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Real estate advertising gets a bad rep. Temporary yard signs in mass quantities create a ton of waste after every property, leaving a bad taste in people’s mouth. Don’t be one of those realtors. Instead, go green and open the door to conscious clientele. Luxurious yet eco-friendly marketing is achievable with innovative solutions such as solar-powered advertising boards, versatile fabric prints and custom light boxes with LEDs.

These products leave a positive impact and appeal to customers who value progress. They can take on creative forms to capture attention in a way that’s novel for the real-estate sector. Sustainable business is cause marketing at its finest. It helps to implement a bigger goal into your work ethic, thereby adopting a new method for success. The ideas coming up will turn the need for wasteful advertising signs into an opportunity to appease globally-minded clients and protect the environment all at once.

1. Solar Powered Advertising Boards

If there’s ample sun in your target area then eye-catching ad boards powered by photovoltaic cells are a green light to success. Solar panels can light up displays of all shapes, depict any message and brighten up the neighborhood without causing harm to the environment. The advantages of solar lights far outweigh the shortcomings. Get creative with how you apply them and the sun will be your limit.

2. Fabric Stands and Banners

Banners and stands made of fabric are an ideal medium for realtors to advertise their services. They’re made of natural fibers like linen which are both biodegradable and recyclable. Mesh banners are great for indoor and outdoor use alike, even under windy conditions. You can get them printed with vibrant, UV cured graphics that will last and carry your message with a clear conscience.

3. Custom LED Light Boxes

LED light bulbs use 75% less energy, reducing the cost of your electric bills and burning less coal in the process. They also last significantly longer than traditional bulbs, eliminating the material waste and hassle of having to replace them every so often. They even produce less heat, lowering the cost of air conditioning in the summer. Light boxes powered by LEDs can include backlit decals that are interchangeable. Just replace the decals instead of having to get an entirely new sign each time. You can even choose LED lights to create outdoor mood lighting for your next open house event.

4. Acrylic Displays With Vinyl Lettering

This is an elegant and engenius alternative to the typical yard sign. Make your prominent “for sale” displays reusable with vinyl lettering. You can easily apply and remove the letters without any residue, giving you limitless opportunities to display the text and numbers you need for each property. Plastic is not the most eco-friendly material but it is recyclable and extremely durable. You can switch out the vinyl letters for years on end without discarding signs after every sale.

5. Chalk Surface Sandwich Boards

You’ve seen these around but have you ever thought of using them as an eco-friendly alternative to their plastic counterparts? They’re the perfect welcome signs for an open house. You can write and draw on the chalkboard surface to create a personal, warm and inviting gesture for the home-owners-to-be. Even the smallest steps make a big difference when it comes to sustainability. Many states even offer incentives for green business practices so be sure to take advantage of such initiatives.

6. Magnetic Signs for Vehicles

These are reusable, durable and smart. They take your advertising anywhere you want to go… and nowhere you don’t. You can simply remove them when you want your car for personal use. Magnetic signs can cover the side doors of any steel vehicle with bright UV graphics and catchy texts. You can use the magnets over and over again unlike adhesive decals which are only good for one time use. Simply remove them before going into a car wash to avoid abrasion from harsh brushes and chemicals.

7. Promotional Wooden Signs

Wood is an organic element that adds charm and authenticity to any brand’s image. The signs are fully recyclable and may be repurposed after a simple coat of paint to cover up the initial ad display. Did you know that your company reputation will increase by 87% if customers know you’re mindful of the environment? Why not boost your chances of closing a deal while doing good on the side. Wooden signs can be engraved with gorgeous designs and messages. They’ll capture attention as well as garner loyalty from customers who care about nature.

8. Online Advertising Platforms

This may seem like a “duh” to any realtor operating in the modern world but the fact that it’s a form of green marketing itself may not be so obvious. Online advertising saves a ton of resources when it comes to signage. The stronger your online presence, the less materials you’ll need to get the word out about your services. Email automation and other online marketing strategies narrow your focus so that you target the right audience without becoming an eye-sore for the locals in the area.

9. Cause Marketing Campaigns

Did you know that realtors can get certified as EcoBrokers? There’s a rising demand for sustainably made properties, be it homes or corporate premises. Getting a professional designation like becoming a LEED Certified Associate will let clients know that you’re up-to-speed on all the latest building concepts and requirements required for sustainability. While you’re at it, why not green your own practice. It’s as simple as using recycled paper and environmentally friendly water faucets.

When you do good, people notice. When realtors do good, they open doors to a whole new level of clientele. People conscious of the environment cringe at the sight of yard signs and massive billboards covering the streets. Thankfully, there’s a way to turn this bitter reality into a sweet real-estate strategy thanks to eco-friendly signage. You can even add a green symbol like a leaf on each sign to mark it as an eco-friendly product. Learn how businesses are going green to contribute to everyone’s success. The planet and your clients will thank you.

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