How To Fix a Sagging Wooden Gate? 

How To Fix a Sagging Gate

we need to be independent with our work and progress. However, it also implies that our day-to-day life struggles should be handled by us. 

There are small things like building Ikea furniture and fixing a door that is easy to do and do not require external sources. In this article, we will brief you about various tools and techniques to fix a wooden door. 

How to fix a sagging gate, is a query which we receive a lot. A sagging wooden gate is inconvenient at best, and it may become difficult to open at some stage. 

Someone has already packaged and sold a repair kit for exactly that reason, so the issue must be general. A gate repair kit, also known as a turnbuckle kit, comprises a cable with corner mounting brackets and a turnbuckle. 

Two mounting nails are used with two metal corner brackets. Two lengths of wire cable with galvanized metal U-bolts connect one end of each cable to the corner brackets and the other end to the turnbuckle. A turnbuckle made of galvanized metal.

  • Attach a metal bracket to the gate’s upper corner (on the hinge side)
  • Mount another bracket diagonally at the lower corner of the gate on the latch side.
  • Attach cables to each corner bracket and then to the two ends of a turnbuckle.

Fixing a Sagging Wooden Gate Guide:

  • Remove the gate and the hinge fasteners from the gate post. The gate’s hinges must be removed. Bolt Holes must be drilled. Select a drill bit with the same diameter as the carriage bolts’ threaded shafts.
  • Bolts should be snugly seated in the openings. Using each of the current hinge screw holes as a reference, drill holes straight through the gate post. Do the same with the gate’s screw holes.
  • Carriage bolts, washers, and nuts are used to attach the hinges to the gate. Using a socket wrench, tighten the nuts completely. The bolts should be inserted from the outside of the gate in most situations, with the washers and nuts on the inside.
  • As with the gate, set the gate in place and attach the hinges to the gate posts with bolts, washers, and nuts.

Square Up Sagging Wooden Gates:

  • Wooden gates often sag toward the bottom corner opposite the hinges, rendering the gate non-square. An anti-sag gate kit pulls the low corner up and toward the upper hinge, squaring the gate and hanging straight.
  • Metal corner brackets, cable (and cable fittings), and a turnbuckle are included in the box. You turn the turnbuckle to pull once you have mounted the hardware. Offer the turnbuckle a few more turns if the gate begins to sag again over time.
  • Place the Corner Brackets in place. Using the given screws, attach the two corner brackets from an anti-sag kit to the inside of the gate frame. One bracket goes on the top corner closest to the top hinge, while the other goes on the bottom corner diagonally opposite the bottom hinge.
  • Place the cable and turnbuckle in place. Unscrew the turnbuckle and hook it onto the upper corner bracket until it is completely extended. Thread the cable through the turnbuckle, lower corner bracket, and any take-up fittings that are included. As instructed by the maker, secure the cable ends. You might need to make loops, and use cable clamps tightened with an adjustable wrench to secure the cable ends.
  • Tighten the cable by removing as much slack as possible with the take-up fittings (if applicable). Adjust the Cable Tightness by Using an adjustable wrench or pliers; tighten the cable by turning the turnbuckle and pushing the gate into a square. As you work, close the gate to check its fit, tightening the cable until it closes properly.

Replace The Wooden Gate:

  • Resetting or replacing a gate post entails removing the gate, digging up the post and its concrete footing (if applicable), and replacing it with the same or a new post set in fresh concrete.
  • If a metal post is in good shape (and can be removed from the concrete), it can be reused, but a wood post should always be replaced with a new pressure-treated one.
  • The easiest way to reset the post is to fill the hole with dry, quick-setting concrete mix, then add water. The concrete cures in about four hours.


We have put light into how you can fix your wooden door conveniently and various techniques to do so. We have also given different methods for different problems.

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