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Holiday Photo Cards to Impress all your Friends


Christmas is here! and it is the time when you meet and greet your family and friends. This is the time of celebration when you can forget all other aspects and focus on spending time with people who really matter to you. The tradition of gifting holiday photo cards and Christmas cards to your friends has been existing for a long period of time. There are many ways in which you can make your Christmas cards for holiday photo cards and impress your friends with your creativity. so you can also buy them online and ask them to customise your cards as you like. Both ways it is your creation that is admired by your friends.

But if you are interested in experimenting with new and creative design ideas every year then it might become a bit hard for you to come up with something fresh every time. you might also feel the pressure of creating something new each year as you have raised the bar for yourself and your friends would expect this from you. If this is the case then you can relax as this post got you covered this year. Sit back and relax as Christmas is all about happiness and enjoyment so you should not be worrying about your cards.

You can follow the below given suggestions to to make your holiday photo card this year that would impress your friends-

The vintage look-

You might have sent a lot of cards with the latest and best innovations and creative ideas on them. But have you thought about going Vintage? not everybody thinks of something like this. Most people are determined to get the newest variations available in the market to create the best Christmas cards. This style can break the monotonous pattern and would also look different from others and this your gifts won’t be lying in outdoor storage. the ethnicity of this style would make it stand out. You can pose with your new bride and make the picture black in white or you can pose with your family member wearing vintage retro dresses and look different. You can also choose the vintage style of cards available online. you can send over these photos to get printed on vintage cards. You can ask for the vintage garland look in which you have one family photograph in your vintage clothes with floral garland surrounding the photograph. If you are choosing the black and white vintage look you can just make the whole card look like the black and white photograph with your best wishes written on one side.

2. One in three photographs

You can go for another new pattern of holiday photo cards that will definitely impress your friends. no you didn’t hear the name wrong. It says one in three photographs you can creatively get your picture cropped so that each member of your family comes in one picture and you can put proper spacing so they look like three frames, it is one photograph but captured in three frames so when you see the photograph it looks very creative. You can have your wishes written in colorful, color coded fonts that would match with your outfit’s colors.

3. Year in review

This is another very fresh approach to your Christmas and new year’s cards.You can use every month’s photographs that you took throughout the year and make a collage out of these photographs to be printed on the card to make a whole year review card for gifting. You can add best wishes with these cards in your own handwriting or fonts that you choose. You can also choose your previous years Christmas photographs that you spent with the person you are gifting the card that creates a connection between you and the other person. Get that photo printed on the card and write something about the connection that you had back then and how you are grateful to have this bond. This photo year review would be a very fresh and special way of sending best wishes to your friends and family .

End note

Holidays are all about enjoying with your friends and family singing and eating on your patio. This is the only time of the year when you can show your love for your family and friends and meet them to share this love for each other. This is the time when you get a chance to show your affection for your family and friends and what can be better than sending beautiful and stunning Christmas cards. The above mentioned ideas would help you get the holiday photo cards that show your creativity and make your friends smile.

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