Gardening’s Influence on Pop Culture


Gardening may not always be the first thing that comes to mind whenever you think of pop culture. People’s thoughts usually turn to traditional genres and styles music, film, and TV. However, the world of pop culture isn’t quite so narrow, and a myriad of things capture the zeitgeist.

In modern life, where people migrate towards cities – for work or social aspects – the prospect of a traditional garden is lost. However, people and companies are coming up with creative ways for those who live in apartments to still live their gardening dreams with concepts like terrariums.


In contemporary society, technology has augmented reality through a plethora of gadgets and systems. Those who wish to enjoy the simplistic relaxation of gardening but don’t have a garden can do so through gaming.

People may not remember, but the Story of Seasons games paved the way for many gardening games we see today. Most may recognize it by its previous name, Harvest Moon. Now we see games like Animal Crossing on the Nintendo Switch enamoring a generation of gamers.

These themes aren’t just reserved for video games; we see gardening-themed games find their way into online casinos. It isn’t challenging to find one, as most casinos offer various garden-themed slots. For example, Rizk casino offers both a Flowers slot and Flower Fortunes Megaways. As Bonusfinder explains in their review of the casino, slots are a popular component of the online casino gaming sphere, with the operator offering free spins for prospective players.

Even the world of VR is being influenced by gardening. Potioneer: The VR Gardening Simulator is one of the best ways to work in a garden without being in one!


One of the most creative ways people have been incorporating gardening into pop culture is through film. Sometimes these are hidden gems in some blockbusters, while others fully embrace gardening as its theme.

In The Martian, starring Matt Damon, he embraces gardening life on his spaceship while on his mission to colonize Mars. The Secret Garden is a classic that depicts a young girl restoring a beautiful garden with a distant relative. Superhero movies are huge right now, but one of the seminal ‘baddies’ appeared to have a green thumb: Poison Ivy, from Batman and Robin.

Gardening TV Shows

The world of gardening is nothing new when it comes to the world of television. However, since the explosion of streaming services and the unlimited possibilities of what to watch, it’s interesting to see where gardening sits.

Shows like ‘Monty Don’s French Gardens‘ offer a respite from the drama-driven modern series and offer something unique in tranquil viewing. Picking up tips and watching someone who loves their craft is delightful in a fast-paced society.

What is interesting to see in contemporary pop culture is the yearning for nature. Many of us are removed from seeing nature every day if we live in a city. It is understandable that this would be the case when living in a big city, but it still remains a sacrifice unless some might have bought house plants. However, people still have a connection to nature and are finding clever ways to reconnect with it through pop culture gardening.

Martha Stewart
With a profound passion for the outdoors, Martha Stewart has worked in the for the perfect gardening for over two decades. After graduating with a degree in European History and Architectural History, her journey began with a keen interest in the practicalities and aesthetics of gardening. She worked in landscape architecture and garden design, amassing a rich practical experience. Her previous experience includes a tenure at a renowned landscape design firm. She enjoys pottery and exploring botanical gardens in her free time.


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