How Many Calories Do You Burn Playing 18 Holes of Disc Golf?

How Many Calories Do You Burn Playing 18 Holes of Disc Golf

Disc golf is a good sport for your body and mind. Inspired sportspersons participating in this activity have skyrocketed during the past several years. Regular participation in disc golf improves mental and physical well-being and stimulates creativity. Disc golf is a fantastic pastime that anyone can enjoy. However, golf has several advantages, including a high caloric expenditure per round.

This athletic activity is a great way to get in shape and maintain a healthy body. The disc golf video game is still popular and fun for young stars. It’s important to note that it’s impossible to determine the exact quantity of calories you’ll burn by engaging in these activities.

How Many Calories You’ll Burn Playing Disc Golf

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According to the study, if you weigh roughly 300 pounds, you can burn up to 672 calories in around two hours of disc golf just by tossing the disc. The same source also said combining it with walking could burn up to 1,000.

According to one of the most visited disc golf websites, a single round can burn between 400 and 500 calories. This one circuit has about 3,000 feet of movement or about 7,000 steps.

  • Walking with Cart: Walking with your bag is the most excellent way to get in shape for golf. If you walk 18 holes, roughly four miles, and swing and carry your bag the whole time, you may burn nearly 1,400 calories.
  • Carrying the Caddie: Using a caddie to bring your golf clubs as you walk and swing is still a terrific way to exercise. You can estimate Calorie expenditure to be between 900 and 1000 per hour.
  • Pulling a Cart: Golf carts keep the game accessible to the growing population of senior citizens who enjoy the sport but lack the physical fitness to walk 18 holes in challenging terrain. In this activity, you can accept caloric expenditure, anywhere from 900 to 1,400, due to the player’s need to walk and elevate tee boxes and swing his clubs.

Health Benefits of Playing Disc Golf

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Disc golf is an excellent fitness game because it incorporates cardio and weight lifting. Disc golf requires a player to walk great distances and use their lower, core, and upper body to throw a disc far. Let’s dive into its benefits:

1. Healthy Physical Activity

Golf disc is a great way to get in some moderate physical activity. This comprehensive workout may improve your mental and physical preparedness for the following round.

2. Strengthens Heart Health

Light exercise is essential to protect your heart from developing troubles. Disc golf is a great way to get in shape without putting undue stress on your muscles and cardiovascular system.

3. Reduce weight

Many disc golfers have shared inspiring tales about how the sport has helped them become in better shape. It’s inspiring to see what a few rounds of disc golf and a shift to a healthier lifestyle can do for someone who wants to trim down a bit.

4. Enhance Your Mood

Aerobic exercise stimulates the body’s natural synthesis of feel-good endorphins. Endorphins are neurotransmitters that help to improve mood. Aerobic exercise is beneficial, but running or riding a bike is unnecessary.

5. Reduced Anxiety

Any form of Exercise aids in stress reduction. Working out has always been a great stress reliever for sportspeople. But disc golf isn’t like any other exercise. Playing disc golf is a terrific way to relieve stress while meeting new people, having a great time, and getting a lot of exercise.

Final Takeaway

In addition to the fitness benefits of completing a challenging disc golf game, you can lose weight just by throwing the disc. A two-hour round of disc golf burns roughly 920 calories between throwing and walking. The next time you feel down about your disc golf skills, remember you’re burning more calories than the regular cardio sessions.

Disc golf should help you lose weight, but how much depends significantly on your body and metabolism. Because of these and other differences, losing weight will look different for each person.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Disc Golf a Healthy Hobby?

Disc golf is a fun and healthy alternative to traditional golf. Disc golfers cover about three miles per 18-hole round. Players’ self-esteem and disposition can benefit from the fresh air and exercise, both psychological effects that encourage continued play.

How Often Would You Recommend Playing Disc Golf?

If you want to play disc golf competitively, practice at least five to seven days a week. The more time a player spends practicing, the better they will become. Driving for distance and rightly putting should be prioritized during practice.

Are There Any Health Effects from Playing Disc Golf?

Physical therapists can help improve mobility by employing techniques like manual stretching, soft tissue manipulation, and neuro-education to lessen the toll the sport of disc golf can take on the body.

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