How Much Does It Cost to Put Up a Fence Gate?

How Much Does It Cost to Put Up a Fence Gate?

Searching for “How much does it cost to put up a fence gate” then you have landed at the right place, so read the full article. The cost of the fence gate depends on the style and the material you want to use in the gate, but in this article, we will share with you the estimated cost to install a fence. 

First, you must choose the fence gate according to the house’s style and the color that matters a lot. Some people like to get the iron gate with the stone fence because it looks so strong, but the vinyl or composite gate also looks excellent with the contrasting color.

The first thing to consider when pricing out how much a fence gate should cost is where we want to install and the gate’s size.

Cost to Install a Garden Gate

 The Cost to Install a Garden Gate varies upon so many factors like the gate’s construction and style options, but it will often cost you around $200 to $600 to install. The walk-through or garden gate is around three or four feet wide, but we suggest you go with four because the wheelbarrow barely fits through the 36″ gate. There is also an option to set up the two gates for a double entry.

Fence Gate Hinges & Hardware

It would help if you got the handles, latches, locks, and other hardware, and you might also want the automatic openers or the keyless entries for your gate. You must be so careful because this can be so costly. For example, the cost of the heavy-duty designer hinges is more than $365.

Cost to Install a Chain-Link Fence Gate

The Chain-Link Fence Gate price is a less and most-effective option and with this, you get the low labor costs for the installation, which is so much a famous gate. It will cost you around $150 to $400, depending on the height and the dimensions. 

One of the most important things to consider when installing is the entrance within the current chain-link fence; it is the fact that it can be challenging to complete the fence where the gate can be placed. You will need a fence stretcher that you can easily rent and use. The fence stretcher is used for reattaching the fence before finishing at the gate.

Cost of Install a Vinyl Fence Gate

Vinyl gates are often designed the blend seamlessly with the vinyl fence systems and, they are generally a great option to match vinyl fences. Depending on the product, the vinyl door can generally cost you around $ 300 to $ 1,500.

Cost to Install a Driveway Gate

The cost of the can Driveway Gate can be between $1,400 and $3,200, but if you add the automatic or remote-control system, then the cost will be increased.

The gates are used in residential applications because they take less space and are also cost-effective. 

The driveway gate’s size can be around ten to 24 feet wide, and it will depend on whether you want to install a single or a double car entry.

The Total Cost of The Gate Material

The cost of installing a door can vary because of the materials you use and the amount of labor required to install it. If you are going to hire a general contractor, it will cost more than you do the work yourself. Another significant factor is the cost consideration of high-quality material, which will always cost you more. 

As we have mentioned, every product will be used in the fence gate to calculate your own cost. You must add the cost of the material used for your fence that is cement, stain, paint, etc. 

If you have a budget set, you do not hassle to think that you cannot get the high-quality gate installed. You can do it yourself without hiring the person to do and can save money to get the best quality fence.

Hiring the person is useful if you do not have time, but if you have time, then you can make it by yourself and enjoy the process. The hiring cost depends upon the place where you leave, so we cannot tell you.


So, this is the full article on How much does it cost to put up a fence gate; hope you liked it and get the overall cost to set up a fence gate. If you have any quarry, then please do comment, and we are always there to solve.

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