Decorating Tips for Smaller, Cosy Bedrooms

Decorating tips for smaller, cosy bedrooms

Your bedroom is a sanctuary—a place where you can escape to relax and recharge after a long day. To create the perfect serene environment, think carefully about design and layout.

When you have a smaller bedroom, decorating can feel like a challenge, as you have so much to fit into a small space. But, a small footprint comes with perks.

For one, you can be more selective about the decor, which means you can surround yourself with the things you love the most. You’ll also find that when you get it right, the small space will be your ally, enhancing your bedroom’s cosiness and warmth.

The secret is to carefully plan the layout and take your time finding items that complement each other. With clever thinking and space-saving solutions, your petite bedroom will transform into a comfortable place to rest and unwind.

Are you ready to start decorating? Keep reading for our top tips for smaller, cosy bedrooms.

Maximise the Space You Have with Smart Solutions

Maximise the Space You Have with Smart SolutionsBefore you dive in, think about the must-haves for your bedroom. There will be the basics such as a bed and side tables. Plus, you may need a desk, chair and storage solutions to add greater functionality into the space.

While these items will take up the bulk of your bedroom, there are a few clever solutions that will make them work for the small space. A great way to achieve this is by using space-saving furniture and multipurpose pieces so you’ll have more room to move.

You might want to invest in a new bed with drawers or shelves underneath, saving the need for drawers elsewhere as your items will be tucked neatly away beneath you. Or, look for a loft bed with a built-in desk to create a cosy study area without the need for extra floor space.

Using your wall instead of the floor can also save space, adding functionality and giving you a place to show off your personality. Consider a floating shelf for your books or favourite decorative items and photos, or a wall-mounted television if you like to cosy up in bed watching movies.

Get Organised

Get OrganisedHaving too many things without a home can make a small room feel even smaller. While it can be hard to let go of items, decluttering will help give you more space and help you be more intentional about the items you do keep.

One of the best places to start is your closet. Whether it’s jeans that you just can’t let go of, or a dress you’ve never worn, there may be pieces that are just waiting to be donated, sold or thrown away.

Another handy tip is to sort your clothes by season. During the summer months, store your winter woollies in tubs or in vacuum seal bags. In winter, you can swap them with dresses, shorts and singlets.

Use your under-bed storage for blankets and bedding, and think about other rooms in your house. Do you have a linen closet that could take some of the load? Or is there space in your living room to store decorative items and books?

When everything has a home it is easier to stay organised and limit the clutter in your bedroom, which means you won’t be wasting the limited space you have.

Using the Power of Colour Magic

Using the Power of Colour MagicUsing colour to give the illusion of a bigger space is a game changer when it comes to small bedrooms. Think a fresh coat of paint, or bringing in colour with furniture and accessories.

A light neutral palette works wonderfully in small bedrooms, opening up the space, and expanding the room. If you want to bring neutrals in, think natural floor rugs, simple fixtures and light coloured furniture.

Neutral colours can also act as the base, giving you the perfect opportunity to add personality with splashes of colour.

Add a few bright cushions or some bold wall art to make it your own. Don’t be afraid to mix and match your bedding, with patterns, textures and colours.

Cosy up With Textiles and Fabrics

Cosy up With Textiles and FabricsMake your bedroom feel warm and cosy with soft textiles that invite you to curl up and enjoy the space. Layer different pieces to add depth, playing with textural elements and patterns to add visual depth and interest to the room.

A must-have is a plush rug on the floor that will be snuggly underfoot. Soft bedding and silk pillowcases will give you a good night’s sleep, and a tactile throw can keep you warm in the colder months.

Cushions come in a range of fabrics and patterns that you can mix and match as the mood strikes. They also look fantastic as a design feature on a bed, creating a cosy vibe but also making the room appear bigger, as the bed will become a feature that draws the eye.

Adding texture and tactile elements to your bedroom is a simple way to ensure that you never want to leave your cosy haven!

Infuse Your Space with Personality

Infuse Your Space with PersonalityYour bedroom is your private sanctuary and can be as unique as you are, with elements that remind you of all the things you love. Personalise your space with items that have meaning to you, like keepsakes and mementos.

For a personal touch that won’t take up valuable floor space, hang framed photographs and homemade artwork on your wall. They will give your room a touch of you without adding to the clutter.

You can even create a photo wall with all your favourite memories that you can add to over time. If you collect bits and bobs, place them on a floating shelf above your bed to keep them visible and organised.

You can also use statement furniture and one-of-a-kind vintage finds to personalise the space, adding a unique twist to your bedroom. Whether it’s a gorgeous antique vase or plush velvet occasional chair, you’re only limited by your imagination.

Make Your Space Work for You

Instead of being limited by size, your small bedroom can be the perfect canvas for a cosy and comfortable oasis.

With a few simple design strategies, you will have a room that fits your lifestyle and becomes a haven from the outside world that you’ll love spending time in.

From clever furniture choices with added storage, to deciding what you love and getting rid of what you don’t, you can ensure that your space works for you.

Use colour to your advantage and add elements of texture to create a cosy and welcoming feeling, and truly make the space yours by adding photos and artwork to the walls that remind you of good times.

Remember, your bedroom is just for you. It should suit your style and encourage a good night’s sleep, so embrace your creativity and make the most out of your small but mighty bedroom!


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