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How to Design the Perfect Decorative Concrete Driveway


You appreciate the clean aesthetic of concrete, but you’re not a fan of a dull grey slab that regular concrete is known for. You want something more. You want a concrete design that is unique and stands out. You’re not alone. Many homeowners and business people are realizing the design potential of decorative concrete.

Decorative concrete is not only more visually appealing than standard grey concrete, it’s also just as strong and versatile. There are a lot of options for decorative concrete finishes for your home, however, and it can be a little overwhelming. This guide will walk you through the many kinds of decorative concrete to help you design the best look for your driveway.

What is Decorative Concrete?

Decorative concrete is simply just concrete that is treated with stamps and/or stains to create patterns and colours on the finished surface. However, this process of colouring and creating designs for decorative concrete can be done in many ways, depending on the kind of style you want for your driveway.

You may pre-treat the concrete with a colour to make a richer final product. This is especially true if you start with a white cement mix over a grey base, as your colour will be more vibrant. Colour doesn’t have to be added during the mixing process though. A dry powder can be applied over fresh concrete to make an intense coloured product with a hard finish.

Finally, you can use a reactive or passive stain to create the final finish. They can be added on top of almost any other concrete treatment, and the application method makes every decorative concrete driveway unique.

What Kind of Styles does Decorative Concrete Come in?

The best part about making your driveway stylish with decorative concrete is the wide variety of available options. When you work with Seamless Concrete, you can get a driveway in a variety of decorative concrete styles. Including:

Each of these styles come with their own benefits, and each will suit different tastes. Exposed aggregate is great if you like a rougher finish with a lot of texture, while honed aggregate brings the colour offered by exposed aggregate but with a smooth finish.

Coloured concrete gets its finish by having stains and tints applied to the concrete surface. This can create bold or neutral-coloured finishes, depending on the kind of statement you want to make.

Liquid limestone is a very strong alternative to traditional concrete slabs that uses limestone as the aggregate medium in the concrete mix. The effect and colour of liquid limestone can range from a bluish-silver finish to a muted yellow finish, which can offer a unique aesthetic along with a backyard wiffle ball field. Choose a classy title pattern or opt for the regular slab style with control joints.

Polished concrete is a great decorative concrete option when you love the sheen of marble or granite but want a material more cost-effective or that’s easier to maintain. When the surface of the concrete is polished to a high-lustre shine, it’s not just brilliant to look at—it’s also easier to clean!

Need Inspiration? Consider Some of These Driveway Ideas:

Knowing all the options available to you doesn’t always help you get closer to your dream design. Looking up a picture of decorated concrete driveways can help you get inspired, but so can this list of beautiful designs!

Use Multiple Finishes

Picking more than one finish can help you create a distinctive look. Think about how you can combine colours and patterns to make unique styles.

Colours vs. Patterns

Using several stains on a driveway can look kind of messy on its own. When you choose to have patterns stamped onto your driveway, you don’t have to stop there. You can take this opportunity to use several colours to create a random or chequered colour pattern.

Create a Visual Focal Point

If you have a large driveway, consider putting a bold point of interest in the centre. Use a clean shape, like a circle, and use concrete that’s a different colour or pattern than the rest of the driveway.

Create the Illusion of a Border

Use two tones of concrete stain or a stamp around the driveway’s border to create a visual difference between the centre and the edges. This will make your driveway feel more inviting, as it leads up to the garage or parking structure.

Don’t Just Pick the Best Design, Get Your Decorative Concrete Installed Right!

Choosing a design is only a part of loving your new decorative concrete driveway. You also want to make sure you work with a professional team like Seamless Concrete that takes your idea off the paper and turns it into your reality.

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