Inverter Batteries: 5 Key Things to Note


Inverter batteries are more than accessories used in an emergency. They are used daily by millions for common tasks, and in some cases fill in for heavy duty activities. When shopping for an inverter battery, there are a few features that matter the most.

1. USB Ports

The top inverter batteries will usually have extra features like USB ports. It lets more devices have access to the battery without clogging up the other outlets. Since most USB devices are low wattage, you can have several of them hooked up at once without causing a significant drain on the battery. A portable inverter battery is more likely to have these ports, and is also more likely to have better compatibility with older USB powered devices.

2. Weight

Weight is a concern if the inverter battery is being used for its portability. Moving around a heavy battery is dangerous if you can’t handle the burden. The other side of this argument has to do with inverter batteries that are made for stationary use. Placement of the battery matters since the weight could easily cause problems if it is off of the ground be it in the patio or outdoor storage. A running battery falling onto a hard surface is bad news, and at the very least will damage the battery and the cords attached to it. Limitations come with weight, as you will find heavier batteries are the most capable at handling appliances that draw large amounts of energy. But the good news for smaller inverter batteries is that they charge faster compared to their smaller counterparts.

3. Price

A higher price does not always equal a better inverter battery. Double check the feature list before going all in on a battery with an extraordinary price. Some inverter batteries were made from the ground up for RVs, while others work better when used at home. There are inverter batteries for camping, and smaller ones made for carrying on your hip. Price should never be the only factor when buying an inverter battery. Each model has its own specific strengths, so only compare the ones that fit your particular needs.

4. Maintenance

A good warranty is more important than the maintenance or upkeep expectations of an inverter battery. As long as you follow the instructions from the manual, taking care of an inverter battery takes little effort. Treat it like any high functioning appliance and you won’t run into significant issues when it is needed. But if something does go wrong, a brand’s warranty will be the contract that saves you and your backyard entertainment ideas.

5. Hybrids

Hybrid inverter batteries combine multiple forms of power into a single unit. This gives you more options for powering up or recharging the unit. Hybrid inverter batteries get the most use when they are paired with solar power. With this setup, you’ll get a constant power supply without drawing too fast from your current reserve energy. And without the need for fuel, you can count this as a green product that will power everything you throw at it.

A Solution

Inverter batteries have come a long way from being products that were prioritized for emergencies. When you buy one of these batteries, it has a chance to have a major impact on your life. Find the one that fits your needs and prepare for a new way of powering up.

Sandy Jensen
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