten days for germination. Till their germination, water them as per requirement. No need to wet the soil. You only must moisten it. If the soil dries at a faster speed, shift the plant to a little shady area. Permit the plant to grow around 2 inches tall.

3. Planting of Container

When your cilantro plant reaches a maximum height, you can move it to home. The fresh herb grows well in gardens that contain organic and non-organic soil and grows well in containers. For whichever option you go, make sure that your plant’s new home is in a slightly shaded area or a sunny location. The plant requires adequate sunlight. Put the plant almost 6 to 8 inches apart in the garden bed. If the pot is large, then it should only have two plants, not more than that.

4. Watering of Seedlings

When you plant the seedlings, shower some water over your seedlings. Only a little water is enough to make them survive. Just continue like this and water the seedlings. If the seedlings are young, they should be watered twice a day. Once they become mature, water them once a day.

5. Cilantro Harvesting

Usually, seedlings take 3 to 4 weeks to mature so that they can be harvested. It takes almost 45 days from the time you plant seeds to the time you can harvest the herb. Cut the large leaves from anywhere in the plant. And small leaves should be cut 2 inches over the crown.

6. Maintaining the Plant

Cilantro plants can be grown easily, but it requires some maintenance. If you want better results, you must fertilize your plants with a water-soluble fertilizer. Do not Fertilize anything other than seedlings that are 2 inches tall. If you want the plant to become lush, you need to pinch the leaves back to enhance growth.


You do not need a green signal to grow a cilantro plant. Anyone can grow the plant either from seedling or from cutting. It takes only a little bit of attention and some preparation. Make use of cilantro in making food or as an herbal solution for various ailments.

Once your garden is made, you can have fresh cilantro at any time, and you do not need to search for its substitutes for making your loving recipes.

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