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How Does an Incense Waterfall Work

How Does an Incense Waterfall Work

Incense sticks and burning flames light up the environment with the sweet fragrance. But can they work like decorative things to create a beautiful environment?

Yes, it is possible with the help of Incense Waterfall, also known as the smokeless incense burner.

If you think of buying one without understanding how it works and how the incense waterfall can create a visual impact, you will ruin many things.

No worries. We have written this post to help you understand the workings of Incense waterfall and some waterfall landscape ideas to help you better understand incense-related things.

So keep reading if you want to know more about the waterfall related to the incense. In this post, we have covered how an incense waterfall works.

What is the Incense Waterfall?


An incense waterfall burner is an incense cone or stick burner known as the Backflow Burner. The incense waterfall is a popular way and method for burning incense and incense sticks.

Regarding appearance, the Incense waterfall creator is like the holder holding the incense sticks, burners, or cones and reflects their smoke like a mirror reflects light.

The incense waterfall maintains the continuous flow of smoke that starts when you burn the incense.

Incense waterfalls are limited to the worship spaces and special items for homes and office usage.

They help to bring aesthetic vibes with the visualization effect instead of the messy smoke environment.

These aesthetic visualizations have made them popular for several purposes related to worship.

Some cultures also use the Incense waterfalls for purification and cleaning purposes.

In contrast, some use it for the meditation pulse to bring calmness and soothing vibes to the environment.

Working of Incense Waterfall

Working of Incense Waterfall

You don’t need to put much work into the Incense waterfall, as nature has enough to support the working process of the Incense waterfall.

You only need to couple the right Incense Burner and Incense Cone to make it possible to create the waterfall effect.

1. Convection Principle

The incense waterfall holder has a metal screen grill and a hole in the backside opposite the grill. When you burn the incense on the metal grill, the smoke starts sinking downwards like the waterfall visualization.

This smoke-in-waterfall appearance happens because of the Convection Principle, which is utilized well in the design and creation of the Incense waterfall holder.

The smoke flows downwards instead of upwards because the incense cones are drilled on a partial level that glides back the smoke in the downward direction.

2. Cascading Effect

Cascading plays a major role in the working of the Incense waterfall.

According to the second law of thermodynamics, that is about the energy flow where nature maintains and tries to balance the energy.

Since the incense smoke is a heater, and the natural air is cooler, the smoke starts flowing toward the cooler air.

So when the incense burner smoke starts flowing towards the outside air, it goes near the floor and towards the downward side, which brings the waterfall effect.

3. Heat Effect

Heat also has an important role in working at Incense Waterfall. When you light up the incense in the incense holder, the incense heat will expand the surrounding air.

The smoke from the burning incense starts rising from the incense holder and traveling to the front side, creating the waterfall.

The basin of the incense holder starts cooling this hot smoke, and the smoke creates a continuous stream of flow that creates the effect of a waterfall.

Special Features of Incense Waterfall

Special Features of Incense Waterfall .jpg

Incense waterfalls come in several designs, such as the Lotus, Ganesha, Asian Motifs, and many other variations related to the symbolic meanings in their religions. Incense cones have their own fragrance, so they also have various varieties.

Regarding symbolic meaning and spirituality, Incense water uses all four crucial elements: Earth, fire, Air, and Water.

The smoke representing the water brings the Soothing Visualization similar to the waterfall effect in appearance.

The fantastic feature of the incense waterfall is that instead of the messy smoke, it brings the vibes of calmness and relaxation with the pleasant fragrance, making it part of meditation.

How to Light up The Incense Waterfall?

  • Place the incense holder that is fire-resistant and heat-resistant.
  • Use the tongs and keep the water bowl or bucket nearby for safety from the intense heat.
  • Please pick up the incense cone, hold it tilted, light up the top of the incense, and wait until the incense tip starts burning.
  • Place the incense cone in the incense waterfall burner.
  • Gradually, you will see the incense smoke rising from the hollow part of the incense waterfall and forming a continuous stream. This indicates that all things are done right, so enjoy the aesthetic and waterfall visualization appearance of the incense smoke.

Final Thoughts

Incense waterfalls are exploding in coverage in the marketplace and reaching several households.

With their values and impact, people feel it is worth investing in them. Finding a suitable incense waterfall for your home or work can help you feel those worthy investment vibes.

This post showed you an incense waterfall work to help you better understand the working process and how to use it to your best advantage.

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