How to Make Halloween Stocking with Waterballoon

How to Make Halloween Stocking with Waterballoon

As Halloween rounds the corner, the rush to find new, creative ideas for decoration begins. You may be exploring different ways to enhance your decor this year.

The perfect ideas always combine the element of fear with creativity in an apt way. While you may find many Halloween decor ideas, we bring you the most creative ones.

Water balloons may seem like everyday objects used by kids for fun and play.

You can make a spooky decoration of hanging shining orbs with the help of a water balloon in a few simple steps. Read more to learn how!

How Do You Make Halloween Stockings with Water Balloons?

A person holding a white balloon

To begin with, gather all the materials that you are going to need. Purchase a pack of white water balloons, clear glow sticks, and some white stockings. The first step is to place a glow stick in the balloon carefully. Ensure that you don’t accidentally stretch it and puncture it. Otherwise, it won’t accommodate any water. Next, fill the balloon with water.

Again, ensure you fill the water according to the stretching capacity of the stockings, or they may tear. Lastly, tie off the balloon, place it in the stocking, and hang it up. Voila! Your glowing trees, tiny ghosts, floating orbs (or whatever you wish to call them) are all set!

Just ensure that you take into account the stretching capacity of the water balloons and the stockings, or they may accidentally ruin your decorations in the middle of a Trick or Treat!

Other Halloween Ideas Using Balloons

Why stop at one when you can explore many? Balloons are a cheap source to obtain creative Halloween decorations. Check out the following list of recommendations to find the one you’re looking for!

1. Ghoulish Balloon Arch

A spooky Halloween balloon arch with bats and spiders

Use black and orange balloons to create an arch to denote the entrance to your Halloween home. You can also add spiderwebs or plastic spiders to give it a spooky effect. The only downside is that blowing up enough balloons to create an entire arch is time-consuming and requires much effort.

2. Black Orbs with Skulls

Black Orbs with Skulls balloon

Purchase a pack of black balloons and fill them with helium. Next, draw the sketches of skulls, bones, or other eerie things on the balloons with a stark white pen. Lastly, tie them with invisible strings and let them hover in the room. This will create a nice chilling effect, especially for the kids.

3. Jack-O’-Lantern Balloon Faces

Jack-O’-Lantern Balloon Faces

As the name suggests, draw frightening Jack-O’-Lantern faces on orange balloons using crisp black markers. Arrange them around the house to add a fun, playful, and affordable Halloween touch. Although frightening faces are our suggestion, you can also go for funny Jack-O’-Lantern faces!

4. Bloody Eyeballs

Bloody Eyeballs

This suggestion might be more appropriate for an adult Halloween party rather than a kids’ one. Take a bunch of round, white balloons and draw bloody eyeballs on them using red and black markers. You can leave the balloons lying around to elevate the sense of eerieness.

5. Centerpiece

A festive Halloween centerpiece

To create a centerpiece with the theme of a Witch’s brew, take a huge cauldron and fill it with water. Next, blow a few purple and green balloons. You can keep them hanging on top of the cauldron to give the effect of bubbling water. You can add lights at the bottom of the cauldron. However, the balloons must be circular to achieve the effect.

6. Zombie Attack

Colorful balloons fill a store

Fill the water balloons with dark red water and hang them up. This will give the illusion that there’s a horde of zombies ready to attack with bombs of blood! However, the balloons you pick must be transparent to achieve the desired effect.

7. Improvise with The Water Balloons

A pool with spider web decorations and orange & black balloons

Using water balloons for Halloween decorations opens an array of creative ideas. For those who love a bit of mischief and fun, consider building a water balloon cannon. This can be a thrilling addition to your Halloween festivities, especially if you’re hosting an outdoor party. You can fill them with different colorful liquids to create a bunch of spooky “potions.”

Alternatively, for a more playful approach, use the cannon to launch water balloons filled with LED lights into the night sky, creating a spectacularly eerie visual effect. Or you can float them in your pool with lights inside to create ghostly shapes or spell out spooky messages.

8. Freestyle!

Vibrant Halloween party with festive balloons

Balloons are cheap and affordable Halloween decoration items that can be repurposed in many ways. Thus, feel free to use your creativity and find the best decor ideas with a balloon. For instance, you can make them into pumpkins, ghostly faces, bats, and many more objects. So, feel free to explore your creativity and improvise as much as possible!


If you’re looking for a fun Halloween decoration idea, consider using water balloons. You can incorporate these with stockings and a few glow sticks for the perfect decor. All you have to do is place a glow stick inside the water balloon, fill it up, and place the balloon inside the stocking.

Once you hang these stockings, you will have the spookiest orbs hanging around in your home. However, all your materials must be strictly transparent or white. Otherwise, you won’t be able to achieve the desired effect.

You can use normal or water balloons in several other ways to create Halloween decorations. Of all our suggestions, which one will you be utilizing at your home? Let us know in the comments section below!

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