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Here’s The Right Way Of Showing Your House To The Buyer


How can I sell my house fast in Spokane?

Why do buyers don’t buy my home?

Where can I find the right buyers?

If these questions constantly crowd your mind, we have news for you. It may be something to do with your open house presentation.

The way you show your home to the potential buyer affects their decision to a great extent. People who have the knack for doing it manage to sell their homes fast. But the lot oblivious to this art fail to find buyers irrespective of having an impressive property.

If you belong to the latter lot, stop worrying, as we are here to teach you the right way of showing your house to the buyer.

Scroll down to learn.

  • Clean the house

When a buyer visits any house, they visualize themselves living there. If your potential buyer has an OCD for cleanliness, they will scan every corner of the house including your underground room, and might turn down the deal if your house failed to live up to their standard of cleanliness.

You might want to debate this point, saying that the buyer can clean the home once they buy it. But, buying a home is a decision based more on emotion and less on logic. Plus, the first impression always matters. Also, if you make your home visually more appealing, you stand a better chance to get the right buyer quickly.

So, clean the clutter lying in and outside of your home. Clean the dining table, kitchen counter, study table, and every flat surface. Dust the furniture, windows, and fan, and remove the cobwebs hanging on the walls. Clean the floor and carpets, especially if you have a pet.

If you have time, consider some cosmetic upgrades. It will also help you enhance the appraisal value of your home.

  • Adjust your HVAC to a comfortable setting

The idea is to make your potential buyer as comfortable as possible in your home. If the weather is cold, turn the heater on and if it’s hot enough, adjust the air conditioner to a comfortable temperature.

  • Turn on the lights

Even if the sun is brimming with sunshine, turn on all the lights, including lamps, overhead lights, task lights, accent lights, and even the cabinet and closet lights and grow lights. To bring in the natural light, raise the blinds and open the curtain.

If any of the rooms are dark, place some extra lamps to make them feel brighter.

  • Create a pleasant mood

Just like you don’t appreciate receiving bland food, a bland home can ruin the game for you. Add little spices and seasonings to make your home interesting to savor.

Create a pleasant mood inside your home. You can do it in many ways. Turn on soothing music, light a fire in the fireplace, light up some candles, turn on the water bodies (if any), bring in some fresh flowers, adorn the windows with plush curtains, and use plush fabrics everywhere.

  • Make your home smell good

Ensure that your home oozes a soothing aroma when the buyers arrive. But be a little careful, as many people are allergic to scents. Do not be very generous with the scent.

Use natural fragrances instead of artificial scents. Bake some cookies just before the buyers arrive or make potpourri. Or simply simmer some spices in water on the gas stove.

  • Give them a warm welcome

When the buyers arrive at your doorsteps, give them a warm welcome. Create a welcoming vibe at the entrance of your home by cleaning the entire area and putting in some flowering plants. Put some candies or other treats at the front door or place a bottle of champagne in the living room or on the dining table with a sweet thank you note.

Don’t rush them. Let them take their own sweet time to explore the home. Most importantly, don’t follow them in every room. It would be great if you leave your house and let them explore on their own.


Selling a home is not a piece of cake. But you can make things easy and pace up the process with these easy tips. We hope you follow these tips and find the best buyers fast.

Alexander Dalton
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