How to increase the amount of space in your home


Most people desire spacious, beautiful homes. Indeed, Scandinavian interior design is among the most popular styles that homeowners look to emulate, and it emphasises minimalist, sleek and spacious designs. Below, we explore the importance of space and how you can make your home feel more open and larger.

Why is space important?

For a start, space can make your home look more aesthetically pleasing. This can boost your self-esteem and give you a real lift in your day-to-day life, knowing that you’ll be returning to a lovely home. What’s more, by moving away from a cramped, cluttered style you can actually boost your mental health too, by clearing your mind. Ultimately, a more spacious home can provide you with plenty of worthwhile benefits.

How to create more space


Decluttering is one of the best ways to increase the space in your home. By opening up your floors, your rooms will automatically feel larger. You can begin this process by finding any clutter and storing it away from view in an organised fashion – you don’t want to end up in a situation where you lose valuables during your clear up. You should also remove any obstacles on the floor that make the room seem smaller too. If you don’t have enough storage solutions, you could consider hanging storage or storage built into furniture as more inventive options.

Vertical space

Increasing vertical space can also help open up a room. The trick to achieving this is by allowing more natural light to enter your house from above. By adding in roof lanterns, you can enjoy extra space above your room alleviating any feelings of crowdedness. Just ensure you keep these lanterns clean and maintained, to maximise the light entering the room.


Darker rooms naturally feel more enclosed unlike a patio and cramped. Instead, you should look to source as much natural light as possible: large windows are the best way of achieving this. In winter, meanwhile, you can experiment with lamps and floor lights at different levels of the room. This can leave you with a textured lighting system that feels natural on dark winter days.


Finally, a lighter palette can make a room feel larger too. Move away from any dark colour schemes and instead paint your home in light, neutral colours to open your room up. You can also achieve a similar effect by placing a few strategic mirrors inside your home to increase the perception of space.

A suddenly spacious home can give you a real boost when you plan to bring in the expensive plants and coffee tables for the corner. And by following the advice above, you should be all set to revamp your home with this fresh new style.

Sandra Ruiz
With a Master's in Environmental Design from Yale University, Sandra Ruiz has dedicated 15 years to reshaping living spaces. Her career started in urban planning, then transitioned to home renovation, where she has left a mark. Sandra became part of our team in 2020, quickly establishing herself with her innovative approaches to space utilization and energy efficiency. She is passionate about hiking, often drawing inspiration from nature for her designs. Her approach seamlessly blends practicality with aesthetic appeal, making her a go-to expert for homeowners and design enthusiasts alike.

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