How To Clean Gutter Guards

How to Effectively Implement Gutter Guard Cleaning

Gutter guards come in different varieties and styles, and all these types require some cleaning ranging from at least twice a year to once or twice a month.

What are gutter guards? They are considered one of the most effective and efficient mechanisms in protecting gutters from leaves and other debris.

Why do you need gutter guard cleaning? To ensure that there is no blockage, and the mechanism works efficiently and effectively.

Even the best and most priced gutter guards require some attention. Else they can work ineffectively and inefficiently, which can even damage these gutter guards.

The worst possible scenario is that they can cause flooding into your house. To avoid this, gutter guard cleaning is a necessary practice.

When you compare cleaning gutters with gutter guard cleaning, you will find gutter guard cleaning is a piece of cake.

So, many people install gutter guards. But a prevalent misconception in people’s minds is that you do not need to clean the gutter guards once you install them. But this is not true at all! You must do proper maintenance and cleaning of gutter guards.

Rain Gutters Pressure Cleaning

As time passes, debris will cause a blockage and increase in number. It becomes essential to remove and discard them regularly, and else the build-up debris can become a breeding spot for insects and pests.

They can also spread foul odor. So, it is better to do the cleaning task (which is easy) instead of neglecting it, which can cause flooding and other damages to your house.

If you are convinced (which you should be) and have pondered over the question of gutter guard cleaning, my friend, this article is tailor-made! It features quick, easy, and simple gutter guard cleaning steps, which makes the work a piece of cake.

Equipment Required for Gutter Guard Cleaning

Always use proper and undamaged equipment to implement gutter guard cleaning safely. Here, we mention a few must need equipment required for gutter guard cleaning.

  1. Ladder
  2. Gutter Scoops
  3. Safety Glasses or Goggles
  4. Safety or Gardening Gloves
  5. Bucket or Garbage bag
  6. Cloth(es) (Discarded or waste ones) or Dropcloth
  7. Hose with a nozzle
  8. Rope (optional)

If you use the following equipment, then the messy gutter guard cleaning becomes very simple to implement.

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Gutter Guard Cleaning Steps

Clean Gutter Guard

Go through the following steps of gutter guard cleaning:

Step 1: Placing the Cloth(es)

You can use discarded or waste clothes in this step. Place them under the area of the gutter guard cleaning.

If by chance, debris or leaves fall off while gutter guard cleaning, then it falls on the cloth(es). Instead of using these cloths(es), you can also use a drop cloth, which painters use while painting.

This step eliminates cleaning your lawn after gutter guard cleaning (if it is already a clean lawn). After the gutter guard cleaning, you can collect the debris along with cloth and discard them.

Step 2: Put on Safety Glasses or Goggles and Wear Safety or Garden Gloves

Protection of your eyes and hands is critical while gutter guard cleaning. You need to protect yourself from debris that can include sharp twigs, thorns, dirt, waste, and even insects!

Note: Wear comfortable clothing and footwear. Footwear should also be protective.

Step 3: Setting Up the Ladder

If your home’s ground is level, you can use a freestanding ladder else prefer using an extension ladder. Ensure that the ladder is fit to use and is not damaged or weak.

Secure the ladder’s base. Either you can tie it with a rope to another object or ask your family member or friend or neighbor to hold it safely (expecting that you are cleaning the gutters, roles can be reversed).

Again, ensure that the ladder is fit to climb and the steps are sturdy. Now climb on the ladder and carry a garbage bag or bucket with a gutter scoop. Once you are done with it, we can move to the next step.

Note: Usually, the ladder comes with safety measures. Ensure that you are using all these safety measures. Always follow the rule of three points of contact with the ladder. It means that either two hands and one leg or one hand and two legs should contact the ladder.

Step 4: Gutter Guard Cleaning

Our debris collection strategy is a mixed one. We can throw or sweep out the debris onto the cloth(es) or drop cloth.

Otherwise, we can also collect the debris using a garbage bag or a bucket. But carrying a garbage bag can be a bit tough. You are another option to use a bucket that you can hang easily on a ladder limb or from the underside of the ladder. Choose wisely and according to your convenience.

Gutter scoop is one of the best tools to remove the debris on the gutter guard, but you can also use your hands to sweep or throw off the debris. Now collect this debris in your garbage bag or bucket. Some debris may fall on the cloth(es) or drop cloth.

If any type of debris is stuck, then pull the debris lightly and apply increasing force until it loosens or comes out. Do not apply too much force as it can damage the gutter guard.

Step 5: Rinsing Gutter Guards and Gutter Using a Hose

If possible, then remove the gutter guards and rinse them with a hose. But if the gutter guards are not removable, you need to rinse the gutters with the gutter guards on them. In such cases, using a nozzle to increase the water force would be a good idea.

The water pressure takes away pebbles, soil particles, leaves, or twigs, which may have caused a blockage. Moreover, it also cleans your gutter guard and gutter by removing dirt and dust that might have accumulated over it in due course of time. Assemble the gutter guard (if removed) after rinsing, and the cleaning process of the gutter is finished.

Step 6: Check and Unclog the Downspouts

Check if the downspouts are clog-free or not. If yes, then unclog them by rinsing and flushing. Ensure that the downspouts are carrying water away from your house. If a blockage is persisting even after rinsing and flushing, then use a long stick or pole to remove it.

Note: If your house is more than two stories, then avoid doing gutter guard cleaning yourself. Instead, hire professional gutter cleaners. Cleaning at such heights can be very risky, and if any mishap happens, then the injuries can be severe and, in some cases, can be fatal too!


Gutter guard cleaning is a five to a six-step easy, straightforward process. Do the cleaning once a while to ensure no flooding happens in your house.

Moreover, the accumulation of debris and clogging can reduce the efficiency of gutter guards. Thus, gutter guard cleaning is an essential task in its maintenance.

Happy Cleaning!

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