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How Long Does Ring Spotlight Camera Battery Last

How Long Does Ring Spotlight Camera Battery Last

Will you secure your home with an efficient, progressive security camera?

Well, if these are the cases, then you have our attention. Here, we will review the most talked about Ring Spotlight Cam, focussing on one debated feature called battery life.

Yes, you heard it right! It is not always about goodness we will be buzzing about. Instead, today, we will present you with the product’s plus and minuses and help you make the right choice.

So, let’s dive down and know in depth about this Ring Spotlight Camera!

Know a Little About Ring Spotlight Camera

a Little About Ring Spotlight Camera

Spotlight Camera Battery is an innovation by Amazon-owned ‘Ring’ and is a wide and popular selection of the best security cameras in range.

These cameras have features to repel and deter burglars from your property.

The device boasts Alexa upgrades and has a clear vision of 1080 pixels and other plus features.

Things You Must Know About the Battery

Things You Must Know About the Battery

Well, Ring Spotlight Cam Battery has enjoyed fame for a long time, but its flaws have been in focus, too.

What the users have mostly complained about is the battery life. Let’s have an unbiased opinion about the same.

How Long Does the Battery Last?

How Long Does the Battery Last?

One of the best plus points about Ring Spotlight Cam is that it is battery-powered. Therefore, you can install it at any and every location without worrying about the power outlet (that other security cameras require).

But again, the life of the Ring Spotlight Cam depends on its battery life, and users have questioned it a lot.

Here is your crisp and clear answer. You must have two sets of rechargeable batteries, each lasting around six to twelve months.

However, this is printed data and is highly debatable. Knowing the actual life of the batteries will depend on many other factors. We are decrypting them below.

What Factors Affect the Battery Life?


There are several factors on which the battery life of Ring Spotlight Camera Battery depends. A few of them are:

  • The number of motions recorded
  • Live View Usage Frequency
  • Temperature and Environmental Ups and Downs
  • Brightness, Display, and Video Quality

Special Features of The Batteries of Ring Spotlight Camera

Special Features of The Batteries of Ring Spotlight Camera

Now that we know what drains the battery, there are some additional features that these special cameras possess.

For example, the camera has sufficient space to accommodate two battery sets. Both of these batteries are rechargeable.

If the first set of batteries drains out of their power, the camera can switch to the next one without human help.

It also has a mini USB charging port, so you can charge it wherever you prefer, even when they are functional. Additional battery packs are retailed by the ‘Ring’ and may cost around $29 per set.

Save up Battery in Ring Spotlight Camera

Save up Battery in Ring Spotlight Camera

Without a battery, you have no security, so Ring Spotlight Cameras require a healthy battery life. You might wish to do a few things to save up the battery consumption.

  • Motion Optimization: The more motion is there, the more battery charge is sucked up. Therefore, you must adjust the motion setting of your camera. Ring offers setting features like motion zones, motion sensitivity, alert frequencies, etc. that will be useful for you.
  • Correctly Positioning the Camera: In case of poor connectivity to the network, the camera requires additional power usage to maintain the connection. Therefore, to reduce this factor, position your camera in a place where WiFi connectivity is good; hence, there is no risk of over-battery power drainage.
  • Power Saving Feature: Ring Spotlight Camera Battery has a power saving feature. When turned on, it reduces battery usage by switching off some prominent features like the live view feature when not in use, scheduling safe hours when the camera refrains from recording, etc.

Check and Manage Battery Power Usage in The Ring Spotlight Camera

Check and Manage Battery Power Usage in The Ring Spotlight Camera

Your camera must remain active all the time or at least in not-so-safe times (like during nights or when you are not at home). Therefore, keeping a check on its battery level is of utmost importance. Luckily, Spotlight Ring Cam Battery offers the best two-way solution to this problem. They are:

  • Monitoring Battery Level from the Ring App: This is the easiest way to keep track of battery levels. Install the ‘Ring’ application and select the camera in question. Your battery level will be shown there. This comes in handy even when you are not at your home. You can advise your household or spouse to connect the charger immediately.
  • Setting Up the Battery Alerts: If you prefer living on the edge, this feature from the ‘Ring’ brand will work well for you. Set up an alarm from the ‘Ring’ app under the section of alerts, and whenever your battery charge drips to your set stage, the alarm will start beeping, reminding you to charge it.

Check which is superior among ring spotlight vs. floodlight to make the right purchase and get the most bang for the buck!

Final Thoughts

And this is where we leave the decision up to you. These battery-powered Ring cameras are loaded with features, but they are good but not the best choice when it comes to battery life.

Other cameras in this price range offer fewer features but a lot more power backup; hence, this is one weak point of Ring cameras.

But along with ailment, they provide aid, too. With additional battery packs, you are good to go longer. This is all for now, and we leave the choice best to your judgment.

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