How to Grow Garlic Indoors in a Container

How to Grow Garlic in a Container Indoors

It is a fantastic idea to grow Garlic indoors for a considerable number of reasons. The Garlic will not get ready until its summer in the event you plant it in the fall. Or in the event you do not have a garden plot; however, it is not a big problem. If you do not have enough space in your outdoors, you can grow Garlic indoors in a container. 

You can grow Garlic indoors by including some time and care. When you feel grey and cold in the outer area, it is fantastic to harvest food from the garden built in the container indoors. Regardless of the type of weather, Garlic’s home-grown leaves are a tasty and rapid crop that will include required nutrition and greenery to the diet.

In a various research, it is also shown that to enhance blood sugar levels and cardiovascular health, Allium Sativum, i.e., Garlic, is a healthy food rich in nutrition and compounds, like allicin. 

If you grow Garlic indoors, it will have a better taste, flavor, and more power than the other available Garlic. In this article, you will know how to grow Garlic indoors. That is even free from any fumigating agents and chemicals that others imported, or conventional Garlic is subject to. 

grow garlic in a container

The process of growing Garlic indoors is straightforward. You need to use garlic leaves if you desire a rapid indoor crop with a more refined taste. You will not get entire garlic bulbs in just a few weeks, as it is a matter of months, unlike the growth of garlic leaves that take several weeks. 

Well, people do not grow Garlic indoors much; however, it is not at all difficult and is undoubtedly possible. You can also grow whole garlic bulbs; however, it can be a little bit hard as they require quite a long time to grow and require an excess of sunlight. Garlic takes six or more months to grow from planted cloves to whole bulbs as it grows slowly.  

You can start growing Garlic anytime. If you have an outdoor garden space, you should begin to grow Garlic in the winter or fall season when the days are entirely cold. However, if you do not have any outdoor garden, you can grow Garlic indoors anytime. The bulb will take a few weeks to grow leaves that will be sufficiently big to harvest.

Parts of Garlic Plant to Know:

The parts of the garlic plant are quite confusing. Let us clear it out: 

  • The bulb is the round part that you purchase, or it is known as Garlic’s head also. 
  • Then, the bulb is divided into little parts known as cloves. Some individuals call them clove bulbs mistakenly. 
  • Before the bulb reaches the market or becomes a home-grown Garlic section, the roots get trimmed and extended from the bottom of the bulb. The roots are named as roots. 
  • The top of the bulb has a stem attached to it. The leaves of Garlic grow from the stem. These are eatable like green onions; however, these are flavored more finely. 
  • Scape is grown by various kinds of Garlic, which is a fleshy bud in the spring. The plant will have more energy to grow as the scape has a seasonal grace that obtains cut off. 
  • The scape will turn into a flower if it does not obtain cut off, and as a result, it will be generating bulbils, little clones of Garlic that you can plant like seeds. It is swift to produce Garlic from cloves while making f gac bulbils to produce Garlic. 

Requirements to grow garlic indoors

You require three things – water, a container, and Garlic. 

What Sort of Container do you Need to Utilize? 

To hold the Garlic, you need to make use of a pot, cup, or bowl. Please make use of a transit cainer, as you can observe when there is a time for changing the water needs that way. 

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In addition to this, you can watch how roots are growing with the assistance of a clear container. It would help if you opted for glass as compared to plastic as the glass is more potent. You can consider something like a shot glass or a mason jar. 

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You will see how pleasing it is to see the growing Garlic. 

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What Garlic Should You Make Use Of? 

It will help if you are looking for the garlic clove that is sprouting before. It is not at all impossible to make use of the one that is not at all sprouting; however, the process for growing will be hard in this case. 

Moreover, you can utilize old Garlic that you might have been discarded that out. You must also be thinking that there is no need to plant in the event it is already sprouting? It is so as the sprout and Garlic will get dried in the absence of water. As a result, it will be lacking nutrients and will be less tasty. 

Is the soil needed?  

No, not at all. The soil is not required. The green shoots will obtain the entire nutrient from the cloves themselves that they require. 

How to Grow Garlic Indoors? 

Prepare All Your Materials and the Space for Plant 

Grow Garlic Indoors

Windowsill is the perfect place to grow Garlic indoors. It would help if you looked for the window that does not have cus or is not mostly drawn as it requires an excess of light to prosper. Prepare a container, some water, and the Garlic.  

Note – You must think that if you grow Garlic indoors, it will entirely smell up space. Well, that is not true. There is no doubt in accepting that Garlic is very powerful when it gets cooked; however, you will not be feeling any smell when you grow Garlic indoors. So, you can grow Garlic at the place that you use most. It assists you in remembering when there is a time for water changing. 

Add Water to The Container 

Add Water to The Container

You need to ensure that water is sufficiently covering the whole bottom of the cup when you add it; however, it should be sufficiently low that it will just tap the Garlic’s bottom. This is exceptionally essential. Water will become dull and start to smell in the event it is in huge quantity, and as a result, it will start rotting.  

You don’t have to ruin everything if the water becomes dull; you do not have to worry. You go to changing the water. 

Include Garlic in Your Container 

Include Garlic in Your Container

Now, you must put the Garlic into the container when you are ready with it. You need to ensure that it is partially submerged and is standing up well-balanced within the water. 

You can also make use of toothpicks to maintain your Garlic in a standing position if needed. Reach the Garlic’s flesh portion by adding two toothpicks and stable it on the container’s edge.  

Allow Your Garlic to Grow Properly 

The Garlic will start growing roots after some days. After some days, you need to change the water or when it starts to appear cloudy. In addition to this, ensure that your plant is getting sufficient light. If you want, then you can change the water every day. However, it is suggested to change it after some days only. 


It would help if you started to harvest the shoots when they reach the height of at least 3 inches. At one time, remove 1/3rd of the sprout. Blades are essentially needed by the garlic sprouts to get energy from the sun to grow continuously. 

It will not be growing continuously if you will cut it down very much. For harvesting the sprouts of Garlic, you need to ensure that you make use of sharp scissors. There is no need to harvest the Garlic instantly. The sprouts of Garlic can reach up to 10 inches in height. 

Time to Eat

Now, it is time for you to eat Garlic. You can include Garlic in various dishes, like baked potatoes, flatbreads, soups, dips, salads, and many more. 

It is Worth to Grow Garlic Indoors 

You will surely get to know that it is straightforward to grow Garlic indoors. You need to plant it, water as per requirement, and harvest it, and you are done. 

You can’t get Garlic that you grow indoors at any place other than at yours as it won’t be having any mystery contaminants, will be free from harmful chemicals, and in the end, having better taste than any other bought garlic.  

It is a fantastic feeling to serve your home-grown organic Garlic that feels you have supremacy just for little money.  

You can start to grow Garlic indoors in the event you find it exciting and straightforward. You will be growing your crop like a real farmer. 

Final Words 

Now, you must be thinking it is so easy to grow Garlic indoors with minimum requirements. There are numerous benefits provided by garlic sprouts, and they taste delicious. 

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