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How to Keep Your Patio Looking Tidy

How to Keep Your Patio Looking Tidy

Are you always cleaning up trash or leaves off your patio? Does it feel like your outdoor space never looks clean? It can be frustrating trying to keep up with the mess on a patio, especially if you are not using some basic cleanliness strategies. We are going to share some of those with you here, so read on if you could use a little help in organizing the patio.

Place Trash Cans on the Patio

Don’t you hate it when you have friends over and they just leave their trash everywhere? If you have kids, then they may do the same things, and you will always be picking up after them if you don’t ask them to stop doing that. Even then, you may need to go a step further. In order to tackle the trash problem on the patio, you should have a trash can in place there and highly visible.

Many people will not bother to take care of their trash properly if they have to go into another room to do it. They may toss it into the yard when no one is looking or hide it in their chair or under the table. They may casually place it on the floor just to avoid having to go into another room to dispose of it properly. Make it easy for them to put their trash away by placing a bin where they can easily find it on the patio. If you have a big party, add a few extra trash bins to keep up with the needs of the party.

Clean the Patio Frequently

It’s simple but necessary- if you don’t clean the patio very often, then the mess will get out of control. Even if you do a good job of picking up after yourself, some debris will pile up. Leaves will blow onto the patio. Dirt will find its way there. Bugs will make their homes in the space too. All of this will need to be cleared off occasionally.

You can do this yourself or have domestic cleaners in Denver, CO take care of it for you. Whatever you do, stay on top of this and keep the patio clean. There are two reasons why this is important. One, the patio will stay cleaner and be easier to clean. Two, regular cleaning extends the lifespan of your patio, since some debris will wear down the materials, create friction that causes additional wear, and corrode the surface of your patio.

How often do you need to clean your patio? The answer is really as often as it needs to be cleaned. If you see dirt and debris building up, you ought to get rid of them. You never know what kind of pests are hiding in the leaves on your patio. If you don’t pick up trash and get rid of stains and spills on your patio, you may attract pests or have a hard time getting rid of these contaminants later on.

Enclose the Patio

If you have tried all sorts of measures to keep your patio clean, and nothing seems to be working, then we suggest enclosing the patio either partially or completely. This can be expensive and take a lot of time and work, but it will drastically cut down on how much cleaning you have to do.

You can still keep your outdoor view and have the patio closed if you use a screen or glass enclosure. Even adding a half enclosure will make a big difference. How does that work? One way to do that is if your patio has railing around it, you enclose the space up to the railing with wood, metal sheeting, glass, or some other material.

Any kind of enclosure you create around your patio will keep out a lot of leaves, animals, dirt, and other debris. That means less cleaning for you, and it means that the patio will stay cleaner for longer. If you feel like you’re spending a lot of time tidying up the patio, then putting in the work to create an enclosure may be well worth it for you.

Install Blockers

Another option you can use that doesn’t require you to enclose the patio but does keep some debris away is the installation of blockers. These are any kind of installations on your patio that block wind, leaves, and other contaminants. These can be tall plants, wooden posts, patio furniture, and even a partial wall. If you do put up a wall, you can make good use of it, turning part of it into a coat rack or key rack, setting up a kitchen area there, or using it as a cubby to protect against the wind.

Use Outdoor Furniture

Not all kinds of furniture work well on an outdoor patio. Just because a couch or chair looks nice and feels comfortable, that doesn’t make it a good addition to your outdoor space. It’s best to use furniture that is specifically designed for the outdoors. This furniture is easy to clean and wipe down and usually does not absorb water very well.

It can be a lot of work to clean furniture that soaks up water every time it rains or that collects debris and is difficult to empty out. Use lightweight furniture that can be turned over as well as furniture that has removable coverings and cushions. The removable fabric is easy to clean and can be tossed into the washing machine whenever it gets wet or dirty.

Spills are going to happen on your patio when you have people over, and bad weather can damage or soil your patio furniture. If you want to minimize the cleanup and reduce frustration for yourself, carefully choose patio furniture that will be easy to take care of.

If you have been having a hard time keeping the patio tidy, try out some of these suggestions and see if they help you. Your patio should be a space that you enjoy and not one that causes you a lot of stress.

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