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What is a Rick of Wood


Understanding the dimensions of firewood stacks is crucial for those who rely on wood for heating or cooking.

Especially if they have a fireplace or a wood-burning stove. A rick of wood represents a neatly organized stack of firewood designed for easy access and efficient burning.

But how big can a rick of wood be, you might think? That can be a bit, but it’s usually a stack of wood about four feet high, four feet wide, and eight feet long. We’ll find out what a rick of wood is and why it’s important.

You’ll learn how it’s measured. How much wood is in a rick and why it’s useful for heating your home. So, let’s start and find the simple but important concept of a rick of wood.

Defining a Rick of Wood

Defining a Rick of Wood

A rick of wood is a certain amount of firewood that’s stacked and measured a particular way. People might call it a cord or a face cord in some places, but these names mean different amounts of wood. So, it’s important to tell them apart.

A rick of wood is a kind of bundle of firewood, while a cord is a bigger bunch. A face cord, on the other hand, is a smaller batch. Knowing these differences can help you get the right amount of firewood, whether you want to keep warm in winter or cook outside.

1. The Standard Rick

A regular stack of firewood, often called a rick, stands about 4 feet tall, stretches 8 feet long, and has a width that depends on how long the logs are. Usually, it’s about as wide as a school ruler, but sometimes it can be wider or narrower.

People use this old way of measuring to ensure the stack is roughly one-third the size of a full cord of wood, which is a common way to measure firewood. Think of a stack of wood as high as your waist, as long as a small car, and as wide as a school ruler. It helps keep track of your firewood.

2. The Cord

A cord of wood is the standard way to measure firewood. It’s like a big block of wood that’s 4 feet tall, 4 feet wide, and 8 feet long. This block has 128 cubic feet of wood. Most people use cords when buying or selling firewood because it’s a reliable way to measure it.

But if you don’t need that much wood, you can also get smaller amounts called ricks or face cords. So, whether you’re warming your home or having a campfire, knowing about cords and their smaller versions will help you get the right amount of wood.

3. The Face Cord

A face cord sometimes called a stove cord or rick is a handy way to buy firewood when you don’t need a lot. It’s a bit like a small wood pile, about 4 feet tall and 8 feet long, just like a regular stack.

But here’s how the width of a face cord depends on how long the logs inside it are. So, if those logs are 16 inches long, the face cord will be 16 inches wide. This makes it easy to get the amount of firewood you want without getting too much. So, go for a face cord when you need just a bit of firewood.

Importance of a Rick of Wood

Importance of a Rick of Wood

Knowing what a rick of wood is and how it connects to cords is crucial for buying or selling firewood. This understanding ensures that both sides know how much wood they’re dealing with and how much it costs. If you’re a firewood customer or seller, grasping this connection simplifies everything and prevents any mix-ups about amounts and prices. It’s like talking in the same language when dealing with firewood.

1. Buying and Selling

When you’re shopping for firewood, it’s vital to grasp how it’s sold so you don’t overspend or end up with too much or too little. Firewood comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large stacks. A small stack is about 4 feet tall and 8 feet long. A medium stack shares the same height and width but can be deeper.

The large stack, called a full cord, holds 128 cubic feet of wood, usually enough for a whole season. Understanding these sizes ensures you get the right amount of firewood at the right price. So, before buying, ensure you know how the firewood is measured to keep warm within budget.

2. Storage and Space

Understanding how big your pile of firewood is can help you plan where to store it. This helps you know how much room you’ll need to keep your firewood safe and ready for use. So, measuring your firewood pile is a smart way to ensure you have enough space to keep your firewood in good shape.

3. Heating Needs

Knowing these numbers is like having a plan for winter wood. It helps you determine how much wood you need to keep your home warm when cold outside. Think of a chilly winter night, and you want your house to stay warm. They tell you the exact amount of wood to have so you won’t be left shivering in the cold before winter ends. So, it’s like having a map of a warm winter home. With these numbers in mind, you’ll stay comfy and worry-free all season long.


A rick of wood is just a big pile of firewood. It’s like stacking up logs or pieces of wood neatly in your backyard or by your fireplace. People use ricks to store wood for burning in their stoves, fireplaces, or outdoor fire pits.

Ricks come in different sizes, but they’re usually about 4 feet high, 8 feet long, and 4 feet deep. Keeping your wood in a rick helps it dry out and stay in good shape for those chilly nights when you want a warm fire. So, that’s all there is to it; a rick of wood is just a pile of firewood.

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